Chapter Three

Chapter Three

Author Note: Holy hell, I seriously didn’t think that this would be well popular, so far its tied with MM for Fav’s and Followers and slowly catching up in reviews.

Third POV

Isabella let out a grunt as she dragged the trunk across the tile floors and towards her room; she had called the other day and asked her father for it. The call was of course awkward and confusing as Charlie wanted to know why. She couldn’t really give him a good reason and said she just wanted something of her Grans. It was the truth but she didn’t completely tell him the whole truth.

She sagged with relief as she was finally able to drag it all the way into her room, her little body aching as she rested against the door. A slight giggle escaping her lips as she looked over to the window at the vibrant purple flowers and saw a butterfly fluttering above the planter.

Vervain and Wolfsbane

She had done what Finn had asked her to do and went to the nursery the very next day. The lady who helped her and owned the nursery asked why she needed such plants and Bella just stated she liked the smell and colour of them. After giving her some warning and care details, Bella skipped off home and began to plant them. She didn’t want to put them in the garden so she decided to gather the planters in the kitchen window and placed them at her own.

After a few more seconds of watching the butterfly, Bella decided to stop dawdling and moved to open the chest. Her eyes widening as she took in the several books, bottles and even a jewellery box but what caught her attention the most was the letter on the top.

With hesitant hands she began to gingerly open the letter that had her name marked on it.

My sweet Bella,

If you are reading this then I am no longer on this plain, I hope when you are reading this you would be sixteen but a strong feeling that you will be much younger, younger than any other witch in our line.

Yes my sweet girl, our family lines are witches, and you my child are the last. Now, don’t worry over this fact as it was to be your destiny. But, I regret deeply I won’t be there to help guide you, to teach you all there is to know about the world you are suddenly thrust into.

Your father was never graced with the talent, he wished for a simple life and therefor it was granted, what would have been his power is transferred to you and with my death, all the powers of each passed Swan was passed to you as it happens.

In this box, which I hope you have, is all that you will need to know about the supernatural world and our families Grimoire that was passed down from generation, to generation. It will not tear or damage, it will know what you need. Trust in it and your powers my sweet girl, for if you do all will pass with ease.

Now, in the jewellery box are rings, rings you will need and are spelled. In there you will find a small simple gold one with a moonstone, you’ll need to replace the Vervain and Wolfsbane, for they will help you protect yourself from Vampires and Werewolves. Yes, my sweet girl, there are such things.

Remember the names…

If you ever shall need help, my sweet girl, the book will give you all the answers.

Love Eternally,

Gran Isabel

Tears pooled in her eyes, several dropping to the letter and smudged the ink. She held the letter close to her for a second before folding it and placing it back into the trunk before lifting out the jewellery box, it was old and fragile but she could tell it wouldn’t crumble.

It was a simple chest with a gold lock. Bella frowned for a second before fingering the lock, jerking her hand back as it unlocked at her touch and then locked when she removed her hand. Gingerly she placed her fingers on the lock and quickly removed it before letting it go.

“Huh, how odd… cool but odd.”

With a shrug she opened the lid, gasping at all the trinkets and the swirls carved into the wood. There were several rings and bracelets inside, along with necklaces and other things. Some with stones she knew and others, she didn’t. She immediately saw the ring her gran told her about, it was sitting in one of the smaller compartments by itself and one she remembered her Gran always wearing until she grew ill.

mourning-ring-454x500 (1)

With a wide smile she pulled it out and spent a good five minutes figuring how to unclasp it. It was hard to find but she shouldn’t have been surprised when the clasp was the setting itself. Without wasting any more time she gathered one of the wolfsbane’s lager flower leafs and a little of the vervain flower and leaf before rolling it together tightly and placing it in the ring.

She gasps as she placed it on her right ring finger and watched as it shrunk to fit her finger snugly.

Eager to know more she quickly locked the box back up and pulled out the old worn book on top, she knew it was old and she didn’t dare to wonder what the actual leather of the old book was before opening it, frowning slightly as she flicked through the pages.’

I can help you with your powers and to read the Grimoire… If you ever shall need me Isabella, just call my name.

“Finn!” She called immediately, watching as he popped out of nowhere with a stricken face, only for it to shift into one of surprise.

“Little Swan? What’s wrong?” He asks, kneeling instantly towards the little girl, holding back the hiss as her hand grasped around arm excitedly. He could smell both the vervain and the wolfsbane.

“You said to call you if I need you and I need you!” Bella exclaims while tugging him towards the chest and pointing to the open book. She wanted to show him everything, she was eager to learn what she could do.

“I don’t understand what this is, you said you’d teach me!” She tells him, her eyes wide and teary as she looked up at him knowing he wouldn’t be able to refuse.

Finn blinked a few times before looking down at the chest and then to the Grimoire. He was shocked, he could see several herbs in the vials that she would need for various spells and a handbook on supernatural creatures. He hid back the panicked wince at the thought of her finding out about him and he still didn’t understand why that scared him so.

“That I did Little Swan, I was surprised is all. You have only ever needed me when in desperation.” He exclaims softly, flicking through the pages of the book delicately and gingerly, wincing with every shock it sent to him and with each shock it grew worse.

The book is hexed so only a Swan could touch it… he hums in thought before stopping on a familiar spell. It was one his mother had first taught him, it brought back fond memories.

“Start with this one; it’s a one to tend to plants. To turn them into seeds or give them life and growth.” He explains softly, pointing to the page.

He watched as Bella eagerly read the page and uttered the words over and over to memorize them, only fumbling for the first few times. He watched as she stumbled over to the window and plucked one of the Wolfsbane plants from the earth and uttered the spell, laughing as it grew in her very hand.

“Look Finn! I did it!” She exclaims happily, her eyes wide and full of joy.

For once, Finn was content as he congratulated her; he was happy and proud and still couldn’t understand why. But for now, that didn’t matter, for now all that mattered was the smiling girl before him.

Author Note: So I am unsure on what to do next, maybe have Bella at 17 and confronting Finn about his vampire state before moving to Forks… or maybe start in forks and the Cullen’s? ALSO before anyone starts, I’m going to state that mating in this is something like imprinting for wolves… They will be whatever your mate needs you to be, so far Bella needs a friend and a Mentor… Though Finn cares about it as such, remember he’s been daggered and doesn’t really understand human customs these days and never experienced a mating bond… make sense?

Plus, *chuckles* no use asking for longer chapters, shorter chapters mean a long story or would you rather i finish this at ten?




7 thoughts on “Chapter Three

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  2. Love this!!! And why would she figure it out so late? She’s smart. She would figure it out sooner… Look at Twilight. I think she would be more mad at why he is not physically there for her than anything else…

  3. Loving it! It’s good she got some answers from her grandma in the letter she left. Plus she knows Finn will be there and help her learn. Can’t wait to see where this goes.

  4. I love it! I agree with Kittyinaz,she’s a smart chickie, hopefully she figures out that he’s different soon. Also that she’s only upset that he’s daggered and not with her.

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