Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

Author note: Well here you go 🙂

Isabella POV

“Elijah?” He rasps out, his eyes flickering towards the door.

“I warned him to keep away. I could not bear to see you anymore pain.” I whisper, sitting on the edge of the bed and placing my hand on his arm.

I couldn’t help but cast him a soft smile as he looked up at me before nodding, wincing as his the wound on his stomach ripped open a little more. My heart clenched at the pain that echoed and I resisted the urge to scratch the spot, a phantom pain.

I had to heal him I knew, I was ready to heal him when I heard the human come into the room, pausing just inside the door. My eyes flickered up to the blonde woman before looking down at the man who I now knew was my mate to see him staring up at her with such emotion that I quickly pushed aside what I felt towards this man and turned my attention back towards the human.

“And whom may you be?” I ask flatly, watching with each step I moved away from Niklaus, the closer she got.

“Camille, Elijah sent me up to help him and try to convince him to not kill their baby sister.” The woman states and I couldn’t help but cast a dark look out the door, the more I breathed in her scent the more I could smell the vervain.

“Honestly I think Klaus has the right to kill the traitor.” I start, watching as both sets of eyes flickered to me, the humans in disgust and Niklaus’s in surprise. “What it is true. She had brought Mikael here for selfish reasons, Marcel is not her mate and yet she chose him over her family. Though I can see why she was bitter, maybe if you explained the reasoning’s behind the cruelty but I understand this. You knew he was not her mate didn’t you?” I ask softly to Klaus.

“Ye-es. But she loved him and I wanted her to be happy.” He whispered coarsely.

“You finally had a home to settle, you were safe until she betrayed you. I understand your pain, I know what it feels like to be betrayed, to be abandoned by those whom you love.” I state before casting the human a look.

“What is it you truly want; I know Elijah didn’t call you.” I state, watching as her body jerked in surprise and for Niklaus to frown.

“My uncle is hexed, he said he could help but it’s not fast enough. I cannot lose him like my brother, for my blood Elijah said he will help.” She states simply, her words striking a deep wound into Niklaus that echoed in my own.

With a hum I picked up a brandy glass and bit my wrist, letting a mouthful of blood to pour into the glass before handing it to her. “Have him drink this, it will rid of the curse.” I state dismissively and watched her grasp it tightly and run, casting an apologetic look towards Niklaus.

“Who hurt you?” Niklaus asks softly, his eyes never leaving the door where the human left.

“Would you believe your brother Elijah?” I ask him, chuckling flatly at his shocked look. “I had saved him from the witches you slaughtered a mere five hundred years ago and he had travelled with me. We became friends and I had loved him like a brother, he had called me sister. I had a family. Then he left me, promising to return and he never did.” I explain softly before biting my wrist and coached him to drink.

I didn’t move as he latched onto my wrist, his hands clasping my arm as he took a few pulls before crying out as it began to take effect. I could feel the magic in him break, the curse his mother had placed was beginning to deteriorate while his body healed. His face morphed into that of his hybrid one before he slumped back down.

“Why did that hurt?” He asks, curiously.

“Because I am not human, nor wolf or even a vampire, my blood cures all and when it first touched your lips the magic placed on you began to break.” I tell him honestly, standing back once more as he went to get up.

“I am confused; Elijah leaving someone he called family behind for so long is not usually his style.” He states causing me to snort.

“You daggered him for a while, before I felt him again. He was the first being I had ever willingly given my blood; I am bound to your brother. I do not know why he did it nor do I want to hear his excuses. I may be angry at him now but I cannot hate him, I love him still and yet I just want him to hurt at the same time. I want him to feel the pain he had caused.” I whisper, the pain flaring open slightly as I thought about the past and the Cullen’s.

“Why did you help me?” He asks as he pours himself a drink, curiousness and wariness rolled off him in waves. I knew he couldn’t trust me, knew that though his instincts were screaming to, like I, he ignored them.

“For the same reason you haven’t left yet, I know you Niklaus, I know your pain and I see it. I can feel you like I can feel your brother, maybe even stronger.” I didn’t want to tell him that he was mine, that he was now my fate. I knew he needed to figure that titbit out on his own.

