Chapter Twenty-One

Title: Dreams of Time
She didn’t know when it truly started or why, neither did he but for once in his life Finn felt right in the dreams of the young woman, accepted. Now all he needed was to be undaggered.

Chapter Twenty-One

Third Point of View

When Bella woke it was to the familiar sensation of being drugged and concussed, and the very unfamiliar sensation of being stifled. It felt as if she had swallowed the desert, floated upon the clouds all the while being drowned in a dense liquid but could still breathe.

She shifted slightly, panic flaring within her chest as she realised that her hands were bound as was her torso and legs. Her eyes flew open to see herself in the middle of a room, a white haze cast by whatever was in her system bringing forth a migraine of epic proportions.

Finn.” She rasped as she began to struggle. “Finn!”

In a blink of an eye, she found herself gasping as a cold hand closed around her neck, her back crunching painfully against the wall. Black eyes peered at her as she struggled to free herself, to call upon her magic and summon her mate but nothing seemed to work.

Don’t call his name! You are MINE do you hear me.” Edward snarled before tossing her across the room and into the wall of picture frames he had arranged not long before.

Bella flinched as she struggled to get to her hands and knees when she felt a hand calmly touch her to aid her.

“I’m sorry Love, I did not mean to do that you just should not have provoked me is all. All will be well, let’s get you up and back into the chair.” Edward cooed gently, all signs of his anger gone as he placed her into a new chair and tied her hands once more.

She didn’t utter a word as Edward began to clean up the mess, plans forming in her head and questions as to why she couldn’t summon her magic. Though those questions died as she took a good look around the room, the walls were painted yes but there was a feature in the room that had her insides chilling.

The fireplace across from her was part of the original foundry, wasn’t modernized at all and that’s not what concerned her… what concerned her was the carvings in the brickwork, wrought iron in the compelling shapes of Bindweed, Clove, and Dogbane… Three plants used for a binding spell… Next to them were Sambucus or Elder, Hawthorn and Lily of the Valley… three used generally for protection, cleansing, and purification.

But all of them together was a bad sign for her. She remembers reading about places that had those specific flowers written in her grandmother’s Grimoire, it was a house built with certain crystals crushed up into the mortar and iron mixed in with the brickworks. The flowers were hidden in the hollowed out iron replicas of said flowers.

It was a dampening house, a small little shack built back around the witch’s trials by witches for witches. Mainly it was to hold witches that were out of control of their powers, interrogation or a holding cell. Her powers would not work her, not unless there was a crack in the barrier from the renovation.

“They will find me.” She rasped out, lifting her head enough to glare at the cold one before her. “There is no safe place on this earth for you to hide where they won’t be able to find you, you bastard.”

She knew that provoking him was a bad idea, that saying things like that would bring her more pain and possibly death but for her kin and friends to find her he needed to be out of the house, needed to be far away from here so a tracking spell would work on him.

Edward snarled again but refrained from striking out. “You will learn your place! A woman is to respect her husband, to speak when spoken to!”

“Husband?” Bella spat out with more force than necessary to hide the surprise. “I will never marry you, I have a mate already and it sure as hell ain’t a Leech like you.”

Her heart dropped as she used the word leech, hoping that his anger will direct towards the wolves, at least then they will have an easier time in finding him and then, in turn, finding her. A smirk pulled at her lips as Edward jerked his head back in surprise, yes she let it slip that she knew what he was and though that gave up her advantage the surprise on his face was so worth it.

“You know what I am?” He asked in shock before frowning. “Yet you’re not afraid of me, I could kill you if I wanted to.”

A snorting laugh escaped her lips as she lifted her head higher, shrugging as much as she could with bound hands. “Yeah, so can another human being, so could a dog, so could a dedicated duck… you’re not special.”

The emotions that crossed Edward’s face before he let out a shattering roar amused her more than terrified her. She could be scared if she allowed herself to be but she also knew that once the others found her gone there was no way they would stop till they found her.

Toby would not stop looking for her and Sage would do all she needed to do get Finn.

She just hoped that her being late to the meeting would alert them that something was wrong, that what they had been preparing for had happened sooner than expected. Bella couldn’t help but curse herself once more as she would have had more strength if not for her foray into Elemental Magic.

“You will love me, you will be my wife.” Edward hissed in her face, venom dripping from his chin and sizzling on the rope and shirt at her waist.

With a defiant glare, Bella spat in his face. “I will never love a monster like you.”

She watched him rage until he raced out the door in fury, cracking the door frame as he did so. Her head and body slumped as exhaustion washed over again, a prayer to the gods and goddesses that they would find her soon before it was too late…

I’m so sorry Finn… so sorry.

Author Note: So short I know but hey, another update!


3 thoughts on “Chapter Twenty-One

  1. hope they find her soon and they PAINFULLY take care of edward and alice and carlisle and esme have their brains in their heads on their shpu;ders not up the “wonder duo’s” butts

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