Chapter Five

Chapter Five

Chapter Five

Author Note: As promised, here is another chapter.

Disclaimer: I do not own the originals or twilight anyway, i just use them and bend them to my will.

Isabella POV

I cast a sour look behind the She-Wolf’s back as she stomped her way up to the room she was staying in. My eyes flickering to the room in which I knew was Elijah’s study, scowling slightly as her scent oozed out of the open door. The She-Wolf sniffed around where she wasn’t supposed to I see.

“Who are you to Elijah?” She asks, her eyes flaring with jealousy.

With a smirk I make my way around the room, taking in the paintings on the wall. “Oh, I and he go way back. Saved his life, he saved mine… we were… close.” I taunt, lying about just how close.

There was never a point, in which Elijah and I were together, I just didn’t want her to know that.

I held back the smirk as her eyes darkened and the jealously flared in her. It seems the she-wolf liked Elijah, just not in a way that was honest. She only liked his charm, his power and what he could offer her. I could see it all, her aura shifting, there was no white left in her soul.

“So tell me, how’d this happen?” I ask, gesturing to her ‘baby bump’ casually as I cast my eyes around the room. There was a nursery connected to it and I knew that room would be destroyed first in the rage of the Originals once this mess was over with.

“I was in Mystic Falls and a bottle of tequila and Klaus… you figure out the rest.” She snaps before flopping down on her bed angrily, her little temper tantrum causing me to smirk.

“Hm, so do you feel guilt for snooping and looking through Elijah’s personal things?” I ask, turning back to face her. She had gone rigged, her eyes snapping to mine instantly.

I didn’t worry though, I knew he wouldn’t write about me, he gave me his word and if Elijah was anything, he was honourable.

“How do you know?” She whispers, her eyes widening to try and seem innocent.

I just snorted at her and plonked ungracefully in the chair near the door. “Love, I’m supernatural. I have heightened senses; anyone and everyone could smell your wolf stink all over his study. I should tell you though; if you wanted his respect, trust and compassion… snooping in his stuff was not one of them.” I chuckle, standing to my feet once more and stalked towards her.

I was over her charade, and it was time to play. With a dark chuckle I flashed before her, my hand wrapping around her wrist tightly and lifting her off the bed, smirking when she gasped for breath and tried to claw free.

“You can’t hurt me; I’m… un-under their protection… My ba-aby.” She gasps out pathetically.

“But we both know you’re not really pregnant.” I chuckle in a dark whisper, watching as her eyes bugged out of her head. “Oh, yes, I can see you.” I continue, dropping her on the bed. Her face hardened as she managed to get her breath back, her eyes narrowing as she glared up at me. I didn’t react, just continued to stare down at her.

“How?” She spat causing me to snort.

“That’s my secret, now you know the Originals, know all their stories?” I ask, waiting for her nod. “Then what makes you think that you could get away with this? What would they do when you were due and there was no baby hmm? Run away I presume?”

I watched as she paled slightly and fidgeted, thus making me laugh harder. “Oh you stupid girl, did you honestly think that you could run after you got what you wanted? There is no place on this god forsaken earth where you could hide from a Mikaelson. And you won’t run either.” I chuckle darkly, pulling her closer to me.

“You can’t compel me! I drink vervain!” She cries out, stopping when I laughed harder, sending a shudder down her spine.

“Oh but Love, I’m not a vampire. Now you be a good little girl and sit still.” I breathe out, smirking when she freezes on the bed. “Now, when time comes for them to know the truth you will tell them it completely, you will not run and you will accept the fate they give you in terror. But for now She-Wolf, you will forget this ever happened and only remember the fact we spoke about the child and nothing more.”

I couldn’t help but grin in victory as she did as I asked and began to talk about the baby after blinking away the haze. I could feel Elijah coming closer, his rage easy to sense which made me pause for a fraction before sighing and making my way back into the middle of the home.