“You know that you cannot hurt them.” I state after a few minutes of silence, shaking the faraway look from his eyes. “No matter what she or they did, they were still there for you, they still love you.”

I didn’t want to help Rebekah live but I knew that it would keep Elijah happy; it would destroy another part of Klaus if he were to truly kill his kin. So before I left, I needed to do one last favour for Elijah and do something utterly selfish.

“I don’t know how I can ever forgive her, to forget what she and Marcel did. She my sister, he my son and they had betrayed me.” He sighs out before answering the phone, I didn’t dare to listen but by the end of the call, the look of hurt was replaced by one of rage before tipping over the bust beside him.

I didn’t stop him as he grabbed the white oak stake and ran. I followed though, stopping at Celeste and throwing her soul back towards her original body. I knew from the whispers that her body was in the tomb still and that Elijah was waiting.

I froze in the middle of the street as I sensed Elijah and Klaus close to one another and as I threw out my shield I could see that Rebekah was with them in the cemetery. I moved quickly towards them, destroying the boundary spell that was placed before I grabbed my hands on Celeste as I passed through it.

I hid and watched as they fought, as Rebekah tried to explain her reasoning’s only for the truth to come out. I watched as Elijah tried to explain before tackling Klaus as he attacked Rebekah and went to stab her with the stake and come to a stand with both the stake and the blade.



Elijah didn’t even hesitate, “because she is our sister…”

I listened as he explained to Klaus what Rebekah tried to do when they were still human, how she had gone to kill their father. Oh how an immortal life could twist and destroy innocence. I knew Elijah tried to see it still, as I had thought so earlier and now he had admitted it out loud.

I could feel their pain.

“How noble of you, tell me Elijah, what of Isabella?” This took both me and Elijah off guard as Klaus brought me into their little feud.

“What of her, Niklaus what have you done?” Elijah asks, as panic flared across our bond. I shut the connection between us and hid in the shadows a bit more.

“You would choose to stand by Rebekah after all she has done but not care enough about the woman who had saved your life? Whom you too called sister? Did you know that when she healed me I saw it all, saw and felt her pain and agony? It feels as if there is a jagged hole burning into my chest from where someone had torn the very beating heart out.” He states, pained while grasping the front of his chest.

I was stunned, I hadn’t had a clue that when I had healed him my walls fell and had allowed him to see my pain, to feel that pain.

“I…” Elijah stammered out the stake falling from his hand and behind them both.

“I want you to feel her pain and mine.” Niklaus snarled and dread filled me. My eyes flickered to Rebekah as she rushed towards the stake while Klaus rushed towards Elijah.

It seemed as the world began to slow as I pushed myself faster, reaching Elijah and Klaus just in time as he grasped the blade in his hand and went to stab Elijah.

I inhaled sharply as the blade drove into my sternum, my eyes locking onto Klaus’s wide ones as I fell back into Elijah’s stunned arms before spinning out of them and around Klaus to take the stake to the back that Rebekah went to drive up into my mate’s heart.


I fell to my knees as the stake reached my heart. I knew I couldn’t die but hell; I hadn’t truly tested the theory with the very thing that was created to destroy immortals. I felt the world around me grow hot before darkness took me and I knew no more.

Author Note: Oh shit, what did I just do? *evil chuckles* Remember, more love or well hate in this case gets another chaaapter… I’m currently writing CH 9 now. 




10 thoughts on “Chapter Seven

  1. Holy mother fucking Jolly Ranchers!!! how dare u leave that cliffy missy. that was…damn this next button why will it not go forward!!! if that doesn’t tell u how much i love this chapter then dang. rebekah still has not learned her lesson. cannot wait to see what bella will do to her for trying to kill klaus. and i hope that damn darkness doesn’t mean klaus is dead. seriously. that would be harsh. waiting for the next button to work. think if i will it it will work. imma try that now.

  2. That’s crazy! I like how Nik felt her pain and wants to make his brother understand. I’m over rebbakkah and her attitude. She needs to get over herself and grow up. Love the chapter! I can’t wait to see what Bella does to rebbakkah as punishment for trying to stake both Elijah and nik

  3. I applaud the fact that Klaus wanted Elijah to feel her pain, but dropped the stake to do it. But for Re Ecco to really attempt to kill ?Klaus? wTF is wrong with her?!?!

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