Chapter Nine

Chapter nine

Chapter Nine

Author Note: *chuckles* WARNING! Violence…

Isabella POV

I drifted in darkness before falling, my eyes taking in the scenery as I groaned at the sudden impact. The place I was in was cold, too cold that it seemed to burn and yet it was comforting.

“My Daughter, I was surprised to see that you had come.” A voice I had only heard three times in my life rasped, causing me to spin.

I glared at the man who was my father, fury and hurt swelling in my chest. “Hades.”

I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of me calling him Father.

“So tell me, am I dead? Cause I was pretty sure being your daughter means I cannot die.” I ask blandly while pushing myself up, shrugging off the hand that dared to help me.

“You are not dead, merely resting.” He explains softly, tired like.

“Then why am I here?” I snap annoyed, brushing the dirt from my person.

I watched as Hades closed his eyes and sighed, “I needed to speak to you. I cannot come and see you Isabella, it is forbidden. You need to make sure they do not die.” He tells me, only to spur on annoyance and confusion.

“The Originals, they cannot die. When time comes, their mother will return. You need to feed your blood to her, she is not allowed to kill her children and your blood will remove all her power. Just one drop will work.” He explains, showing me what would happen if the originals died. I already knew what happened to Finn and Kol, their offspring’s dying within hours of it. I was in forks when one of the teachers in Forks died.

“Then send me back, one is my mate.” I hiss, “And I have a coven of witches to deal with on top of the she-wolf.”

Hades smirked wide, his eyes swirling. “Yes, tell the she-wolf I have a special domain for her to enjoy.”

I gave him a sharp nod before I felt my body being tugged; the last thing I saw from him was his saddened eyes and a whisper of love on his lips before I jerked up with a gasp.

“Son of a bitch.” I grunt out as my hand jerked to my chest where the pain bloomed, along with the ache in my back. “Remind me to bury that blade within her chest when I see her next.”

I felt hands touching me, two sets while I breathed through the pain that seemed to slowly take its ever loving time and waited for my vision to return. I hated this, this feeling of coming back to life, it was disorienting and it left me defenceless, thankfully this was only the third time it’s happened.

“Remove your hands from my body Elijah. Right now all I wish to do is snap whatever I can reach in half or maybe tear them from their sockets.” I gasp out before collapsing back on the bed tiredly, muttering a hysterical laugh.

“I like her, she’s feisty.” Niklaus’s voice echoes, a tinge of hysteria to it.

“Now, what I miss? How long was I out?” I ask simply, blinking back the blurriness in my vision and focused on the off-white ceiling.

“You were out little over four hours.” I heard Elijah mutter softly, causing me to frown.

I inhaled sharply, growling as I smelt the fresh scent of She-Wolf clinging to both my mate and Elijah. “And the She-Wolf, she lives?”

A dark chuckle mixed with a growl filled the room, sending shivers of pleasure down my spine before Nik spoke. “Yes, I must thank you for healing me and showing me the real her. I knew she was a conniving little bitch but to pull this stunt…” He trailed off hiding a broken crack.

This pissed me off even further, I could feel him mourning a life he had begun to love and only just found out it wasn’t real to begin with. With a grunt I hopped off the bed, laughing hysterically as I danced my way out the door, ignoring how my dress was tattered and bloody as I made my way towards She-Wolf’s room.

I let out another cackle as she jumped up, her eyes wide and fearful as she clutched her stomach, her eyes flickering between me and the brothers. “Oh, she-wolf, they can see you.” I sing song causing her to go pale.

“I think you owe my brother and I an explanation.” Elijah states blandly, hiding the rage he truly felt. I smirked as Hayley’s eyes glazed over, prompting me to move back and enjoy the show.

“I was never pregnant, I was told of my clans curse by a witch and I wanted to fix it as it is my rightful place to be alpha. Only the witches needed something in return and it was for all vampires to be eradicated, first bringing the originals back… then to gather the harvest bitch. The witches came up with the idea to have me pregnant when I told them I slept with you, Klaus, in mystic falls. This way, I would be under your protection and I will be free to gather information.” She explains neutrally.

