Chapter Seven – The End

Title: Gambit’s Siren
Pairing: Gambit/Bella
Ra: M
Summary: Not everything is what it seems… Some people just learn the hard way.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything of the Marvel series or Twilight, I own the plot and that’s it.

Chapter Seven

Gambit couldn’t believe he had broken his Chère’s hold. The pain had become too much that he had collapsed thirty feet from where he landed before it disappeared, it was an instant relief and worry. In past experiences a mutant who had used their power on you, if it clung to you, would disappear when they died and he couldn’t believe that to be true.

So with a guarded heart Remy got to his feet and pushed on, breaking everything that blocked his way and to the door he remembered escaping from that lead towards the cells. He didn’t take too much stock in the remains of mutilated guards, he had seen worse in his life and he couldn’t help but to think good riddance.

The sounds of the buildings imminent collapse filled his ears as he pushed on, stepping over and around the debris that cluttered the hallways before kicking the door open. “MON AMOUR? WHERE ARE YOU?” He yelled frantically as his eyes took in the damaged room.

Some of the cages were bent and broken from the falling debris, blood mattered the floor and the place where they experimented was no more. It looked as if something had burnt from one end to the other, he could even smell the burning flesh. “Well dat explains de laser, no?” He muttered the question out loud before shaking his head and moved on.

He eyed the cages, claw marks slicing through each lock, including the one he and Bella had been in. “Den I guess I owe de Wolverine one.”

Disappointment flooded Remy’s heart along with relief that Bella was not dying or dead in the cells that held so much torment, he was disappointed though that she was not here… it was an odd feeling to feel for such a thing. Relieved that she was not in the cells but disappointed she was not, he had to find her and quickly.

Bella pushed herself faster through the debris of the crumbling buildings from the fight that she caught a glance of up on the cooling towers, her father and uncle sure knew how to cause a mess. She didn’t concern herself too much as the wind shifted, bringing the scent of her mate with it.

She pushed herself faster, sometimes running on all fours as she leapt over larger debris from the crumbling tower to the water’s edge. A small water plane rested near the edge, her mate’s scent seeping out of it. “Remy…” She breathed before closing her eyes and breathing in.

She tried to separate the scent of everything around her and that of her mates but it was hard to do, her body ached and she couldn’t separate the pain of that to concentrate. Finally after a few minutes her eyes snapped open as she realised that the scent she followed here was fading the closer she got to the plane. He was right there and she didn’t see him!

“Remy!” She hissed sharply before taking off in the direction she had come from, she was nearly there when the loud crack filled the silence, with a slightly familiar growl of frustration.

Her body paused, eyes shooting up to see her father being buried into the concrete at the top by the very thing she knew Stryker was building, she had felt sorry for the man when her father brought him in. Now he was no longer that man but Strykers weapon, genetically modified with powers he had taken from the children he slaughtered.

She watched as her uncle jumped, his hands slicing the weapons head clean off. Horror set in s the head fell inwards, the power still active and slicing through the tower like butter. She didn’t have time to move towards the door to the underground cells and in that time frame it seemed as if the world had gone still before the tower began to crumble.

Victor jumped, leaving his brother at the top as his eyes spotted his daughter at the base, he could hear the concrete giving out and he knew she wouldn’t be able to move fast enough to escape the vicinity of the falling debris.

“Move Issy!” He yelled as he came to a earth cracking stop, his legs buckling under him as the pain bloomed. Cursing he shook his legs, aiding his ability to mend them before pushing himself forward as a loud crack filled the air, dust and stones falling from the sky before everything else.

“Mon dieu!” He breathed out sharply in surprise as he saw the figure fall to the earth as the tower began to collapse, landing with a sickening crack on the ground. No man could have survived that fall or landing but the stranger had to prove him wrong and push himself up and tried to scramble away.

“Well I can’t allow dat.” Gambit sighed as he saw the large chunk fall directly above the homme. The man did Gambit a favour by sticking to his word to kill everyone and he couldn’t stand to be in debt.

With that in thought he pushed himself forward, spinning the pipe in his hands as he charged it. He hadn’t had to do this for a while, hadn’t needed to use it and he didn’t know if his arms could negate the force of his power.


With a grunt he smacked the pipe in the ground, his power bursting out and throwing his body in the air. He didn’t need to think so much as his body automatically flipped upright, the top of the pipe connecting with the falling chunk and letting the last of his power explode across it before he landed on one knee.


“You miss me?” He threw out as he looked over his shoulder at the man, a smirk pulling at his lips. He quickly rose to his feet, chucking the unneeded pipe away. “Yanno, when you said dat you were gonna kill everyone, I thought you be exaggerating.”

Logan chuckled, grasping the offered hand. “Yeah.” He grunted out before staring at the crazy Cajun before him. “Do I look like a man who exaggerates?”

