Chapter Five – Madness

Title: Gambit’s Siren
Pairing: Gambit/Bella
Ra: M
Summary: Not everything is what it seems… Some people just learn the hard way.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything of the Marvel series or Twilight, I own the plot and that’s it.

Chapter Five

She could not feel her limbs or pain; she could not see nor hear the world around her. She was numb, numb as the icy plains upon the mountain tops. Yet she was still as a rock, on the inside she was a war zone.

Anger, fear, worry and hope… it was all mixed together in the raging storm that wished to rip free.

But there was no freedom, no hope and no joy or love. She was stuck in her cell with a little light above, she could see it flicker and flutter to a soundless tune.

Bella, her name was Bella… she could remember now, the haze of the drugs wearing off in her blood. She could feel it, like burning venom that infected the veins. Bella knew not of how long she had been in this hell, this new kind of hell with no love to keep her sane. Well, that was a line, to Bella; just knowing Remy was alive kept her living.

Her body was battered, littered with scars but her healing ability lessened the severity of it. They had after all managed to slow it down so they could… experiment. She could hear how they needed one of the others, but they dared not to go after sabretooth, her father. Though, her healing ability was good, it wasn’t the original ability.

She didn’t know how long had passed, hours turned to days, days to weeks and weeks turned into months… she wasn’t sure, wasn’t sure… wasn’t sure… Bella blinked and shook her head, a frown marring her face as the thought tapered off.

That had been happening a lot as of late, her memory or thought tapering off into confusion and haze. She wasn’t sure if she was up or down, her eyes lost proper focus many ticks and surgeries go… she didn’t know if it was due to madness, drugs or surgeries and she didn’t know if she was to get all her cognitive functions back or if she would be mad forever.

“Hahaha.” Bella burst out laughing; her eyes flickering over the other children in her cell hold room. Not many children, but teens now. She continued to giggle, her eyes blown wide scaring the older kids who’ve been here the longest.

“Little Alice fell down the hole… hole… hole… bumped her head and lost her soul!” She cackled loudly twisting the quote, madness seeping into her tone causing those around her to shudder painfully.

“What has happened?” a voice asked confused, a boy, the new one with covered eyes.

“She’s mad; the madness has set in… She told me that she could feel it and I think the last operation snapped something.” The diamond girl Emma spoke, her voice worried.

“Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is? Insanity is doing the exact… same fucking thing… over and over again expecting… shit to change… That. Is. Crazy.” She chuckled out, grasping the bar between hers and Emma’s cages, pressing her face to the metal spaces.

“The first time somebody told me that, I dunno, I thought they were bullshitting me… bullshitting me…The thing is… they were right…” Bella trailed off, her eyes flicking to the others, a wide manic smile upon her face. “And then I started seeing, everywhere I looked, everywhere I looked all these fucking pricks, everywhere I looked, doing the exact same fucking thing… over and over and over and over again and I keep thinking ‘this time is gonna be different’ no, no, no please… no more pain… no more cuts… I keep thinking this time is gonna be different, I’m sorry, I don’t like… The way…” She laughed out madly, there was no allure in her voice and somewhere deep down Bella knew something was wrong.

Cher, dis is not you… what has happened to you Mon Cher… fight dis madness, dis is not you! Bella blinked and grasped her head with a whimper as her loves voice boomed around her skull.

“Remy! Remy, oh sweet Remy!” She moaned, whimpering as she shook her head violently, trying to shake the madness from her mind, to push it in a little box.

“Are you okay Siren?” Emma asked softly, shakily.

“How long has she been here?” A girl whispered, her green eyes flicking slightly.

Emma shrugged, “She said she was here the longest. I have been here for less than a year and I am unsure.” She explained sad, horrified at the thoughts of time. She had seen five kids being killed because they outlasted their usefulness.

“Three… Three… yes… Three.” Bella whimpered out unsure, confused and staring blankly up at the flickering light.

“Three years!? You have been here for that long!” Someone gasped out horrified, stilling everyone in the room.

“Yes… yes… Three years… Yes… Yess… my love for my freedom… no freedom for me for my love…” Bella explained in broken thoughts causing many to frown.

“…you sacrificed your freedom for that of your loves?” Emma asked, watching as the older woman nodded her head, turning her glassy brown eyes upon her. Even though Siren’s face was blank, Emma could see the pain and loss behind the mask and even her own heart ached.

Bella though seemed to be motionless was in a war in her mind, between the pain and horror with the drugs she couldn’t hold onto the little ledge of sanity that her Mate held and help keep in place. She could see her love, her Remy and see his hand grasping the wall of her mind with one hand and holding her tightly so she didn’t slip from her dangle.

