Chapter Six – Struggles of Red

Title: Gambit’s Siren
Pairing: Gambit/Bella
Ra: M
Summary: Not everything is what it seems… Some people just learn the hard way.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything of the Marvel series or Twilight, I own the plot and that’s it.

Chapter Six

Bella didn’t know where she was going; she followed her sense of smell, following where her uncle had come in. She killed any who got in her way, snapping their necks or ripping out their throat. She didn’t even stop when she felt the burn of a bullet lodge into her arm and leg, or when she felt a knife or two slice into her.

She did not stop, could not stop till she knew that her mate was safe. Her legs burned, as did everything else from misuse, it had been a very long time since she had to run this fast or at all. Finally when she made her way outside, she let out a cry as the sun burned her eyes, it was too bright.

Leave and do not come back… don’t come back… don’t come back… the words echoed around Gambit’s head as he circled the island once again, he couldn’t leave but he couldn’t land. His Cher told him not to, forced her power to do what she asked.

A year had passed and he had been safe, gambling to make money to somehow find a way to free her and have enough to start a life with her when she was finally free, when they both were. He had healed and sunk into a great depression that caused him to brush up on all that he had learned from Fagan’s Mob and his former family.

Every day he tried when Victor had taken him to safety and knocked some sense into him. He still tried every month after that to return for her and yet he couldn’t… his body just refusing to comply with his own demands.

He was told never to come back, yet he helped the soldier once his drunken haze wore off. It was a surprise to find someone who smelt like his Chère and her father, he thought the man was at first come to take him back to hell and Bella forced him not to, his body reacting before thought.

When the haze wore off he thought over what the man had said; he needed a way back to the island. Everything formed in that instant, Remy had a way to get around Bella’s gift. He could go to the island, but not with the intent for her. He was about to accept the strangers deal until he saw the claws imbedded in his Cher’s fathers chest, he couldn’t let that happen. So he let his ass get kicked while Victor had time to escape, something he would never have allowed to be done if he didn’t lo…

Remy had thought his plan was solid, but he soon learnt otherwise when not far from the damn hell on earth, his body bloomed into agonizing pain, screaming to leave.

He understood more so now why Bella never spoke.

Gambit shook his head clear and drummed his fingers as he circled around the island once again, his eyes flickering over every section he could see.

Soldiers swarmed the base, a large red beam piercing from the earth catching his attention.

“Now dat’s somthin’ you don’t see every day.” He muttered to himself, eyes widening when he sees part of the buildings collapse. “No! Chère!”

Images of his Isa screaming out to him, broken and dying while he could help flashed across his eyes. He let out a scream as he began to descent towards the island, his Cher’s hold on him screaming at him to stay away, never come back but he kept going… he couldn’t lose her. He lo…

Listen to me Junior, my Issy told me to save you and that is what I’m doing. You won’t break her spell; I know you can’t, not yet.” Victor growled his hands forcing Remy to stop once again as he struggled against his Cher’s power.

Remy struggled against the hold before slumping, pain wracking his body as he pulled open the freshly healed wound. “But I cannot leave her dere. She be all I have too. She be taking my pain in dat hellhole… we must save her… I cannot let her die… please… I love her.”

Bella snarled, her claws slicing through the men’s necks like butter, her eyes wide and feral. She had come across the troop that was the guards for the times Remy had been taken from her. All sanity was lost then, there was no hope for them the second she caught their scent.

She near slaughtered all of them bar the main ones, the ones who physically hurt her mate for shits and giggles, who took pleasure in his agony as they dropped him on the floor like a sack of potatoes, they treated him less than the others of their kind and she made them pay.

Bella drew out their punishment, tortured them after hobbling them of course. Since she had no wood or rope or well… the patience to do so, she just broke their legs, savouring their screams.

“Please! We’re sorry!” One screamed, the one who kicked her Remy, breaking three ribs after a tortured surgery.

“YOU HURT MY MATE! YOU KICKED HIM WHILE HE WAS DOWN!” She roared, her fists connecting painfully with the assholes body, causing cracks and pops from whatever damage she did inside. “I WILL MAKE YOU ALL PAY!”

Victor shot up with a gasp and a groan, his hand rubbing over the healed wounds, they always seemed to itch freshly healed. A feminine snarl reached his ears causing his head to snap up, his eyes taking in the damage that was done before snapping his head towards the cages.