“Lijah! Calm yourself this instant!” I order, forcing the calming effects on him through the bond. He hissed furiously at me, the other vampires watching in surprise as I don’t even blink at the threat. My eyes scan his frame to see blood staining the front.

“What happened?” I ask roughly, to Elijah or one of the others. I didn’t care who uttered the answer but I wished to know.

“Celeste tried to put a hex on me and it didn’t work, she panicked once again and ran after shoving a stake into my chest.” He snarled, his hands clenching and unclenching.

I cast my eyes over to Marcel, the name and face now familiar. “You, come here.”

He did as I asked and strutted over to me, grunting when I forced him to his knees shocking both him and his vampires. “Now, did you even look for Niklaus and Rebekah or did you pretend like he wanted?” I ask calmly my eyes scanning the group once more and hummed when they all ducked their heads.

“Lijah.” I call, watching as he snapped his head my way. “Do take out your anger on the lesser beings.”

It was all I needed to say and honestly it was for the very best. So much anger he had pent up deep within and the loss of his brother and sister was something that tipped the scale. The curse his mother put on him long ago, was long since broken and yet he still maintained the habit of placing it all behind the little red door.

I held the vampire down and forced him to watch as Elijah slaughtered his creations in anger before tilting his face up to me. “I will not let him kill you, for it was the Little Witch’s request that I save your life. She owes me and this is what she asked for, you shall forget about trying to rule the Mikaelson Empire, you will be loyal to their family for if you aren’t I shall drive a stake gladly through your heart.” I compelled him before letting go and making my way to Elijah.

“What do you want me to do about the witch?” I ask softly as he thoroughly wiped clean his hands.

“Kill them.” He states blankly and I cast him a nod before making my way out his home and towards the burst of magic around New Orleans.

Bastianna was the one I found first, trying to hide in the City of Dead. She was scared for her life, pleading with her ancestors to aid her but I could tell they no longer listened. They owed me a great debt for what I did and they too knew if I were to be inclined, I would remove them from the Other Side and deliver them to hell for torture for mere shits and giggles.

“They won’t help you now.” I chuckle darkly as I appeared before her, lifting my wings once more before snapping her neck. I quickly grasped her spirit and hummed, what to do, what to do?

Give her to us… we will make her suffer…

I jerked my chin up in recognition as her ancestors whispered to me from the other side; I could feel their fury and I knew that she would suffer with them. I let the soul go and concealed my wings once more as I heard her faint scream from the other side as I made my way out of the cemetery.

Celeste was just as easy to find, she didn’t bother to hide and before I went to kill her a thought popped into my head. She would know where Niklaus and Rebekah were, if I were to find them for him I could be out of this wretched town in no time.

“Now tell me where Niklaus and Rebekah are, Celeste.” I breathe, watching as her eyes dilated under the compulsion.

“The Abandoned Fleur-de-Lis Sanatorium, they are there… please…” She gasps, pointing in the direction as my hand tightened around her throat.

With a smirk I leaned in closer. “You will stay here until I or one of the Mikaelson’s collects you, you will not move or utter a word till then. If you try to use your magic, you will use your nails and scratch yourself till you bleed.

With that I let her go and made my way towards the Sanatorium.

Author Note: Come on my lovelies, you must have something more interesting to say? I gave you a little of what it to come! 




8 thoughts on “Chapter Five

  1. This bella kicka ass!! I cannot wait to see klaus and hell all the mikaelsons rage against haley. That bitch deserves it. Everytime i read ur new chapters i am filled with adrenaline lol. Every chapter gets better and better. Cant wait tp see what happens next maybe some more torture? Bella and klaus finally meeting? One can only hope

  2. Love how Bella took care of Marcel while still threatening his ass! I don’t like him one bit. Two witches down or contained…. off to wreak some more revenge and karma on some stupid bitches. hehehehe

  3. Oh my so much power is Miss Bella and loving it. Such a dark one so far kicking ass all over. Her handling of hayley was awesome as well. Looking forward to that show down.

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