“I am Isabella Swan, I am mutant Siren, and my father is Victor… mother Renee… Mate, Remy.” She said out loud to remind herself.

The others shared a look, still shuddering at each sentence the woman – Bella or Siren – spoke. They had thought she couldn’t talk at first and when she did, they wished to obey and some understood why she never spoke. But this was a different kind of pull, one that caused pain for she was in pain.

“Why are your eyes covered?” Bella asked the new captured boy, he looked no older than sixteen maybe seventeen.

Scott cocked his head to the side and sighed. “I uh… my eyes… my eyes…” he trailed off, he didn’t know how to explain it in words really.

“Do you know who brought you in?” She asked, changing the subject. “Did he have claws and mutton chops?”

The question shocked many of the captured children, their eyes flickering and fear filling her sense. She held back a sigh, her father was safe in a sense and she was glad that he stuck with the original plan; all she would have to do is wait it out.

Shocked, Scott nodded. “Yes, yes… is he the man who brought you?”

Bella chuckled darkly, rolling to all fours. “No, the man who took you is my father. I at first, was used here as leverage for him to capture. Then I was here for my mate, he was going to die and so I gave up my voice and freedom so they could escape. I am to wait for my uncle to come, my father promised to draw him here as he cannot do it himself without fear of my death. My father is a bad man with a noble heart.”

Silence followed after her admission, causing her head to shoot up, eyes snapping to the glass windows that sat above the cells, her nose twitching as a sort of familiar scent filled her senses. It was a scent that smelled like her father and her, and it mingled in with the scent of her mate and father.

“No, no, no, no!” She screamed, hands shaking the door as the scent of her mate grew stronger from the air ducts. A scream filled the air, followed by a snarl.


“DAD!” She snarled panicked as she watched her father and a man crash from the windows above.

Victor wheezed, his body aching as it collided with the metal below the window, his brother’s heavy frame resting above and adamantium claws firmly pressing against his jaw but not breaking the skin while the other was buried in his lung.

“Jimmy… you need to listen…” He gasped out, grunting as he felt his body begin to heal, his hands grasping his brothers wrist. “Jimmy! You need… to help my daughter… I had to get you here…”

Logan stared down at the unfamiliar man before him, gone was the animal inside but he couldn’t risk it. He had been after him since he left the war, he had been behind his Kayla’s death and ripping his life away from him once again.

“LOGAN! You are not an animal!” He heard her, his Kayla say in the background, making him pause. It was the same tone she always used, but she was not his, no she was never Logan’s for it was all a ruse.

“Please brother… she is your niece… or just finish it.” He gasped out, sagging in relief for a second before he knew no more.

“WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY FATHER?” She roared as the man and a woman came barrelling in.

Logan’s eyes snapped to the woman, the kid a few cells down and blinked. He could see his mother in her features, victor in the eyes and set jaw. Fury and shame like no tomorrow swarmed into his stomach as he cast a look over his shoulder at his brother, he would have to look back on this later.

His eyes scanned the cells, disgust brewing with the white hot fury that was directed towards Stryker and those who helped him. They were just children! Logan held back a snarl before charging forwards and letting his claws slice through the locking mechanisms, he had to free his niece and the others.

When he was at the end he turned and watched as the kids freed the ones who were chained up, his eyes locking onto Kayla’s form as she hugged the girl whom was her sister. He couldn’t describe the feeling he got as he saw the kindness, the real kindness upon her face. Logan couldn’t dwell for longer on the thought as brown eyes locked onto his, a familiar fire lit in their depths.

Bella charged, a bone chilling snarl escaping her lips as she let her claws out and charged towards the man, her uncle. She didn’t stop, her body colliding almost painfully into his, her claws digging deeply within his flesh as he staggered backwards but not toppling over.

“He better be alive or so hel…” She trailed off and breathed in deeply, she could smell her mate strongly on the man, could smell Remy’s kinetic energy. “Remy… who brought you here? Was he Cajun, tell me!”

Logan blinked and shook his head, “yes…” he breathed out unable to help himself before Bella let out a cry, a time stilling cry before rushing off.

Author Note: Okay, not many chapters left maybe two-three more!

Well what do you think?

Can anyone guess the quotes?




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  1. HOLY FUCKIN CHEESE NIBLETS! SHIT JUST GOT REAL 😀 love this my god u make things exciting but yet u left me hanging. why man why?! i wanna know what happened to Remy! update soon u awesome women!

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