Chapter Four

Chapter Four

Chapter Four

Author Note: As promised, here is another chapter.


When we reached the quarter I stopped, chuckling as Elijah’s hand clenched around my arm tightly. “I had forgotten how fast you were Isa, please do excuse me.”

“All is forgiven, now I can sense where you live, I take it is where the most vampires currently reside? Tell me Elijah, what is your plan?” I ask, leaning back on one of the walls. The Quarter was silent tonight, a drastic change than from moments before I went to find him.

“I have no plan beyond finding my family. If what you say is true about Hayley, we must not let her know that we have discovered out her secret. Why, why did she do this?” He asks pained and infuriated. I saw through the young witch – Davinia – that Elijah had come to care about the She-Wolf and she in returned abused all that he and his family could offer.

“I never thought I would see that day where the great Elijah Mikaelson could be this stupid.” I state, pushing back from the wall and grasping his shoulder, forcing him to look me in the eye as he went to turn away.

“Her family is cursed and the witch who could help her get what she wants is now dead. She has been working with the Witches from the moment she stepped foot into this town, all that naivety is a show. Think Elijah, what woman would risk her unborn child? How many times has she done that, gone to places where she had gotten hurt or in trouble? Do you really think a mother would truly do that unless they knew they were without child?” I ask honestly, angrily.

He was over a thousand years old and not much has changed, the only way a woman would risk her child was for their own safety, yet Hayley had done many of things to put her supposed child at risk. I did wonder what she would do now when the ‘baby’ was past its due date.

I watched as my words seeped in and seemed to destroy what care he held for that woman. I watched as rage entered him and was mildly surprised he didn’t go all Vampire on me.

“Come, we have much work to do, but first I need to find Niklaus and Rebekah.” He states before adjusting his suit before making his way to his home.

I stopped at the door as Elijah slammed it open, deciding to just wait and watch the show. The power of an original was fascinating; add it with the anger and well there would be a slaughter. What a shame that Elijah had managed to control the Viking side of him that was only enhanced by his vampiric side.

“MARCEL! Where is my brother?” His voice echoed the home, shaking the foundation and drawing the attention of the others. I ignored what they spoke about, my eyes flickering up to the she-wolf who managed to worm her way into my brothers’ heart with false pretences.

Even through the gaps in the railings and plants I could see her baggy clothes and small frame.

“EVERY one of you will help me find them.” He orders, his walls crumbling before my very eyes. He was not stable and I knew how much he prided himself on his self-control.

“Lijah, now is the time to calm before you decide to rip out the hearts of those helping you.” I warn, pushing myself off the wall with my hip and made my way towards him, grabbing a chair as I did. I held back the smirk as the others watched with wide eyes as I laid my hand calmingly and restraining on his shoulder, pushing him down into the chair.

“And who are you?” Marcel asks suspicious and wary.

“An acquaintance of Elijah.” I reply simply, taking note of Elijah’s disappointed frown. “He called me for help and well, here I am.”

I cast my eyes around the room and was slightly annoyed at the darkness that clung to too many of them. “I am a little annoyed, you see from what I was told about New Orleans is that it was the balance of all supernatural creatures. Witches, Vampires and Were’s alike but the moment I stepped foot into this city I felt the unbalanced nature.” I explain, stopping behind Elijah and casting a look at the others again.

“Who decided to fuck up the balance hmm? Now, you don’t have to answer now, we have much more pressing matters to discuss. Right now we need to find Elijah’s family, if they die then all of you die.” I state, raising my brows as they shifted in confusion and shock.

“What do you mean?” Marcel asks once more and it was then I could see he was the one who destroyed the balance. He was the one who wanted to kill an original, but which one?

I let out a chuckle and cast a look to a stoic Elijah, “did you not tell them? When you kill an original, you kill all that is in their line.”

“Is this true? Is what she says true?” He asks, this time it was directed at Elijah himself and I smirked. I didn’t take offence to that, he was wise not to trust me and I him till I was sure on what original he wishes to kill.

“Yes, it is true. We had found the truth is Mystic Falls when we broke Klaus’s curse. Now go, I believe I have a place to go and visit.” He informs, standing once more. There was no waiver in his stand, no tremble in his voice and I knew that the mighty Elijah was back once more.

“I want to come.” My eyes and Elijah’s shot up to the She-Wolf’s as she made her way quickly down the stairs. I quickly placed a restraining and warning hand on his shoulder once again as his eyes caught sight of her true disillusioned form.

Lies! How could she lie, how could I not know? I flickered my eyes back up to Elijah’s face quickly before sighing.

It is not your fault.

“No, you are to stay here with me.” I chuckle out while moving forward towards her, holding back a taunting laugh at her surprised face.

“Wouldn’t want to risk that baby in your womb now love,” I state, gesturing for show to her stomach. “What mother would risk something happening to their unborn child? I happen to know where Elijah is going and you are in too much of a risk.”

I watched as annoyance flickered in her eyes before pouting and casting them up to my brother. I let a snort escape as he told her that she was to stay here with me, where she would be safe. She quickly conceded as my words from before began to sink into the vampires around, causing her to huff in annoyance.

“Come now She-Wolf, let us have some girl talk.” I laugh out, linking her arm through mine and near forcibly moving her towards the stairs, following Elijah’s scent. “Let the boys have their fun.”

Casting a look back at my brother I let the smirk show through, “I would love to know all about the details of your pregnancy so far, there has never been a hybrid baby of this kind.”

I could feel her dread and fear, I relinquished in it. Soon they would all know her treachery, no matter if she was with a pack or not; they would not accept her once I was done.

Author Note: Come on my lovelies, you must have something more interesting to say? Are you enjoying the chapters? The Plot? How was this little twist for you? 





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  1. oooo i cannot wait till Haley has been revealed! it always makes me happy when she dies 😀 pls tell me she get tortured a lil at the very least?! can’t wait for ur next update. i’m positive it’s gonna be very good!

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