They were gone, all the kids gone but he could smell that his daughter did not follow with the others of Jimmy, she went a different way and now she was in danger. He let out a snarl before following her scent, ready to kill all those in his way but the first set of bodies with his daughters scent made him pause, his eyes widening as he took in the mangled corpses.

Fear and horror churned in his stomach, pushing him faster up the stairs, pausing to look at each clump of human flesh and bones that his daughter managed to come across. Each section the kills becoming more and more violent and animalistic, he feared for his daughters sanity. Though he understood when he caught the faint scent of the kid she claimed as her mate in the air, in one of the cleaner section of the stairwells to the top that mingled with his brothers.

“Oh Jimmy, you have no idea what you did.” He sighed frustrated as he pushed open the door to above. There was no way that Junior could make it to the island, all the way to the island and now his daughter had let loose her animal, something he hoped would never happened.

Gambit slammed his hand down in frustration, his eyes spying Logan upon one of the towers fighting. He had to get to his Cher, he had to! The buildings were crumbling down around them and he didn’t know if she was out or not. Remy… Remy didn’t know if his Bella was still alive. With a scream he kicked the plane door open and struggled to get out, his hands grasping for the metal pipe before him as he stumbled to the ground.

“I’m comin’ Mon Chère.” He grunted before marching forward.

Screams and roars pulled Victor towards a cluster of buildings, dodging the headless body that came flying out of the window, the head following afterwards. A roar filled the air, causing Victor to blink and shake his head of the pained haze that threatened to overcome him before pushing his way inside.

To describe the room as a bloodbath would be an understatement, every surface was covered in blood, bone and matter…and his daughter, his beautiful daughter stood in the middle of it all heaving and snarling.

“Issy?” He called softly, calmly as he moved towards her. Stopping when her feral eyes snapped to his, teeth bared and growled in a warning. His eyes scanned her, a rumble starting in his chest as his eyes roamed over the newly healed wounds and old wounds.

Bella snarled at the man before her in warning, this was her kill; hers and she would not let him take it.

“Issy, it’s me… Victor… your father… you need to calm down Tiger.” The man stated in a soft hiss. She shook her head, snapping her teeth at him, hands clawing at her head as another voice screamed at her to stop.

Victor felt a lump catch in his throat as he saw the animal his daughter had become, fearing that he may be too late to bring her back from it. But he had to try, he owed much to his daughter. “Issy… you need to come back from this, this isn’t who you are.” He started, moving closer to her. “Remember your mate, your Remy.”

Dis is not you Cher, come back to me… calm down… Remy… Remy… Bella shook away the red haze, but the red haze was replaced with more red.

“Oh god…” She choked out as she brought her hands up to her face to see the same red on her hands.

There was too much Red, too much Red… Why was there so much Red…?

“Issy, it’s okay sweetheart, we need to get you out of here, and it isn’t safe.” Victor stated as he rushed to her side, sweeping Issy into his arms and carrying her out of the slaughter room.

“Daddy… what did I do? I’m a monster.” She whimpered horrified, curling into her father’s chest.

Victor stumbled slightly, his heart clenching in pain that his daughter had experienced such horror and knowing it was by her hand. He came to an instant stop, placing her on her feet and kneeling before her. She was not the monster, he was and she had inherited his blood thirsty rage.

“No my sweet girl, you are not the monster do you hear me? You are an amazing woman; you risked everything for Remy and me. You will never be a monster; you don’t have the heart for it. Now go, find him, be safe Issy. I love you.” He whispered fiercely, rubbing away the blood from her face as he cupped it and placed a kiss on his daughter’s brow before he watched her nod and race off into the dust.

He watched her till he couldn’t see her anymore before steeling himself and casting a look up on the looming towers before him. His brother and Wade fighting at the top, he had to help Jimmy, he did owe him quite a lot and Victor hated being in debt.

Author Note: Oh! Oh! Getting closer now!

What do you think? Do you like? What about Victor?



8 thoughts on “Chapter Six – Struggles of Red

  1. wow! i can actually understand Issy’s reaction. woud have done thesame thing, to be honest. everyone has their limits. she just reached hers. we all have monsters inside of us. hers is just more powerful. Victor through all his faults and misgivings is the perfect father for Issy. he loves like a father, cares like a father, and will definitely extract revenge like a father.
    can’t wait for their reunion. it’s going to be emotional but in the end i’m sure will be all so worth it. 🙂

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  3. Looks like Bella finally got pushed past that brink lol. So when will they meet up again? And I actually like Victor in this story. Kudos that’s hard to do 😉 I’m Logan’s girl lolz.

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