Chapter Twenty-Four

Title: Dreams of Time
She didn’t know when it truly started or why, neither did he but for once in his life Finn felt right in the dreams of the young woman, accepted. Now all he needed was to be undaggered.

Chapter Twenty-Four

Third Point of View

Klaus paced in his study, his eyes flickering to the unconscious witch on his couch and back. This was twice now where Maddox had woken up with a scream except this time he passed out once more and nothing the hybrid did woke him.

They were making headway for the ritual, they knew where the doppelgänger was thanks to Elijah and his foolishness and therefore they knew where the moonstone and Katerina was as well. It was good, Klaus was please and he was happy… he was three steps closer to breaking the curse, which was when life decided to say fuck you once more.

Contrary to popular belief, he liked Maddox… the warlock was loyal and just as ruthless if needed.

So it was concerning that Maddox was like this and reeking of fear.

Maddox was trapped, trapped in a forest with howls and snarls. Screaming echoed in every direction, people calling for a name that jumbled with the harsh beat of his heart and drifted off in the wind and crashing waves. The scent of rain was strong so was the cloying smell of herbs and fire, he was cold and yet he could not feel the wind…

So much noise, so, so, so much noise.


He paused in his running, since when was he running, at the call of the Originals name. What, who would call that name?


The voice was panicked, desperate even and something within his cold heart ached.




This was new, the voice, unlike anything he had heard before… It was not from an original but something close in power and it was angry… He spun around in a circle but all he could see was trees, a never-ending canopy of them. He could hear the ocean in one direction faint as it was and could feel the magic in the ground… something was wrong.

Help us… A voice whispered, echoed by many… Ancestors? A coven? Must find her…

Help us… find… mate… help find…

“Who?” He asked, his words carried with the wind and echoed amongst the pines. “Find who?”

No answer came. It wasn’t the right answer, they could only tell so much.

“Help how? How can I help?” He asked turning once more as he heard the snarls grow close, hear the sound of metal screeching.

Wake him… Wake him… Wake him… Wake him…

Confusion swept through Maddox, fear blooming in his chest as the snarls grew closer and closer as the voice cried out for him to wake someone. This wasn’t right, this place, this magic was unlike anything he had dealt with before. Everything here screamed danger, a danger of all sorts…

Time running out… death… help us… mate captured… danger… danger is coming… wake him!

“Wake who?” he cried out as a blur caught his eye, he could die here if caught. This was no ordinary dream walking, this was stronger, ancient.


Maddox shot up with a scream as he threw out his hands to push away the oncoming blur, his magic rippling out in waves sending everything before him back. Klaus dodged the table and the chairs as he made his way to Maddox’s side, his name on his lips.

“MADDOX!” Klaus roared as he grasped the warlock close, knocking him from his fear.

The warlock stilled as everything vanished and the room came back into view, his heart hammering painfully with each gulp full of air he took. “We need to wake him…” he gasped out as he spun to face Klaus his hands grasping the original with all he could. “Danger… Danger… must find her… must wake him…”

“Slow down Maddox, tell me what happened? What was it? Was it like the other time?” Klaus asked.

“No,” He replied with a vigorous shake of his head and wide panicked eyes. “No, that was different… it was one witch who wanted to help you… this was many… I was trapped… it was a message. Something has happened Klaus… something bad will happen if I don’t help them…”

Anger swelled up within Klaus at that. “Are they threatening you?”

“No, no…” Maddox replied once more. “They’re scared… someone was angry… I heard names called in the distance, tearing metal and the ocean. Someone was taken and I think it was the Witch who was helping us… they said mate captured.”

“You said they?” Klaus asked as he helped Maddox sit up and fetched two glasses of scotch; it would seem they would need it.

Maddox took the offered drink and threw it back in one go, coughing at the burn but it helped him warm up a little as he tried to grasp his scattered memories. It was confusing and he was terrified, a first for him because he was used to dark magic… but this wasn’t dark magic… it was magic he was never taught nor thought he’d be able to connect with. How did they pull him there? Why did they pull him there?

He was no one special in the magic world; he wasn’t all that powerful considering some… but… As his eyes flickered up to the hybrid he remembered. He remembered the name that was first called the one that made him pause. Finn…

“I don’t know how they found me, how the first witch found me but I know why.” He said never looking away from the Originals face.

Klaus tilted his head and raised a brow, waiting for the warlock to continue.

“Because of you,” Maddox explained.

“Come again?” Klaus asked as he stood alert, Maddox was targeted because of him? Was it because of someone wanted him or was it revenge? Or was… “Elijah…”

“No, it wasn’t Elijah… The magic they used was old, ancient much like the first Witch used but this time they needed to have more power to find me… Klaus, the first witch found me by herself… a coven had to find me this time, a coven do you understand?” Maddox tried to explain, he knew he was pushing his boundaries by speaking so familiar with his boss but fuck… “They needed my help and they needed my help because I can get a message to you.”

Klaus began to pace once more, his hand clenched tight around the glass. If it wasn’t Elijah then who? And who was powerful enough to use ancient spells that a coven had to do it together? His mother would be one of them, yes but she was still trapped on the other side.

“Tell me more; they wanted you to help them. You said something bad has happened, you mentioned that you had to find her but who is her and who must you wake?” All these questions made him angry, made him frustrated because they were being sidetracked once more. He just knew it.

“I heard your brother’s name being yelled in the dream… before the coven began to speak. It was faint but I could hear it, like a lingering trace.” Maddox began with a frown, his eyes distant as he tried to remember. “They said to wake the Berserker…”

Horror filled Klaus as Finn’s known name was uttered from Maddox’s lips… They want him to wake his eldest brother? The one who hated him and wished to end his very existence, the one who was known to be violent more so than he and…

“Oh…” Klaus muttered out loud as his horrified thoughts cut off as everything clicked together.

The traces of magic Maddox said that was over his brother, his missing necklace that was never removed but now gone… Maddox being called to look for someone because something bad had happened and… someone took Finn’s mate… If this witch was powerful to pull his daggered brother into a dream world then truly Finn was conversing with others, he was trapped and now his mate was taken….

A war broke out within him, undagger Finn or continue on with the unbreaking of his curse?

No, he could wait for another full moon… No matter how much Finn hated him, a mate was sacred in their world and not so easily found. To find it and then lose it was unthinkable and if this witch of Finn’s was powerful enough to do what she did then maybe… just maybe she could help him.

In a blink of an eye, he pulled out his cell and placed a call. “Bring me Finn’s coffin to my house immediately, I want it here within the hour with fresh blood.”

It was time to wake the Berserker.

Author Note: God damn was this hard to write…


13 thoughts on “Chapter Twenty-Four

  1. awesome chapter!!! so excited to read so cant wait for the waking of the Berserker. he will destroy all in his path to his mate. loved it so looking forward to reading what happens next 🙂

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