Chapter Three – Telling of Truths

Title: Gambit’s Siren
Pairing: Gambit/Bella
Ra: M
Summary: Not everything is what it seems… Some people just learn the hard way.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything of the Marvel series or Twilight, I own the plot and that’s it.

Chapter Three

With each passing second Bella’s beast violently raged on inside, she could register that many of the mutants around her cowered away as her eyes swept over them, but she did not care at this point. Only when she heard the familiar hiss and grind of the door did she stop, her eyes snapping to the front of the cell block.

The same men who dragged him out were carrying him back in, her eyes locking onto the Remy’s face. It was paler than normal; he looked sickly as the bandages wrapped around his head and torso. She could see and smell the spots of blood that seeped through the bandage.

The men opened his cell and roughly dropped him on the bed, jumping as she slammed her hands on the adjoining cell wall and snarled at them, the sound ripping through the air like a knife. They stared at her shocked; she was shocked but didn’t let the emotion show. It was the first time she had made a sound out loud with company since she was young. But then again, Bella couldn’t – shouldn’t – be surprised, Remy brought forth unusual emotions and desires.

When the men moved to another cage and took another child Bella pressed herself closer to the cage walls and waited, her eyes never leaving Remy’s frozen frame. He didn’t move, not once, nor make a sound and it began to worry her. She could smell the drugs wearing off, and could also hear his heart beating in his chest but yet Bella still worried.

“Remy.” She whispered softly, her eyes flickering around the room to see if anyone bar him heard her. Her voice was rough from misuse but it didn’t bother her, she kinda liked the rough rasp.

“Remy.” She breathed out again, her eyes snapping to his confused face. “Wake up.”

Remy’s eyes snapped open unintentionally, his head whipping around to face Bella, who looked relieved to see him alive and okay. He couldn’t help but frown confused though, he felt as if he had to come back, because Bella wished it so and he wanted to make her happy, though it was a weak feeling.

Bella frowned disappointed as she saw the familiar glazed look in his eyes for a second, but still he wasn’t as coherent as she liked. With a deep sigh and resolve she spoke once more. “Okay?”

Remy’s eyes snapped to Bella in shock as her soft husky voice floated across his ears, he must be dreaming because he could have sworn she spoke. “You can talk?” He asks confused, watching as she nodded but did not speak.

“Why did you tell me that you couldn’t?” He asked hurt, he had thought she was different but now he wasn’t sure, she could be a spy, someone to make sure he gave all the information they wanted.

Bella’s eyes hardened as she stared at Remy, she didn’t know how much she could say for him to be affected once more. She could see he didn’t know whether to trust her or not and that crushed her.

“Because…” She trailed off darkly, her eyes flickering around the room once more and lowered her voice a fraction. “Corrupts.” She whispered still using one word, her eyes narrowed as she watched him closely and yet the glaze did not return.

Remy blinked, shaking away the haze that tried to force its way into his head, screaming to please the woman before him and not in the hot and heavy way but to make her happy. He understood now, the pain in her eyes he knew was associated with a painful truth.

“Your voice is like that of a Siren.” He muttered softly. “You speak and everyone wants to please you, is dat correct Cher?”

Bella nodded enthusiastically, a wide smile gracing her face, signing her words before spelling out the ones he didn’t understand.

My voice makes people want to please me; you are the only one to ignore that pull.’

“How long have you not spoken Cher?” Remy asked, his chest aching slightly at the revelation. Bella hummed and thought about it before signing her answer, causing Remy to splutter in shock.

“Eight years?! Naw Cher, I cannot imagine dat pain to not speak to someone, it must be frustrating.” He exclaimed in shock, there was a difference between unable to speak and being physically able but cannot. He could imagine the frustration that she would feel when unable to voice annoyances or just to scream to let the frustration out but cannot. He had felt the tug of impulse her voice created and Remy wondered how he was able to break through that fog and how much it would take for her to corrupt someone under it.

Thankfully, Remy knew enough to know that Bella was not one to use that against people, to use it for her own gain. Eight years to willingly choose not speak proved that to be much, at least that settled his suspicion on her for that brief moment.

That and Remy could understand why she didn’t say a word here, a hidden arsenal so to speak.

“So tell me Cher, you still need to teach me a few more words.” He stated suddenly, changing the topic of discussion and smiling inwardly as he saw her relax and smile brightly, showing him her elongated teeth.


Bella shot up from her bed at the loud grunt and distorted laugh, her eyes snapping to Remy as the usual men shove him into the cage. He smelt of smoke and alcohol on top of his usual bloody and chemical smell after being taken.

Ah, another night of gambling then… She thought as she eyed the smokes and goods in his hands.

“Did I wake you Mon Cher? I did not mean it… haha… no not at all… Look at what I got from my spoils.” Remy slurred slightly as he ungracefully and painfully collapsed to the floor. “Dey call me Gambit, fitting name, no?”

Isa furiously signed at him, calling him all sorts of names, idiot and moron where her favourite to use when he was like this, because usually he pulled the stitches in his body at his drunk movements and she had to painstakingly and crudely patch him up the best she could with a tiny needle and thread.

“Oh Cher, I am okay. Look, I brought you your favourite.” He chuckled happily as he passed through the butterscotch and caramel candies. Five this time, better than the last.

“Remy.” She breathed in an annoyed huff, immediately sobering him.

“Mon Cher, I am sorry. I know you do not like it when I get this way, but its helps the pain.” He explained softly, moving closer to the wire wall separating them and sticking his fingers through. Bella sighed softly and pressed her cheek into his fingertips and sighed sadly, she knew that he only drank after real bad experiments and she knew that soon his time would end here and she would lose him.

Even in this bleakest of hell, she had found happiness in Remy, had come to care for and eventually love him in the year he had been here for, the longest anyone has stayed.

“I love you.” She breathed softly, shocking Remy to the core.

Her eyes flickered up in worry as she felt his fingers flinch slightly to see his eyes open wide, disbelief set in them. Fear churned in her as Bella realised what she indeed had done, she had told Remy that she loved him.

“You have no idea of how long I wished to utter those words to you Mon Chère. I love you as well.” He breathed out, cursing the very gods that there was a cage between them, he longed to hold her close in his arms, to sooth her at night when she had nightmares waking up screaming silently. “It kills me that I cannot hold you like I want.”

“Me too.” She breathed, pressing her hand against his and closing her eyes once more. She felt high from the words he uttered to her so honestly, she could hear the steady beat of his heart at them and yet, she couldn’t believe he felt the same way.

“Gambit…” Bella hummed almost silently to herself, a new plan forming in her mind. She would have to work out the kinks and get the timing just right.

Author Note: *chuckles*

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9 thoughts on “Chapter Three – Telling of Truths

  1. I just saw you had this story and I was so excited to read it. It’s amazing! I pressed the next button a few times only to realize the next chapter wasn’t up yet… Update soon, I’m dying to see what happens next! I practically squealed when they said I love you! This chapter was awesome!

  2. Loved it! Wow an I love you already, I hope they escape and manage to free the others there too! What’s she going to do, just talk and convince the guard to free everyone?

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