Chapter Six

Chapter Six

Author Note: Time to kick it up a notch…

Disclaimer: I own nothing! NOTHING!


It didn’t take me long to find the Sanatorium and as I stood in front of the old abandoned building, I knew that I needed to call Elijah. With a sigh I push my way through the bond, sending him an image and the name of the place all the while telling him I found them.

When I knew he got the message I made my way inside, ignoring the screams of a woman. I couldn’t care for the noise, my nose had caught the smell of something that made my body jolt with energy and soon I found myself being pulled by a force in a direction I knew I needed to go.

I followed it blindly, my heart thumping loudly in my chest as I came to a stop at the top of the stairs. I peered into the room to see the witch I had scared off before lean over a man whom I could smell was Niklaus, the hybrid. It was also the scent that I had caught when I entered here, the scent that caused the pull and for my body to feel alive.

I stepped back into the shadows, wrapping the darkness around me to hide me from them. Though I wanted to go and help him, everything within me screamed to allow this to happen, that it needed to happen.

As I listened to their conversation I realised why I needed to allow what the witch was doing, she was showing him the betrayal Rebekah and Marcel had done in 1919. I was furious; I knew now why Elijah had left, Mikael. But I could not forgive him yet, his betrayal hurt the most and I could not die! There is no excuse as to why he did it!

Though, I was angry more so about Rebekah, to call upon the very thing that could harm her brother infuriated me. Not because of the strange pull I had to Niklaus but because I hated betrayal and what she did was on the top of my list. She called upon death to rid of her brother and yet brought Mikael upon them all, all because she was selfish and wanted to be with a man who was not her mate.

Now to love a man that was not her mate is all fine and dandy, but to go against your family for said man when I knew that Marcel had no love towards Rebekah. I could see the truth in his eyes when the little ghost witch showed me all she knew and had been observing, I saw the way he faked his emotions just to get what he wanted and that was to harm Klaus and keep the blasted city.

I watched and waited, my anger rising with each passing moment and soon Niklaus was free and angry; the blade that was in his chest now clasped tightly in his hand. When he had left the room I strode forward and grasp the stupid witch by the throat. I could smell her fear and see the reflection of myself in her eyes, the swirling pools of black and the elongated set of teeth.

My true form was not shown thankfully as right now I didn’t want Rebekah to see or Klaus for now, but I could tell I would tell him sooner or later. “Did you not learn from our first meeting?” I snarl lifting the bitch into the air.

“P-p-please!” She cries, her hands desperately slapping at my hand.

“Did I not warn you? I told you not to piss me off and you effectively did! I would kill you myself but I am sure Elijah or one of the others would love to have the pleasure. Now, you will walk back to the house, do not stop or let someone persuade you to falter and wait there. If they ask, tell them Elijah’s friend sent you.” I breathe out, compelling her before placing her outside and snarling as I smelt Marcel mixed in with Elijah.

With another snarl I rushed towards where I could feel Klaus and Elijah both, breezing past Rebekah and Marcel whom were escaping and stopped in the lower section of the building in time to see Elijah burying the blade into Klaus’s chest once more, startling a snarl to rip past my lips.


“We will get him back to the compound and I will deal with him then. You have other things to deal with and Elijah, right now it is best you be far away from my wrath.” I snap as I yanked him back from Niklaus and knelt beside him, shocking myself as I tenderly brushed the dirt from his face.

I didn’t know what was happening, why I was reacting so strongly to him and his pain but I couldn’t help it and I didn’t know if I wanted it to stop or not. Was Klaus, Elijah’s brother, whom Angela and the spirits were referring to?

Was Niklaus my fate?

“I couldn’t let him kill her.” I hear Elijah whisper causing me to sigh.

“Did you know why he was trying to kill her?” I ask softly, hoisting Klaus into my arms. I wouldn’t heal him here; I would need to do it in his home for I was worried what he would do and I needed to extract the blade.

“No.” Elijah whispers, he was a few feet away from me.

“Did you know that it was Rebekah and Marcel that called upon Mikael? Did you know that Niklaus was right in not letting them be together? He does not love her, he never loved her and she knows that he is not her mate and yet; she chose him over you both.” I supplied as I made my way up the steps slowly.

I felt the pain he was in and I could feel the echo of Elijah as usual, his shock and horror followed by disbelief. I knew he believed me, I couldn’t lie to him and he knew I didn’t like to do it. But I could tell he didn’t want to believe my words, the picture of innocence he remembers of her still fresh in his mind.

“I am so disappointed in you Elijah, my brother. How little does the meaning of family truly mean to you.” I sigh out tiredly, I no longer had the fight in me.

I was tired, too tired of this all and the thoughts of everything began to bombard me. Depression, it was a bitch to keep at bay but when the dam is full, it would begin to crack and leak. It let you tired and weary as you tried to hide the broken crumbling walls.

“We need to heal him and you need to go, let me deal with him.” I whisper softly, pulling Klaus closer to me and wrapped the shadows around him so he wouldn’t slip. I was fast and I knew it would look weird to see a five foot something girl carrying him.

“Isa… I am sorry… I still care…” I bit back the snarl that threatened to tear free and cast him a look that silenced him immediately.

I cast him one last final look before rushing towards the home, smirking as I saw Genevieve just reaching the outskirts of the city. I didn’t worry about Celeste for now knowing that Elijah will find her before following Niklaus’s scent to his room and gently laid him down on the bed.

“I am sorry.” I whisper softly before plunging my hand into his chest and ripping out the blade.

His eyes snapped open a minute afterwards, his skin ashen and pale. I couldn’t look away from him as he cast his eyes upon mine, he was confused but I could see the depth of his pain and though he was classed as a monster in this world, his soul… His soul though tinted with bits of black was pure.

“Hello Niklaus, I’m Isabella.”

Author note: Well here you go 🙂




5 thoughts on “Chapter Six

  1. U and me both kittyinaz i cannot stand rebekah. She literally bends over backwords for guys she believes love her when they dont. They just use her and she falls for it every single fucking time. I swear u would think she would learn her lesson but she never does…the chapter was truly flowing. Kinda wish a rebeksh smack down happen but thats just me. As for ur upcoming story i am hoping for multi chapter. That would be interesting. Awaiting next chapter.

  2. You sure are making me angry at my Elijah. He sure is a gullible numbskull so far in this. Rebekah is just ridiculous. She is not 15, She is over 1,000! She should have gained some life experience and some knowledge by now. Dam! I want to maim, torture or kill a lot of your characters. LOL

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