Remy chuckled and shook his head. “No, but you’re welcome. But I need to ask you something, and it be important.” He stated seriously, his posture and face no longer relaxed.

Logan frowned but nodded, he didn’t know what could be important here for the…

Remy… who brought you here? Was he Cajun, tell me!” His niece’s voice rang in his head like a snarl, an image of her wild furious eyes boring into his as she asked, teeth bared and claws imbedded into his chest. Remy, Remy LeBeau.

“Is it got to do with that – my niece?” He asked, the words stumbling from his lips. He still couldn’t believe that he had a niece, that his brother had created a life for a change instead of destroying one.

The words caused Gambit to jerk, his eyes roamed over the man’s features properly once again as he let all the unwanted familiarities came flooding back. When the man came striding in, asking for his name Gambit knew that the man smelt like Victor and Bella but couldn’t connect why… till now.

“Yes, she be here before me, dey used her as leverage. Dey used her to make sure Victor kept in line and did as he was told. Den when de day came for her to escape, she gave me to her father and told me not to come back. But I need to find her now, I cannot lose all dat I have and she be all dat I have left.” Gambit explained, watching as Logan’s face twisted slightly as things began to fall into place, the hate for his brother lessening as he understood the reasons now.

“She caught your scent on me and left, I havn’t seen her since…” He trailed off before cocking his head to the side. He could hear his name float across the wind calling for him, he knew that it was Kayla and she was hurt. “Go find her, make sure she is safe if Victor hasn’t found her first. There are kids still tryin’ to get off the island, help them if you can.” He stated.

Gambit nodded, relief flooding him that she had gotten out of the cages before the collapse. “I’m on it, my planes not far off the shore in that direction.” He pointed where before taking off, his eyes scanning every surface for his Bella before coming to a complete standstill.

The dust cleared a little and he saw her, she was with her father smiling softly as he knelt before her. She was covered in blood and dirt, but Remy could see the bandages peeking out from the singlet she was in and his blood curdled.

“Mon dieu, no ma belle…” he fell to his knees as he realised what had happened when she sacrificed herself for him to be free. She took his punishments and they had cut her open and forced upon her the pain he had hoped she would never experience.

Bella’s head snapped around quickly as she heard her mates’ voice, her eyes landing on her fallen mate mere feet away. Pain was twisted on his face as he stared at her, his hand gripping his chest.

“Your bandages Issy, he had hoped you would never know the pain of what he went through.” Victor whispered as she looked up at her father confused when she smelt no blood coming from her mate.

Guilt churned in her stomach as she pushed herself into a run, colliding with Remy with enough force that sent them back a few more feet. She buried her face into his neck, letting the tears fall free. He was here, he was finally here and he was okay… Bella continued to cry, clinging to Remy as if her life depended on it.

“Oh no mon amour, do not cry. I am okay, Remy’s here.” He soothed, wrapping his arms tightening around her, one hand tangling itself in her hair, holding her firmly to him.

“I had thought I’d never see you again! I was looking all over for you when I caught your scent. I missed you so much, so much!” She cried, her voice muffled from the leather jacket. He smelt different, no more did he smell like blood but of leather and something else that gave him a spicy scent.

“Oh mon amour, I tried so very hard to save you. I could not let you be here for me, I love you too much Chère.” He whispered causing her to still and look up at him, his eyes glowing.

“I thought you would move on, that you would forget.” She whispered shamefully causing Remy to frown at her. He shifted so he was sitting and she was comfortably straddling him as he brushed back the hairs from her face. He could see her pain, the purity that once was there now gone; he was saddened to know that because of him it was ripped away from her.

“Let me tell you a story, before you der was no one who cared enough t’help me, to teach me normal things dat did not involve stealing or cheatin’. Den der you were, crouching next to me in a cage asking if I was okay, de light haloing you like an angel. I be the thief, Chère…and there you go off stealin’ my heart when I least suspected it.” He admitted. “No one had ever dared such a thing, and yet you did. My heart is forever yours Chère, no matter what, it has been yours since de very start.”

He wiped the tears away from her face that began to fall at his confession. He knew that was what she needed to hear after all the horrors she must have experienced and he felt lighter that he could finally confess it. They had said I love you’s before but he never got to explain fully, you could love a person and not give them your heart, but she had stolen in the very second his eyes landed on her.

“Issy, I need to leave.” Victor stated sadly squatting by their side, he didn’t wish to break up their reunion, but he had to leave before they came. “You look after her Junior, I’m trusting you with the only good thing I have left.” He warned the crazy Cajun with a glare.

“I know, thank you for everything… come find us when you can.” Bella whispered leaning forwards and brushed her face against his, causing Victor to smile at the action and return it.

