Chapter Eight

Chapter eight

Chapter Eight

Author Note: I had made a bunker to hide from flaming torches and pick forks yet nothing…

Klaus POV

I didn’t know how to explain this pain in my chest, the aching numbness that seemed to burn around the edges.

I had thought the blade’s torture was painful until I felt this, how could the young vampire suffer through this agonizing torment? What made it worse what that the Nobel Elijah was the one to cause this pain. It didn’t make sense, how could he forgive the betrayal from Rebekah and yet treat the young vampire who had been kind to me whom had seen why I was the way I was and not judge me.

“How noble of you, tell me Elijah, what of Isabella?” I ask furious, masking the anger with the bland tone I usually used. I held back the smirk as his face twitched before the panic began to rise.

“What of her, Niklaus what have you done?” Elijah asks his eyes wide and panicked. Did he truly think I would harm her? She had healed me, had been kind towards me even when she pointed out my flaw towards my sister.

“You would choose to stand by Rebekah after all she has done but not care enough about the woman who had saved your life? Whom you too called sister? Did you know that when she healed me I saw it all, saw and felt her pain and agony? It feels as if there is a jagged hole burning into my chest from where someone had torn the very beating heart out.” I grit out as the memory of the pain flared in me once again. My hand clutching over the spot where the pain flared from, as if in hope to sooth the pain.

The more I felt it, the more the image of the young vampire and her pained face as she told me her tale, the more I could relate to her; the more I seemed to care.

“I…” Elijah stammers shocked, dropping the stake. I didn’t care for it at the moment, letting it roll behind us. No, attention was the blade that rested in his hand, Papa Tunde’s Blade. The young vampires pained face flashed before my very eyes once more, inciting a near uncontrollable rage.

“I want you to feel her pain and mine.” I snarled, before lunging, shoving him back against the tomb and grasping the handle of the blade before plunging it forward, my eyes widening as deep brown ones stared back at me.

I stumbled back in shock as the young vampire cried out before spinning, my body following afterwards to see Rebekah stabbing the white oak stake into her back. The young v – Isabella – her eyes were wide as she grasped at her chest, collapsing to her knees.

In that second, that very second as she stared at me her eyes wide and yet unseeing I felt her, felt her pain and resignation before a burst of affection followed it, my name, her voice echoing in my head as I felt the internal shift.

“NO!” Elijah yells, shoving past me and capturing her in his arms, pulling out the stake and chucking it away while I watched in shock as the life faded.

I staggered back in horror, my hands grasping the broken fence and stone as I felt the mating bond form and snap within a short amount of time. A cry filled the air and it took a second for me to realise that it came from my lips as I stumbled forward, biting my wrist to try and fix it.

“WHY?” I roar, my eyes flickering to the sky that seemed to open up and pour down upon us. I bite my wrist again, pouring the blood down her throat in hopes till it closed again. I rip down the front of her dress, slicing her skin with my nail before ripping out the blade.

“This isn’t… she can’t… it is impossible!” Elijah chokes out, his voice cracking.

I snarled at him before picking my mate… my mate… up and rushing back towards my home, tucking away the fact that the boundary is no longer there. I didn’t even care as I ran past the red headed witch, the other vampires or even the little wolf talking to herself in her room before blurring into mine. I gently laid her down on my bed, before collapsing back against the dresser, my eyes never leaving her pale still form.

“Maybe I am cursed more than what I truly believed.” I state softly as I felt Elijah enter, thankfully Rebekah didn’t follow. I didn’t bother to look up at him; I didn’t care to hear what he had to say truly.


“Maybe I am too. This isn’t supposed to happen, Niklaus, she cannot die.” Elijah replies, this catching my interest.

I am not human, nor wolf or even a vampire…

“What do you mean?” I ask as her words from before filter back in my mind. Words that I chose to ignore at that point for my revenge.

“She is Isabella Moirai Mortis, she is death’s daughter. She cannot die and yet… yet… here she is.” He explains, reaching out to toucher only to stop at my snarl.

“I caused this, my anger and pain. If I had only stayed, listened then I wouldn’t have gone after Rebekah… I wouldn’t have lost my mate.” I choke out, watching as Elijah’s eyes snap up to mine in shock and horror.

“She knew… She knew when she took that blade and it was the reason why she took the killing blow meant for me. I felt it, her, I felt her and heard her breathe my name across the bond.” I manage to choke out, before slamming my hand down on the floor in pain.

“She took the blade for you and the stake for me.” I choke out as realisation hit me before diminishing into nothingness.

The hollow feeling of incompleteness was new. I could take the loneliness, the numbing agony of betrayal but this… this was a new feeling that I didn’t think I could handle. I didn’t love her, oh no, there was no love but I could see it. I could see myself coming to care for the little woman, I admired her and her strength but now…

“She’s your mate?” Elijah asks softly, looking down at the woman on the bed. I gave him a tired nod before looking away from the body on the bed.

“I cannot forgive myself, I truly see her as a sister. I left her because of you and because of our father. It was around the time of Katerina, I had been told she was found and I came to your aid as always. I wanted to end the feud between us and in doing so I left. I promised her to return and then I never did, you had daggered me for a while and when I woke, I was too ashamed to find her. I could feel her though, an echo of her emotions deep within my soul and I knew I had hurt her. With each passing year, that feeling grew worse and yet I knew she still loved me. How could she still care for me when I hurt her so?” He explains softly, before hissing.

“I can never… I can never make it up to you both, you were both right.”

I snarl at him, “I will never forgive you for this.”

“What’s going on? What happened?” My eyes snapped up to the little wolf at the door, my eyes lingering on her flat stomach.

What… How can this be?

I flashed up instantly, stopping when my brother grasped my arm tightly and forcing me towards the bed as my anger and confusion swelled. I couldn’t hear what he says to her before pushing her out the door and closing it behind her.

“It’s Isa’s blood, it washes away all magic. Niklaus, right now Hayley can wait but yes… she is not pregnant. She was never pregnant.” Elijah explains softly before my rage took over.

I felt him hold me as I tried once again to make my way out the door, snarls echoing the room. I had come to love for the ‘child’ she was carrying, a ray of hope and it was never true! Upon all the things that I have endured in this life, this hurt the most.

I slumped, my body going lax as I just gave up. The anger still there, the overwhelming white rage but yet I couldn’t care. Right now, I needed to deal with the woman lying still as death on my bed, hoping that Elijah’s words were true.

“What do we do?” I ask, for the first time in a long time I was unsure of what to do.


“We wait.”

And wait we did.

Author Note: *chuckles* don’t worry! Also, I’m still writing CH 9! In which the little she-wolf suffers…




6 thoughts on “Chapter Eight

  1. I am stabbing the next button in hopes it works likes last time…but nothing happens. This chapter was soooo good. I dobt believe bella is dead i refuse to…ill be stubborn but she is alive. Hope rebekah goes back into the coffin or gets her ass beat up!! *looks at next button u gonna work now or do u want another stab*

  2. This is freaking awesome. And no torches or pitchforks…yet. I’m being nice and waiting. But the longer I wait, the more you are going to needs Jessica’s shields…………………

  3. I keep pushing the button hoping that it will change to the next chapter. Can’t wait for it to be posted. Wonderful story.

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