Chapter One

Title: Moirai Mortis
Pairing: Klaus/Bella
Ra: M
I wanted to be normal.Or, as normal as I could be for who and what I am. I am the messenger of death, touched by the devil himself. The humans polluted the waters, destroyed the trees, and the earthwas dying. The supernaturals were here to kill the humans to keep them from overpopulating. It was my job to keep the balance in check.

Disclaimer: I own nothing! NOTHING!

Third POV

The world rotated around an axis. One tip in a single direction, it would cause an unbalance and everything we knew would suffer. It was the same as a life. Each life had a cause, either good or bad; it is what the balance was.

That was a lesson many learned on their short, extended, or eternal walk among this planet.

It is what I, had learned as I walked this god forsaken rock since my birth.

This place was once a paradise. Yes, people killed. Yes, there was evil, but that couldn’t compare to now. Now, the world was ravaged; desiccated of near all beautiful things.

Truth be told I was tired. Tired of this god forsaken life and I wanted to be normal. Or, as normal as I could be for who and what I am. I am the messenger of death, touched by the devil himself, and I hated the fact.

I hated it and what my being entailed. I was a little of all, you could say. You think it; I’m probably that very thing. I could not die and it was my job to protect the balance and keep peace in the world. But who would want to keep peace in a world that was slowly killing itself in the first place?

The humans polluted the waters, destroyed the trees, and the earth was dying. The supernatural’s were here to kill the humans to keep them from overpopulating. Yet, there were times when one decides to near slaughter a town, and that is when I step in, to bring back those that need to be alive and roast the other. Thus, leading me to this shitty town and sitting in this backwater bar.

I let out a tired sigh as I cast my eyes around the room, landing on each and every body as I twirled the glass in my hand. None in this room were worth saving or worth the energy it took to bring back from Hades hands, though it would piss him off and I kinda felt like throwing a fit for the hell of it.

You know, shits and giggles.

“You look weary.” I cast a look upon the man before me, his dark eyes glinting with the same bone weary look all immortal’s wear.

“And as do you. Yet the first thing you say is that I look weary when I, a human to your senses, is here sitting in a room full of death.” I hum, raising my glass, giving him a little toast before tipping it back.

The rich laughter that escaped next causes me to look up once more. My eyes scan him over before I let out a sigh. “What is it you want now Elijah? For near three hundred years you have not spoken to me, and you appear now?”

“I was… otherwise disposed.” I cock my brow at this before giving him my undivided attention.

He had changed since the last time I saw him. His hair now shorter and the weight that he had always seemed to carry had doubled. I could see it around him, chains you would call them, and he had many. He smelt different, spoke different and if I dare say, he even seemed afraid to be here.

I felt a sting as the glass shattered in my hand, the scent of my blood filling the air. “You did not come here for forgiveness or even just to see me. No, you came because you need me and that it is all you need.” I hiss bitterly, stepping away from the bar.

“Isa…” I spun and snarled at him.

“Speak, ask for whatever you want and then leave!” I spit out turning my back on him as I continue to look over the bodies once more.

“My family… They are in danger and I need to find them.” He states tiredly, almost desperately.

“Family.” The word rolled off my tongue bitterly. “The last I checked, I was considered family to you and yet, yet when I needed you the most, I could not find you. You were not there! No, I will not aid you in this quest, Elijah, now leave.” I hiss, waving the illusion of Elijah away, sending him back to wherever he truly was before blocking the connection we shared.

Elijah, my brother. It had been many years ago when I had found him in the woods with bodies piled high ready to burn. He was tired, I could sense that at least, and I knew that he was not the one to slaughter the people before him.

Killing humans was one thing, but to kill witches was another.


I leant against the tree as I watched the Vampire before me stack the bodies into the ever growing pile. Witches, many of them were with some humans thrown in. I could tell the Vampire wasn’t the one to kill them but he was the one that was spotted with the corpses.

“You know, to kill a human is one thing but to kill a witch is another.” I state, smirking as the vampire’s head snapped my way.

I expected the fast movement, even a little bit of violence. I was however, not expecting him to snap my neck. With a sigh, I picked myself up from the ground and corrected my current predicament almost laughing at the shocked look on the Vampires face.

“You know that was a little rude, I should be insulted but oddly enough I am not.” I chuckle while dusting off my dress.

He cocked his head a little as he stared down at me, suspicion and curiosity shining in his eyes. “What are you?”

Casting him a smile I made my way to the body pile. “Death. Now I know you did not kill these witches but they do not know that. You were seen with the bodies and to them, that is all that matters. Like I said to kill a human is one thing but to kill a witch is another. Those little creatures keep grudges forever and let me tell you Vampire, you will be the one to suffer their wrath.”

I watched as the Vampire closed his eyes in agitation before staring down at the bodies. “What do I do then? I was just cleaning up the mess of my brother and had arrived before he left.”

“I feel as if I can trust you Vampire, I shall help you with this predicament as the Witches are who I am here for. Their family line must be continued for some reason or another and I am obliged to agree with the fates that choose so.” I state simply before quickly pulling all the witches from their death’s pyre.

“I would be forever in your debt…” He trailed off causing me to smile.

“Isabella, my name is Isabella and you?” I ask him as I touched each bodies forehead.

“Elijah.” He breathes out in awe as each Witch shot up in a pained gasp before his very eyes.

“It is a pleasure to meet you Elijah. I can tell this is a start of a beautiful friendship.”


I shook myself out of the memory, anger building within me. I had saved him when I didn’t need to, but I could sense his purpose, his pain and I could relate to him. I had come to love him, he was my family and it was all I had ever wanted.

Then he left me, promising to return and he never did.

I didn’t take to betrayal all that well.

Author Note: Ohhh, btw Hayley isn’t in this little story… well she is but she isn’t good… you’ll have to wait and see.

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  2. Poor stupid Elijah …. he just can’t help pissing the wrong people off… LOL I love this story and I’m re-reading it for the 10th???? time looking for any chapters I didn’t review.. 🙂

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