I cast the boys a smirk as they looked back at me, one stunned the other amused. “I can compel anyone, no limitations.”

Klaus smirked while Elijah turned back towards the she-wolf. “And making me fall for you?” he asks.

Hayley blinked again before replying, “It was part of the plan. To gather the affection of the eldest, as you are the only one known to calm Klaus and keep him controlled. Making you fall in love with me meant that I would have more power to manipulate you into protecting my clan.”

Horror washed over her features as she finished spewing out her secrets. She would still have to answer them if they asked but she is fully now back in control. When her eyes landed on me she snarled, springing forward only to be stopped by Nik, his face morphing into that of his hybrids as he grabs her by the throat.

“YOU DARE TRY TO MANIPULATE US?” He snarls, sending a shiver of pleasure through my body. I was always one to favour the more animalistic of men.

“You dare try to harm my family!” Elijah replies furious, standing rigid next to his brother as she dangled by Klaus’s hand.

“P-please!” She begs her hands clawing at my mates leaving trails of blood.

“Please what? Don’t kill you, don’t hurt you?” Klaus chuckles darkly, tauntingly. “Please don’t slaughter every last member of my clan?”

He let out another dark chuckle as her eyes popped open wider in horror. “Oh yes love, but you see… I won’t kill them quick. Maybe I’ll change them into hybrids…” He trails off in thought.

“But Niklaus, didn’t you need doppelgänger blood to complete the transformation?” Elijah asks back in a dark taunting manner.

I smirked as my mate cast the horror filled wolf a dark smile. “Yes, and what a pity she’s now one of us. Now what to do with you, I’m not one to torture women but you… well…”

Tell the she-wolf I have a special domain for her to enjoy…

“Lijah, did you tell Nika here about me?” I ask simply as my father’s words echoed in my head.


I smirk wide as I pushed myself off the table I was resting on. “Let her go Nika, block the door.”

Nik did as I asked without hesitancy and maybe a little eagerness and Lijah just stood back and waited. He had seen my form before, after many years of hesitancy and insisting, but my form is a sign of danger and death.

Don’t panic; make sure he doesn’t panic… I send to Elijah, getting a slight nod in return before I turned back to the She-Wolf.

“Oh, my boys have given me the chance to have some fun and sweetheart; you pissed off the wrong people.” I chuckle darkly as the she-wolf stood frozen, her eyes flickering for escape before locking back onto me. I held back another chuckle as she pulled herself together and steeled her gaze; oh she was going to make this fun.

“I don’t fear you, you’re just another vampire.” She snarks confident, freezing as I let out a dark laugh; I had nearly forgotten I compelled her to forget my little confession.

“Oh sweetheart, I told you I am not a vampire.” I chuckle before gathering the darkness around me, laughing as the colour drained from her face.

I flung my wings out wide, blocking the light from the windows as I did so, as well as blocking her only exit. I could feel my face change to fit that of my proper nature, a little bit of all worlds, as I stalked towards her.

“Wh-what are you?” She blurts out.


I spun around her quickly, my nails digging into her flesh bringing forth lines of blood and screams in their wake. With ever slice of my nails; I delivered a near devastating punch somewhere, kidneys, stomach, sternum… etcetera, etcetera.

When I stopped, she was still alive, her skin sliced like streamers with already developing bruises. I cast a dark smirk upon the woman as she collapsed like a ragdoll, her eyes open and chest heaving as she twitched in pain.

“Stand up.” I compel, laughing as she screamed at the pain of her flesh pulling and tearing.

“My father told me to tell you that he has your own little domain down in hell for you to enjoy.” I chuckle and nod my head for the boys to go ahead.

In one swift, synchronised move they attacked. Klaus snapping her neck just as Elijah’s hand burst through the other side with her beating heart.

Author Note: Well there you go.





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  1. Such sweet sweet beautiful revenge. I do wonder if u have a pic of bellas death look? Cause im very much interested in seeing it. Awesome chapter excited for what happens next. *glares at next buttton* now lets see how much torture u can endure before going to the next chapter.

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