Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven

Author Note: Sorry for the long delay guys.

Isabella POV

I stared at the beings before me, my eyes flickering to the wolves and humans that stood before me, the vampires that instantly jumped to the rafters and open roof…then to the witches. They had the air of superiority around them and in some cases that may be so; this time they needed a reality check.

“Witches of New Orleans, I had saved your ancestors many years ago from death and this is how they repay me? By disrespecting the very life and rules I set for them when I went back to them? You all have broken the rules of the Harvest.” I state furious, yet calmly.

A young witch stepped forward, power stronger than those around her. She was one of the Harvest Witches who had been brought back, I could taste her magic. “Lies! My ancestors would never deal with the likes of you vampire.” She spat causing the night walkers to hiss, yell and growl.

I simply raised my brows and ignored her, casting a look upon the pale, wary looking elders that remained. “You know what I speak of. The girls of the Harvest must CHOOSE to be sacrificed and know every little detail in which it would entail and yet you slaughtered the children without their knowledge. That is against the rules of the Harvest and your Ancestors are not please, I can hear them yell their anger, in fact if you do not desist little girl, you shall join Bastianna Natale in her hell.” I snarl at the little harvest witch who was doing her best to use her power on me.

I quickly shot my hands out, stopping the two originals from attacking.

“Why isn’t my magic working on you?” She seethes causing me to snort.

“Child, did you not hear my name? Near all knows it, your elders know it, the wolves and the vampires alike. Why do you think that you and your kin have taken one side of the room safely, why none have attacked you, even the vampires?” I ask simply, bored. “But, if you do not wish to listen, maybe a demonstration will reveal who I truly am.” I state before raising my arm and beckoning one of the wolves in their animal form.

“I was told that you are cursed this way by the witches, by one witch in fact and that she is now dead and none can help you. I also regret to inform you that your alpha bitch is dead, did you know of her plans?” I ask the wolf alpha before me. Its eyes were sad but there was no anger, he shook his head no.

“She and the witches were planning to kill the originals, but she had an illusion charm set so she would reveal to be pregnant with The Hybrid’s child and then turn brothers upon one another. I can help you break the spell if that is what you wish, but you will be forever in my debt.” I state plainly, my eyes never leaving the lupine yellow of the alphas.

The wolves growled and snarled at the fact, causing Niklaus to snarl in reply, silencing them and yet, the alpha did not move his gaze. I could see the wheels turning in his mind, weighing the pros and cons of what I offered before huffing and nodding his head. With a smirk, I beckon him closer, shooting a look to both Klaus and Eli to not move before biting my wrist, holding it out for the wolf.

“Loll our your tongue, one drop will break the curse on you and then all who are in your pack will need to do the same.” I inform, before allowing a drop of my blood to drop on the alpha’s tongue.

I watched in amusement, my eyes flickering back to the nervous disbelieved witches as the Alpha wolf began to shake and shift, its howl of pain turning into a scream as the spell broke and he was man once again.

“Now do you see? Do you understand who I am?” I ask the witches with a wide toothy grin, gesturing to the wolf.

The rest of the wolves followed their alpha, lolling out their tongue, waiting for me to break the spell for them. There was no hesitance or reluctance now from them, owing me a debt was the price to pay for their freedom. When they were all shifted back, every man and woman they were pulled back by the other wolves yet huddled together.

A snarl left my lips as I locked my eyes upon the witch child once again. “Did you not listen to my warning; did you not see Monique Deveraux?” I snarl furious, gliding forward and grasping the bitch by her throat. “I TOLD YOU NOT TO USE YOUR MAGIC ON ME!”

Gasps and screams filled the room as my wings flung out, my face shifting… my teeth bared. Horror and fear filled the child’s eyes as she stared down at me, her struggles stopping completely. “Your soul once pure is now tainted black; there is no hope for you. You could have been saved but the instant you killed your Aunt…Oh, did you not all know she killed her aunt hmm?” I chuckle out as the coven gasps.

Please… just… I cast a glare at the remaining dead witch of the Harvest before smiling wide… “I have a worse punishment for you than death little witch.” I chuckle darkly, bringing my hand up once again and pressing the pads of my fingers too my teeth before smearing it on her lips.

The girl screamed in horror as I let her drop, her hands clawing at her face, neck and chest as my blood made its way through her system, stripping away her powers. I had done this only twice to witches in all my years, ones who truly deserve it. The first time was an accident; the stupid bitch bit me to be free of my grasp and lost her powers instead.

When the screaming stopped, I turned my back upon the witch and made my way to my mate’s side once more. “Let this be a lesson to all you witches, if any harm is to befall upon my mate and his family then you will suffer the same fate, now take your bitch and leave.”

I turned my attention to the wolves once the covens ran for their lives. “You owe me a debt now, you are free to return to your homes here in New Orleans, but any attack upon my kin… well you’ll meet deaths hands painfully, now go.” I hiss, smirking when they scurried away.

“Now, what to do with all of you?” I chuckle darkly as I look at every single vampire in the room. They need a harsher punishment.

Author Note: Well here you go… I wasn’t too sure what to have in this chapter.




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  2. Goodness talk about dumb that little witch was just dumb plain and simple. Let the games begin for the punishment for the Vampires *rubs hands with giddiness*

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