Chapter Two

Chapter Two

Author Note: Holy crap, I didn’t expect over 20 reviews for this, I thought there would be much less.

Third POV

Isabella ran home crying, her knees aching from the grazes she got when Tommy Jones had pushed her. She didn’t know what was happening to her, one second she was on the ground crying while Tommy and his friends laughed before he went to rip off her necklace, she shoved out her hands in anger and he flew back.

They ran away calling her freak.

It was the fear in their eyes that made Bella break down and rush home. She didn’t know what to do, why this was happening to her. She didn’t even stop and realise that her mother was home as she slammed the door into her room and threw herself onto her bed.

“I had thought today would be a good day Little Swan.” Finn states softly as he takes a seat on the young girls floor, watching as she cried herself to sleep.

“Finn?” Bella sniffled as she cast a look up at her best friend, he had been there for her when she needed him the most after her grandmother died.

“Yes Little Swan, you called and I am here. What happened, are you okay?” He asks, his ears listening for her wretched mother but was slightly glad he couldn’t hear her. He inhaled sharply as the smell of blood reached him, overpowering every other scent in the room. “Are you hurt?”

Bella sniffled and nodded, showing her friend her scraped knees, watching as his eyes darkened ever so slightly. “Tommy Jones pushed me down…” she hiccupped.

“I… I pushed him and I didn’t mean to! But he made me so mad and I shoved my hand out and he went flying! I’m a freak!” She wailed causing Finn to frown and flinch away from the harsh sound.

He was worried that she would come into her power soon, but he didn’t think it would be when she was this young. He knew that she had no one to help her, taking a guess that her father didn’t inherit the magic of the Swan Clan and her grandmother passed away.

“No, no Little Swan, you are not a freak. You are a witch, like your grandmother. My mother was a witch as well.” He tried to explain, tried to sooth the young girl.

Bella looked up at Finn in disbelief, she a witch? There was no such things as witches or fairy tales, her momma told her so countless of times. “There are no such things, momma said so.”

Finn frowned slightly before shaking his head, “No Bella, there are such things. I had hoped you would be older when I had to finally explain but it seems I need to now. There are things such as Witches, Warlocks, Vampires, Werewolves and Shifters. You are a witch, I knew your ancestor Agatha.” He explains softly, he knew that the young girl was smart but still he tried to simplify his answer to her.

It was indeed true though, he had met Agatha and her husband just after they left for the old country, and she was a sweet kind woman whom had helped him and Sage leave before the others. She was the first witch besides his mother and Ayana to have ever helped him, though the first that was truly good.

“Gran told me stories of Gran Agatha… how, how do you know her?” Bella asks with wide eyes causing Finn to curse slightly in his mother tongue at the slip. He wanted her to know about the supernatural but not about him, he couldn’t stand the thought of the horror and fear that would wash up on the little child’s face. He cared deeply for the little girl and didn’t wish to lose the admiration and awe she seemed to have for him.

“I am very old my Little Swan, but that is a story for when you are older. Now, I can help you with your powers and to read the Grimoire. You will need to ask your father for the trunk he took home from the day your grandmother passed, Little Swan. When that arrives I shall teach you what you need to know, what herbs to grow. Before then, I need you to find Wolfsbane and Vervain.” He states, trying to change the subject for now.

Bella frowned as she took in the words, “Okay. I’ll ring Charlie later but what does Wolfsbane and Vervain do?”

“Little Swan, Wolfsbane will protect you from werewolves and Vervain from vampires. I want you to keep some on you or around you at all times.” Finn stresses, he had managed to look around her home the last time she had called and had smelt both wolf and vampire near her home. He didn’t know if it was because she was naturally attracting supernatural creatures or because they knew she was a Swan Witch.

Everyone in the supernatural world knew that the Swan Witches were powerful, they were not bound to nature or their ancestors like the others. They were peaceful, didn’t abuse their powers but when someone dared to begin to kill the Swan Clan they had went into hiding.

Bella nodded as she thought of where to get what she needed, maybe the nursery down the road, they always sold unusual herbs and plants. Where they like her? She remembers going there once with her mother and could tell the old woman was a kind woman but now…

“Okay, I can do that. What do I tell people?” She asks softly, frowning at the thought of having to tell her mother of this. She knew that deep down her mother didn’t love her like a mother should; she already paid the bills and cooked dinner.

“You can’t tell anyone Little Swan, promise me that you will not tell another soul what you are and what family you come from. I cannot protect you here; I cannot protect you in the dreamscape.” Finn explained desperately, his eyes wide and full of fear at the thought of someone abusing this innocent before him.

He hated his brother more than anything now, he had found something to fight for and he couldn’t physically be here for her. The one good thing being an Original, an abomination was for and he couldn’t help.

“Why? Is… am I evil?” She asks as she sees the fear on her friend’s face, a look she had never seen nor wants to see again. Finn was her brave prince, helping her when she needed it and being there for her when she needed him.

Snapping his eyes to Isabella, Finn shook his head vigorously. “No Little Swan, it is because your family are powerful. Others will try and hurt you, take you to abuse the gifts you have. I cannot protect you here and until you can you must be careful.”

“Okay, I believe you, I trust you.” Those simple words made something within Finn bloom. It had been a long time since someone had trusted him, since he had earned that trust and for it to come from the young child before him; it had meant a lot.

“You need to wake up Little Swan, I hear your mother coming. If you ever shall need me Isabella, just call my name.” He whispers, wrapping one arm around the young girl hesitantly as she hugs him goodbye.

He watched as Isabella woke, casting a look around her room before making her way out. He didn’t know why he was tied to her, why she pulled him to this dreamscape walk but he had grown attached to the little one. She was his friend, his only friend besides Sage.

Sage… his first love… They had parted ways before he was daggered when she felt the pull in her chest. He let her go of course; he could never stand in the way of her happiness, no matter if her happiness was in the arms of another.

With a deep sigh Finn closed his eyes and prepared for the darkness of his slumber once more.

Author Note: I really hope this is exactly what you guys are expected, Finn won’t be all suicidal but he still believes that Vampires are abominations for now… The next chapter should be when Bella gets her Gran’s Grimoire. In this she’s 11.





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  1. Holy Jollys the chapters just get better and better. poor finn stuck and not able to help bella. at least he is gonna help her learn magic. thats helping. u go falling u got this 😀

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