Chapter Two – Exchanges

Title: Gambit’s Siren
Pairing: Gambit/Bella
Ra: M
Summary: Not everything is what it seems… Some people just learn the hard way.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything of the Marvel series or Twilight, I own the plot and that’s it.

Chapter Two

When Bella knew they were out of the room she squatted near the adjoining wall and poked his hand with the blunt side of her claw all the while stifling the urge to talk. After an hour of this she grimaced before poking him with the point of her claw drawing blood.

She yanked her hand back quickly as the man yelled and spun wildly. His eyes were black with glowing red irises, hands swinging wildly in a means to protect himself. The urge to talk came back full force but still Bella ignored it and just tapped her claws on the metal, drawing the man’s attention.

She couldn’t deny he was handsome, even with the ashen colour of his skin, causing his unusual eyes to pop more. The word demon floated across her mind but shook it free, he didn’t look like a demon and she had a feeling he wouldn’t like to be referred as that. She signed to him, asking if he was okay and that she was sorry in hopes he understood her.

“Sorry, I don’t know what you’re saying.” He crawled out with a confused frown.

Bella shook her head then gestured to her claw and then his hand, repeatedly.

It took her five times till he got it, his eyes flickering to her claws for a second before looking at the small well of blood on his hand. “You did this? Why?”

Bella huffed in annoyance as he asked a question before gesturing that she was trying to wake up, to make sure he was okay.

“To see if I was dead?” He asked after a minute causing her to huff and shake her head, repeating the gesture. “To see if I was okay?”

She gave him a blinding smile as he guessed correctly.

“Thank you… I wish I could understand you, to see where I am and why.” He muttered darkly his eyes flickering into grey as he stared at the other cages. She frowned before leaning forwards, sticking her claws into his cage between the gaps and etched in the alphabet. It took her a while as the gaps were only an inch wide, but luckily there was enough room from one wall to another to finish it.


“They’re experimenting on us? How many have come and gone from here? How many has made it out?” He asked horrified. Bella frowned, looking down and away before replying to him.

M-A-N-Y-A-N-D-N-O-N-E… She explains before sighing softly and casting a pained look upon her cell mate. D-E-A-T-H.

Remy looked up at the woman before him in horror as he read what she answered, many had come and none survived, how many have come and why was she still alive? Will he survive what they do to the others like he or will he be another nameless tombstone in their graveyard so to speak?

He had been foolish; he had escaped them for so long since his outcast and he had still managed to be captured. A year he had been on the run and when he had finally lowered his guard, it was then they attacked. But he wouldn’t let them take him without a fight so a fight they got and he had seemed to be winning until he felt the sharp pinch and burn of being stabbed with something small.

In the end, Remy LeBeau was taken down but a tranquilizer.

He sighed harshly before shifting himself into a sitting position fully and moved to the back of the cell where his back was slightly more protected then the wall across from the woman. She was stunning even more so than Bella Donna, but though she could not talk her eyes said it all. Features were not something Remy cared much about, though she was stunning with long chestnut hair and soft features, it was her eyes that attracted him the most.

One can never hide their true self in their eyes, it was a talent he had picked up as a child and the woman before him was kind, pure. Her storm coloured eyes showed anger, hurt and a strength that he had so little seen… but under it all was compassion.

“My name is Remy Etienne LeBeau.” He whispered to her softly, his eyes darting around to see if anyone else was listening.

Bella raised her brows at the sudden gift of his name; he had been staring at her for a few minutes with a confused stare before breaking the silence.


She replied hesitantly, unsure if he wanted to know or not but she told him anyway.

“Isabella, hmm? It’s a pleasure to meet you, Isabella. Though, I am curious, why are you de only one here hm? You have been here a long time no?” Remy asked bluntly as he takes in the room once more. She had been here the longest and he wanted to know why.

Bella didn’t know what to feel, amused or shocked that he had asked her that or that he even figured it out that she was unlike the others here.

L-E-V-E-R-A-G-E she explained hoping he understood.

Remy drew in a sharp breath as his eyes roamed over the woman once more. He was annoyed all over again, no he was infuriated. He was furious to begin with about the children and being captured but for someone to use someone as leverage… To coerce another mutant to do their bidding? That was inexcusable.

“Who Cher?” He asked, watching as an emotion akin to pride and happiness flutters across her face.


“Your father?” Remy interrupted horrified. They are using her to get her father to do what? “To do what exactly?”

Remy instantly regretted the question when he saw the pain and guilt seep into her eyes as she looked away. But he knew from that action alone, from how her eyes flickered to every cage and back again that it was he who had to capture the other mutants. Honestly he felt like an ass right about now, current situation not mattering.

He didn’t know what it would be like in her position, knowing that others were being captured because her father had no other choice, to watch them die and experimented on because of it. Yeah, Remy felt like an ass for asking.

“How do you say hello?” He asked waving his hand.

Bella laughed silently and copied the action, laughing harder as he cast an odd look at the action then smirking. She was glad he asked, her guilt she managed to push away had begun to consume her once more as she thought about her father and his actions because of her.

He continued to ask her to show him how to say what for a few hours, both of them laughing one soft the other silently. For the first time in a while, including being in this hell, she felt happy.

When the familiar hiss and grinding metal filled the air did she stop, her hands mid-gesture as her head snapped towards the doors. Remy cocked his head to the side when he heard a soft growl come from Isabella’s throat, but brushed it off as his ears playing tricks as he knew she couldn’t speak.

He shot up hands brushing the wall and ground as his door swung open and two guards came in. The ground cracked and the metal buckled but didn’t break, it barely moved. Isabella’s horrified face was the last thing he saw before the darkness took him.

Bella shook the cage, her beast snarling at the men who carried away Remy. She didn’t want him to be another casualty; there was just something within her that screamed that he was different… Hers.

The thought struck her like lightening, drilling her movements as she stared at the men dragging Remy away. He had just been brought in, she was instantly drawn to him and as she realised that her beast had finally for the first time seemed complete.

Bella snarled silently as she slammed her hands on the door, plans forming in her head on how to get him out, to make him safe. For now she would wait and bide her time, then she will strike and set Remy free.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter Two – Exchanges

  1. I hope she can get him out, if he can’t do it himself…love the story so far hon, I’m really enjoying it as I do all of your stories…can’t wait to read more…thanks, huggs

  2. dammit soooo good. i just freakin jumped outta my skin with love here 😀 i hope they get saved soon. and where the hell is daddy and why hasn’t he come to see her yet? i mean is wolvie even comin yet?

  3. I always giggle when I hear/read a coonass (aka cajun ) cuz I can hear them so well in my head. The wonders of growing up in Louisiana lol. Anywho, love this. Hopefully Bella will realize she can help Remy with her voice. Or something. Can’t wait for more!

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