Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten

Author Note: Sorry for the long delay guys.

Isabella POV

The body dropped once Elijah removed his arm from her chest, the heart dropping to the floor with a squelch. I couldn’t help but hum as I followed the stuttering heart as it rolled forward and stopping, leaving a red trail in its wake.

“I feel kinda hungry.” I state neutrally, my hand rubbing my exposed chest. “But I need some new clothes first, who tore it?” I ask.

“That would be me Love, but I had to get the knife out.” Klaus explains, my eyes flickering to his quickly before to Elijah’s. I felt my eye twitch as he adverted his gaze, he wasn’t staring at my chest, no he couldn’t look me in the eyes.

“That’s okay Nika, I understand, can I borrow a shirt of yours then?” I ask, hoping he would say yes but I am also prepared if he said no. I could always raid the she-bitch’s wardrobe or even Rebekah’s.

Suddenly there was a long sleeved shirt in my hand, Niklaus’s hands brushing against mine. His blue eyes were soft, lips tilting up ever so slightly. It surprised me how this man could take my breath away with one simple action.


“Thank you.” I state before ripping the dress off me, smirking as Niklaus’s eyes roamed my body before he quickly turned around. I couldn’t help but smirk slightly before I pulled the shirt over my head, pausing for a fraction of a second as I breathed in. The shirt was saturated in his scent, not in the constant use wear and cleaned way. No, it smelt as if he wore this yesterday and had yet to wash it.

“You can turn around now.” I chuckle out as the shirt dropped to mid-thigh. Now this was unusual, I wasn’t used to feeling this small or comfortable. “We need to deal with the balance of this city, fix all the fuck ups Marcel did. I need to bring back that little witch who asked for my aid and then I need to hurt a few people. Then and only then Elijah, I will speak with you and listen to all that you wish to tell me.”

Elijah bowed his head at my request slash demand while Klaus just smirked. “What do you have in mind Love?” He asked, causing a smirk to pull at my lips.

“Oh, well did you see my face?” I ask, hinting towards when I was in my true form, when he nodded I continued. “Because of what you are, you cannot sense me but by nature’s standards, I am the alpha of all. I haven’t had the need to do this, nor have I attempted but I can… pull… a species or so towards me, a summons. I can concentrate on those in New Orleans but I need them all here…” I finish off before walking out onto the inside balcony and stared down into the empty court.

I let my shield down, cringing as the souls bombarded me. “I need you both to place a hand on me; I need to channel your strength to balance the souls I’m reading as we are bound. This is going to be awfully uncomfortable.” I explain and waited for the hands.

As soon as Elijah placed his hand upon my shoulder I heard him wheeze, I could feel his power surge with mine. When I felt Nika’s fingers entwine with mine I cast him a shocked glance, he didn’t even blink as I moved to look at him, his face in one of confusion and shock too.

I shook my head free, pushing the emotions away before closing my eyes and focused on the little strands before me. Each supernatural creature had their own coloured soul-power. Witches had earthy tones with white’s greys and blues, Wolves had the same but with reds and yellows. Vampires, vampires were deep reds and blacks, no shades in between and the cold ones was the same as a traditional but jewel like.

And don’t even get me started on hybrids. Klaus was the only one of his kind, but there WERE other hybrids, humans and witches, witches and wolves, cold ones and humans… there were not many of the Halflings left, many were unstable and I had to…end them.

I shook my head clear of these thoughts, raised my hand up to all the strings connecting to me and pulled, whispering down the lines of the destination and that they had to come. The strings rippled and snapped as I let the connection go and stumbled back into Nika’s arms gasping.

“That was painful, fuck uncomfortable.” I gasp out, my legs giving out from under me. Maybe I should have eaten first or rested before I did something like that after reawakening.

“Food, I need food.” I grunt out, shaking my head clear before jolting as I felt Nik pick me up suddenly and move me to a chair down in the main court. “Thanks.”

“Are you feeling alright Love?” He asks softly, his hand resting between us. I placed mine on top of his and gave him a smile, I was tired but I could sleep later.

images (3)

“I must thank you.” I state simply, laughing slightly as he frowned in confusion.

“What for?”

“I know you tried to save me, you ripped out the blade and the stake and fed me your blood. It took Elijah many years to trust me enough to feed me his blood; I can only assume you would be worse. I understand that more than anyone of how sacred our blood really is.” I explain, trying not to remember the ambrosia that still rested on my tastebuds when I woke.

“You’re my mate and though I do not love you yet, you showed me more kindness and understanding in the short amount of time you spoke to me. I felt the connection form and break, I felt all you felt as you died and heard you call my name. I must thank you though Isabella, for you saved me.” He states firmly, cupping my cheek softly before letting his hand drop as the first sounds of footfalls caught our ears.

“Hear, this is all I could find… after this I will get you more food. I should have stopped you, you’re not strong enough yet.” Elijah hisses softly, ashamed.

“Lijah stop, I knew better. Sweet lord, you make my emotions conflicting… now, I am still very much angry at you, hurt and cut but for now… let it be.” I state firmly, grasping his arm as he went to move. He gave me a small smile and a nod before moving to the other side, Nika standing instantly as wolves and vampires pushed their way in, the witches following shortly behind.

I cast a smirk to the confused beings before me, many on the roof and balconies as they all tried to fit into the small space. I couldn’t help but laugh softly as I realised that the vampires took the higher spaces while the witches and wolves took the ground.

“Welcome Witches, Vampires and Were’s… I am Isabella Moirai Mortis and I would very much like to have a discussion with you all.” I inform the uncomfortable and angry beings. This was going to be very interesting as I noticed that the majority of the men and some women were staring at my naked legs.

Let the fun begin.

Author Note: Holy crap, yeah sorry for the delay but I was stuck… next chapter will have some… culling…

Let me know what you think…




10 thoughts on “Chapter Ten

  1. just read this story even though it is one of many i get alerts for but have not the time or at times the health to sit at my laptop. So before my carer drags me away to lay for the heat treatment, i wish to tell you “I FECKING LOVE THIS STORY.”

    Now there we go… that is shouted out for all to hear. teeheheheee.
    god bless, darl’. and remember… YOU. you are a great writer and i love the story to bits. especially when the Originals star in it.

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  4. Wow Alpha of all creatures that is something and I am so hoping just hoping the cullen’s make a appearance so she can shove who she is down their throats.

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