Chapter Four – To Speak Up

Title: Gambit’s Siren
Pairing: Gambit/Bella
Ra: M
Summary: Not everything is what it seems… Some people just learn the hard way.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything of the Marvel series or Twilight, I own the plot and that’s it.

Chapter Four

It was gaining close to the two year mark that Remy had been here, but already she had been hear for little over two years. They had brought in new mutants, this time older than the usual children but still young.

She could see them all clearly from her cage, one made of diamonds, one with the ability to freeze all that is around them and so on. It spurned fear in her heart for her Remy, ever since they admitted their truths, they considered each other theirs.

Screams ripped through the silence, one that caused Bella to cry out silently as she heard her loves agonised wails. The torture and experiments were getting worse, she knew that he wouldn’t last any longer; he had grown frailer in the past few months. A sure sign that his end was about to come, they had taken all they could and he was no longer useful.

Soon enough the large doors at the end opened and they dragged Remy in, his feet dragging uselessly on the floor. His skin was ashen, maybe a little green and he was bare chested with blood soaked bandages around his middle.

Bella bared her teeth as they dropped him in the room causing the newer of guards to laugh and get close to her cage.

“I wouldn’t if I were you.” The elder man warned but it was too late, her hand jerked out through the gap they put food through and dug her claws into the idiots stomach.

“Ah you bitch!” The younger guard screamed in furious pain before going to opent he door, only to stop when the elder one grabbed his wrist.

“You can’t touch her like the others, she’s the beast’s daughter and if one hair is harmed on her head, he will come for you.” The older guard stated, shoving the younger away from her door.

“But look what the bitch did!” The younger screamed again, holding up his bloody hand quickly before pushing it to his wound.

“Yeah and I warned you not to get too close! Now go grab another one!” The other guard snarled before storming off.

Bella watched as the younger man spit before her cage and sneered, his eyes flickering to Remy and back to her quickly before sneering once again, this time mockingly. “He’s not going to last much longer, he’s outlived his purposes and I can’t wait to kill him myself.”

A terrifying snarl left her lips, causing the fucker to piss himself in fear before scrambling away. Her beast let out another roar in fury before moving closer to her mate’s cage, whimpering slightly as she saw his laboured breathing. Bella knew she would have to implement her plan soon, she couldn’t let him die.

With that final thought, she laid down, pressed against the wall hoping that her mate was okay and that she would be closer to him.

Bella shot awake once again, her hand curling around the throat of the person who loomed over her, freezing when her senses kicked in and she smelt the familiar spice of her father. His eyes were tired and darker than the last time she saw him and worry kicked in.

“Issy, I cannot stay for long, they don’t even know I am back yet… We need to leave.” He urged, his head snapping up and scanning the dark room once more for any sign of personnel.

She shot up and hugged her father before stiffening as his words sunk in, her eyes flickering between her open cage and then to Remy’s still unconscious form. She could hear his slow beating heart; see the small pool of blood forming under him. She shook her head, casting a look back to her father.

“No? Issy we need to leave, I can’t do this anymore and I don’t want them to…” He trailed off as she angrily pointed to Remy in the other cage.

“Take him.” She managed to get out, her voice gruff.

Victor stared at his daughter in shock, a haze growing in his mind and the desire to do as she asked growing. But he couldn’t take the man and leave his daughter; she was to come first above all others. “No, Issy, I cannot…”

“Yes… Take…” She grunted out before stiffening as alarms began to blare and guards began to assemble out and around the base.

She shoved her father out of her cage, swiping the keys from him and opening her mate’s cage, carefully picking him up. She held him close for a second; breathing in his scent once more not noticing that he had awoken from the jostle.

“Mon Chère?” Remy groans out confused as he stares at his love, his eyes widening as he saw the man who finally took him down standing behind her. His hands sparked, reaching out to grab something before freezing as Bella placed a hand over his.

“No, Remy. Father.” She whispered before placing a soft kiss upon his lips and turning towards he father once more.

“Take him… Mate… Protect.” She stated before handing her love to her father.

“No Chère, you need to come…” Remy protested as Victor took him.

I cannot come Remy… She signed quickly, her eyes flickering to the flickering lights, ears trained on the voices trying to open the door.

Taking a deep breath she faced her love and father once more. “Take him and run, do not let him get captured. He is my mate, I cannot lose him. Both of you will leave me here and go, Remy… Remy my love, my Gambit, do not come back for me do you hear?” She demanded, her voice cracking in several places as she spoke the words.

“No Chère… I cannot.” Remy wheezed, clenching his eyes shut as he tried to fight the haze, the desire.

“Please Remy, leave and do not come back… I will be fine, be safe my love… don’t come back…” She whispered before shoving them backwards as the doors blew open, causing many of the mutants to wake in terror and scream.

“I love you both now go, stick to the original plan!” She roared, before turning her back on them and marching towards the guards, Stryker in the lead. She swore never to use her voice to corrupt once again, to never take away someone’s will and she had broken that vow to save her father’s secret and her love. Now she will suffer for their safety.

“STOP!” She roared once again, watching as each and every single person came to a confused halt.

“Drop your weapons now.” She ordered, smirking as they struggled to fight her gift. She hadn’t known it was this strong, but it wasn’t strong enough to completely warp someone’s mind, to make them do something without a second guess.

Stryker stared at the beast’s daughter shocked; he hadn’t known she had such power to make someone bend to her will. If he had, he would have broken his promise to Victor long ago, but he needed the other mutants to finish off Weapon XI. Though her unknown talent was not useful for the current weapon it would be for the next one.

“Now you will listen to me carefully… do you all understand?” She asked, eyes flickering to each soldier before landing on Stryker, the man who was controlling her father, who brought her here and whom had harmed Remy.

“You let him go… he was never here… he is gone…” She breathed out, watching as all their eyes glaze over. “Yes… that’s it… Remy LeBeau is gone now… there is no need to search for him again… you buried him… You want me.” She choked out before dropping to her knees and waiting for the spell to be broken.

“Well well, you have a gift after all beyond your father’s genes.” Stryker hummed happily as he broke out of his phase, all thoughts of Remy LeBeau now forgotten. “Grab her, her father’s wishes be damned, I want to know what makes her so… hypnotizing.”

That was the last thing Bella heard before she felt a jolt of electricity.

Author Note: *chuckles*

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6 thoughts on “Chapter Four – To Speak Up

  1. I… I need more! This chapter was way too awesome. I’m dying for the next one to come along. I love comics and Remy is one of my favorites. I can’t wait to read the next chapter, this one had me on edge!

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