Chapter Twleve

Chapter Twelve

Author note: Yeah, its been more than a while… sooooo soo soo so sorry.

Third Point of View

In an instant she shot up with a gasp, her hand flying to her chest in shock. She shook her head and tried to blink away the haze of sleep. Panic flared in her as she caught the time and groaned. “I’m so dead… Charlie is going to kill me… after he sends the whole county force to look for me.”

She let out another groan before flopping back down on whatever she was laying on and covered her face with her arm. She was dead, beyond dead, Charlie was going to be FURIOUS at her for being out so late and foolishly her she has been giving him Vervain so he couldn’t be compelled.

A chuckled caused her to peek out from under her arm and stare up at the Viking vamp before her. “You know, I’m gonna call you Toby.” She sighed before sitting up and pulling out her phone, her brows rising when she only saw thirteen missed called and messages from Angela but none from Charlie.

She didn’t bother listening or reading them instead rung her back right away.

“Oh thank goodness! We found the location of Sage.” Angela practically yelled down through the phone.

Bella snorted and turned her eyes towards the redhead, still wary of the vampire. “Yeah, she’s in Port Angeles.”

Yea… wait how did you know that?” Angela demanded.

“Because Ang, I’m staring right at her. Long story, I will tell you later but uh, why hasn’t Charlie been calling me?” She asked curiously, causing Angela to splutter over the line before snorting.

I rung him and told him that you came over to help me with homework and had passed out, told him you had a migraine. He asked if it was alright if you stayed the night or if he had to come get you. Told him it was more than alright even mom spoke to him. I’ll see you in the morning or tomorrow down at Old Quil’s.” Angela explained sternly before hanging up, Bella sighed and looked towards the waiting vampires, now noticing that they were the only two left in the building.

Bella sighed and shook her head before staring at the red head while rubbing her sore throat; she was more than a little disappointed. “You know, I trusted you because Finn trusted you and you attack me before I could even explain in full. He told me stories of you since I was eleven and I hoped to one day meet you… you totally blew away all respect I had for you.”

Sage looked down, guilt creeping up in her. She trusted her mate and if her mate said that Finn was here and that the witch she indeed tried to kill was his mate well… She was furious though when she saw the necklace that Finn had never removed since receiving it on her, furious that maybe she had stolen it from his corpse and had worked for Klaus.

Now Sage knew better and she felt guilt.

“I am sorry.” She told the girl earning just a nod in return but no forgiveness.

“So Toby, Finn said you’d help me with my cold one problem.” Bella explained causing he Viking to smile.

“That may be so Bella but there’s something else we need to talk about first. You said you were a Swan, I take it you are a Swan Witch?” He asked curious and hopeful.

“… Yes, why?” She asked with narrowed eyes.

“Ah, because my mother was a Swan Witch.” He explained with a wide smile causing her eyes to pop open.

“Really?” Bella asked with awe.

“Yes little one, my mother’s name was Agatha; I was the sixth son to her and Eric. I was not as powerful as my siblings or as devoted to magic as I had always wanted to be a Viking like my faðir. Do you know what one of the six you hail from?” He asked hopeful causing Bella to frown and look back over the family tree. She knew that Agatha was her great something grandmother but she… oh…

“Yes I do.” She explained softly a soft smile upon her face.

“Who? Please this is something I need to know for I know not what happened to the line of my siblings, I tried but the tracks were covered well.” Tobias asked desperately and that was the truth. He and Sage had tried all they could to track down the remaining members of the Swan clan but in the end he had failed as he held the body of his brothers and sisters line. All these years he had thought they were to be dead and his line killed because of greed.

“Eira, I come from Eira the Merciful’s line.” She explained causing Tobias to sag and glow in happiness.

“My sister, she was a year older than me but we were born on the same day, I am glad to know at least one line lived on.” He explained before pulling her into a hug. “I will protect you with all that I am, this I swear by you.”

Sage stepped in then, laying a hesitant hand on the girls shoulder her heart clenching when she felt the muscle stiffen under her hand. “And I will as well, I hope one day you will forgive me Bella. But you are family in both senses, by Finn my brother and of Lief my mate.”

“You should know that I’ve made friends with the Shifter Wolves on the Reservation, the Fork Witches since I moved here the other week and my step father is a Werewolf who is in my Clan.” Bella explained causing both Sage and Tobias to raise their brows.

“I think life will be much more interesting with you in it lillesøster. (Little sister)” Tobias explained with a chuckle. “I’ve been itching for a fight; maybe the cold ones will give me a good one.”

“I have a question.” Sage piped up, one that has been on her mind since she heard the name.

Bella turned and raised her brows at the red head.

“Who has been teaching you magic? You said that you’ve been here a week.” She asked the young witch.

“I too have been curious, who on your families side is a witch?” Tobias asked.

Bella chuckled and shook her head. “My grandmother was the last witch before me and she died when I was a child. It has been Finn who’s been teaching me since I was eleven; he showed me how to read my families Grimoire and whatnot.”

Both Tobias and Sage blinked at the young witch in shock. “Bella… just exactly how old are you?” Tobias asked wary.

“Seventeen why?”

Skit!” Tobias cursed freely in Swedish. She was still indeed just a babe in the new world, given she is a year off adult hood or close to it but fuck… He pinched his eyes shut as he raged inside. The cold ones were going to pay for fucking with his family, the babe of his family.

Author Note: well fuck, it’s been long I know. But HEY, here is an update!


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  1. Love that she’s related to Tobias. He will guard her and help her. Sage has a lot of making up to do hopefully in time Bella will trust her. Can’t wait to see what they do to the Cullen’s.

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