Chapter Twenty-Two

Title: Dreams of Time
 She didn’t know when it truly started or why, neither did he but for once in his life, Finn felt right in the dreams of the young woman, accepted. Now all he needed was to be undaggered.

Chapter Twenty-Two

Third Point of View

Angela rushed towards La Push with haste beyond going above the law as she was unlike her vampire friends and was unable to get out of tickets. Even if the emergency was dire, she could risk being grounded or even incapacitated in any way, not till Bella was found.

How could this happen? Bella was out the door and on her way over to pick her up for the meeting and when she was ten minutes late Angela began to worry because it takes about five to reach her place from Bella’s…

This was when Angela rushed over to find Bella’s truck empty, her bag scattered across the dirt and driver’s door open. Bella was taken and she didn’t know who by or why. Was it the Cullen’s or was it some other supernatural creature that finally found out who she was?

Either way, Angela knew she needed to reach La Push where the others were waiting. Thus it didn’t surprise her when she found herself staring into the dark eyes of Tobias several feet away from her car in a blink of an eye.

“Where’s Bella?” He demanded, his eyes scanning her face desperately.

“I don’t know, she was supposed to pick me up but when she was ten minutes late I went over and found her bag scattered across the drive and her door open. I came here right away!” She explained with tears in her eyes.

Toby snarled as he let go of the witch and took off towards his kins house, Peter, Sage and Sam hot on his heels. It was hard for Sam who had to divert his path while Peter, Sage and Toby raced through the streets but even then he could smell the fresh scent of leech.

The roar of fury that left Toby’s lips made Sage blink as she remembered the last time her Mate had made that sound, it was when he found out the last of his kin had vanished and assumed dead, it was a mix of fury and agony but it also didn’t bode well for the people who caused it.

Cullen!” Toby snarled furiously before following the fresh scent trail till it ended on an old dirt road where it vanished, only fresh tire tracks were the only thing left to give clues. “We need to find her immediately; I don’t care what our plans were now Peter, he has her!”

Peter rubbed his head in frustration, his gift gave him no hint that this was going to happen or he would have informed everyone immediately. Something was blocking him and he had a feeling that nothing the Witches they were acquainted with would be able to find her. “We need to find Finn; he is the only one who will be able to find her… Magic won’t help, I don’t know why but…”

“I’ll make a few calls and see if anyone knows where Klaus will be,” Sage informed her mate while pulling out her phone. “We don’t have a choice my love; we need to find Isa and the only way to do that is to make nice with Klaus. We also have to inform Charlie.”

A deep rumbling growl escaped Tobias’s mouth as he paced up and down the patch of dirt road, curses of his youth spilling past his lips a moment later, at the situation and at the fact that his Mate would have to search out the one person they have been avoiding since Finn got daggered away.

“Fine,” He hissed while trying to calm down enough to hide his vampiric face. “Sam, go back with Sage. Peter and I will go have a little chat with the Cullen’s.”

Peter’s shoulders sagged at this, any chance of saving Jasper from the family dropped down to slim to fucking none, especially in the wake of his kin’s wrath. There was no way for him to get out of this or turn it around, not that he particularly wanted to at this current time, not with his little one missing… she was the only human so far not to flinch at him or witch to instantly hate him on the spot because of what he was.

Family or not it was instinct for all kinds to hate their kind and that was because of their so called kings… they preyed on the witches back when they still held trials, condemning them to a fate worse than death… it pissed off a lot of supernatural creatures.

“Peter,” Lief warned as he cracked his fingers and rolled back his shoulders to stand straighter. “Let’s go.”

Sage gave her mate one last kiss and a promise to be safe before turning on her foot and making her way back to La Push with Sam panting on her heels.

“I know you want to help the Major.” Toby supplied as he turned his eyes away from where his mate vanished to Peter. “But Bella’s life comes before his, sire or not.”

“I know,” Peter replied with determination, his eyes turning flat black in a matter of moments as he let the Captain free.

Toby nodded before following the scent trails to the Cullen mansion, the trees whizzing pass him some even cracking with the force as he swings out to release his rage beforehand. He doesn’t care if they hear him coming, there will be nowhere to run to, in fact, he hopes they hear him coming…

Six pairs of golden eyes widened as Toby suddenly appeared before them, Peter not long behind him, his eyes black and shirt missing letting his scars shine free in the diminishing light.

“Peter?” Jasper asked confused before stiffening as black eyes locked onto him. “Captain.”

“Major,” Peter replied briskly.

Carlisle swallowed hard as he took in the very pissed off traditional before him, “I am Carlisle Cullen, leader of this coven… what business do you have here?”

A deep rumbling bark of laughter escaped Tobias’s lips as he moved forward and lifted Carlisle up in the air by his throat, giving a warning snarl to the others as they went to intervene.

“I wouldn’t if I were you, he’s not someone ta piss off.” The Captain drawled out as Carlisle struggled uselessly in Toby’s hand, gasping as little facets began to creep up his face from the force of the Traditional’s grip. “I’d suggest to you that you answer all his questions honestly or ya not gonna last the night.”

Before Toby could speak, Jasper stepped forward with a frown, letting a wave of calm roll off of him and to the others, blinking in surprise when the vampire didn’t even show a hint that his power affected him. “What are you doing with a Traditional, Peter?”

“I suggest you try and not manipulate me, boy, you’re only still alive because Peter wants you to be.” Toby rumbled out as he threw the good doctor at his Mate’s feet. “Now tell me where Edward has taken Bella.”

“What?” Esme asked as she clutched Carlisle close to her chest. “We were under the impression that Edward and Bella were going to see her mother…”

Whatever was going to be said was cut off with a whimper as the furious glowing eyes of the Traditional locked onto her. “Are you to tell me that you had no clue your son and daughter was stalking my kin at school? At her home and where she went with her father and friends? That you had no clue they tried to force themselves into her life unwantedly?”

“We were under the impression that Edward and Bella were in love, that she was his mate.” Carlisle rasped out, earning a chuckle from Toby.

“Oh that’s far from the truth and if you don’t know where Edward has taken her then there is only one person who does.” Toby chuckled darkly before turning his attention to Alice who was slowly creeping backwards.

“Now, now runt… you owe me some answers.” Toby snarled as he closed the distance between him and Alice, grasping her hair tightly and savouring the cry of pain. “And you will answer them or your death will be slow and painful. Let’s get to it shall we?”

Author Note: Mwahahaha


9 thoughts on “Chapter Twenty-Two

  1. Yaay I am caught up and I can’t wait to see what happens to Edward and Alice. Man or when Finn make a physical appearance. Awesome story

  2. I’ve been rereading lately. Hope you get inspiration for this one soon. Would love to read conversation between Sage and Klaus…..will she reveal mating…swan witch? When eddie broke the door/frame did that create enough of a crack for her magic to work some? And how are they controlling Jasper? so very many questions….

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