“Will do my little Tiger, be safe, be happy.” He whispered, placing a kiss upon her brow and giving Remy a pointed look before disappearing into the settling dust.

“We need t’find your uncle and get off this rock.” Gambit explained to his love as he lifted them easily off the ground. He held back the frown as he realised she looked thinner, sicker than usual but said nothing for now. He will allow himself to worry when they were safe away from this crumbling hell.

A loud roar filled silence, one that Bella had heard once before, followed by a gunshot. She and Remy shared a glance before running towards the noise, another two pops filling the air. Bella saw him first, smelt him first as they jumped over a large chunk of tower. Stryker stood before them, a gun in hand and Logan running at him with extended claws and feral eyes.

“STOP!” She screamed, her voice cracking across loudly over Logan’s roar causing both men to falter for a second before continuing. Bella knew that gun, she had seen and heard of it when it was her time and knew that if her uncle got shot in the head like they planned, he would not remember a thing and she couldn’t allow that.

“Remy, my love, I need you to throw something now! You need to knock him down before he shoots Logan!” She stressed, her eyes widening as she saw her uncle began to run before jumping.

Gambit didn’t hesitate or question it before picking up a stone and charging it. He threw it quickly, expertly aimed and watched as the small pebble connect with Strykers back with a crack, sending him flying forward just as Logan jumped.

They took off in a sprint, Remy going for Logan and Bella rushing towards where Stryker landed, he was too close to the woman and she couldn’t allow him to escape. A terrorfying snarl escaped hr lips, causing Remy and Logan to look at her as she pounced, her teeth bared and claws out.

“Chère no!” Remy yelled in panic as he saw Stryker move.

Bella snarled, her body twisting as a loud familiar crack filled the air, the bulled grazing her shoulder and neck instead of hitting its mark. She quickly raised her arm, ready to kill when she paused. A scream of rage left Remy’s lips as he saw the blood bloom on her neck and took off running, Logan hot on his heels as he made his way towards Kayla.

“Stop! Stop! We are not-not like him.” Kayla gasped out, her hand resting on Bella’s leg.

Blinking Bella nodded and stepped back, her arm shooting out and catching her mate as he tried to brush past her to get to Stryker.

They watched as Stryker grunted, his mouth clenched shut as he turned the gun upon himself. “I should make you pull the trigger, but that would make us no better than you… we are not like you… throw the gun away.” She gasped out, pushing her power into him. Kayla knew she would not survive, she was growing cold and black danced on the edge of her vision.

“Now turn around… walk until your feet bleed and then keep walking.” She hissed, watching as Stryker, the man who had hurt so many jerked at her will.

Bella blinked before smirking wide, teeth gleaming in the light. She followed Stryker step for step for a little while before forcing him to stop, watching as his body jerked in pain as it tried to comply.

“What is that kid doin’?” Logan asked angrily as he watched his niece stop Stryker. Gambit smirked he had known the second she moved towards him what she was going to do and he did feel anything but satisfaction.

“You will see.” He muttered, frowning as the woman gasped and groaned in pain. “We need to hurry though if you wish to save her.”

Bella leaned closer to Stryker and smiled a very angelic smile that unsettled everyone. She giggled softly before purposely exhaling her scent across his face. “You will not come for us, you will not harm another one of us, no human or mutant will feel your inflicting pain.” She breathed out, watching with satisfaction as Strykers eyes glazed over before making her way back towards her mate.

“Can we go home now?” She asked softly before staggering, Remy quickly catching her and swinging her up into his arms.

“Yes Chère, after a hospital, den I will take you home.” He chuckled softly, placing a searing kiss upon her lips.

“Good, good… I love you Remy.” She breathed out tiredly as they made their way towards the plane.

Remy simply looked down at her softly, a smile on his lips. “I love you too my Siren.”

Author Note: That’s it folks! It is complete! I hoped you enjoyed the ride and I thank you all for staying with me through it!



14 thoughts on “Chapter Seven – The End

  1. AHHHH!!!! I hate to see this story end. It was an attention grabber from the beginning to the end and I loved seeing Victor be the good guy for once and the chemistry between Bella and Remy was amazing. I’m glad to see that Logan didn’t loose his memories.

    I look forward to any new chapter or story that comes from your creative mind. Please keep up the great work!

  2. Awesome story as always. I love your stories and can’t wait to read more of your work…thanks for sharing hon…until next time…bigg huggs. Peggy

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  4. Loved it! Now I want to see Bella dish some pain out in ‘Morai Mortis’. LOL I love Bella as the torturer better than the tortured. hehehe Love you! 🙂

  5. I loved it!

    P.S. I dont know if it’s just me put Gambit’s Siren Chapter 6 comes up as “Another Time Another Place” Chapter 6….

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