Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen

Author Note: Sorry for the long delay guys.

Klaus POV

I couldn’t help but chuckle as another body fell at my mates’ feet, she had already gone through thirteen and was now on another one. I had honestly never seen someone besides my brother with this much rage and thirst.

“She’s normally cleaner and less… animalistic.” Elijah supplied, earning a rude gesture from my little mate. Mate, I had a mate and a dangerous one at that… it pleased me and it completed me, just being near her has eased some pain that rested in my soul.

“I find it enchanting, but I should be glad that Kol no longer lives or he would be trying to outdo her.” I joke watching as Elijah jerked in surprise, a sound escaping his lips.

“Do not joke of such things Niklaus, I have seen Isa devastate a village and wipe out an entire species for the sake of it. Though none would know it since she brought them back merely because it upset the balance.” Elijah explained before holding out his handkerchief.

My little mate rolled her eyes as she took the small white cloth and wiped her hands and face. “I feel much better and now Elijah I had thought we would not speak of that incident.”

I couldn’t help but laugh and roam my eyes over her fresh bloody form before looking back towards the pile of humans. “Did you drink all of them love?”

“I may have gotten bored and tore some apart for the hell of it.” She shrugged. “Though they did deserve it; rapists, child molesters and a murderer.”

My brows rose before letting a chuckle escape my lips. “Well then, I’ll make a call for this to be cleaned up. We’ll return to my home so you can get clean, is there anything else you need?”

“I’m still hungry, food wise I mean. It has been a long time since I have been to New Orleans, I would love some proper food to eat, spicy.” She replied, giving me a bloody smile.

“Well then love, I’ll order you some food while you get clean and Elijah and I can also see how fairs our lovely sister. I am curious, what did you say to Marcel?” I asked as we made our way back to my home, the image of my mate whispering into the broken face of the man I had once called son, flashed in my mind.

Bella shrugged as she walked a head a little. “I told him the truth that Rebekah wasn’t his mate… that he watched his mate die and only because of me and my sway over her ancestors is the reason she won’t be back. I also won’t bring the little witch back until he’s learnt his lesson.”

Little witch? “You mean to say that Davina was his mate?” I asked with raised brows.

“Of course, it was why he was so protective of her. Though since mating is rare these days in the likes of your kind, he would not know that she was his mate, only that he had to protect her. Tis why he killed her coven the first time and locked her away.” She explained once again with a shrug, her eyes flickering to Elijah and back.

The rest of the walk back was in contemplative silence, though I could see Elijah cringe and flinch every now and then, alerting me that though my mate and brother were not speaking outwardly they were communicating. Though I was slightly annoyed at being ignored, I was somewhat pleased to notice that whatever they were talking about was not in my brother’s favour.

“Very well then.” He sighed just as we reached my home; his resigned comment caused me to raise my brows in question at him.

“He is to buy me clothing and food, as well as give me a well thought out apology.” My mate explained as she saw my face, this gave me a feeling of satisfaction at my brothers punishment. Though it is less than ideal in my mind as he had hurt her, hurt her enough that it makes me hurt just thinking about the pain and desired to return it onto him but this could work.

At my mates fond laugh I turn my eyes back towards her. “Yes, I am not as pleased but it will do.”

“I know Nika, but Elijah will suffer more from these actions than physical pain. Now can I please have some clothing to wear until he gathers me clothes, I would really like for this blood to be off my skin and you still have a sister to pry from the wall.” She asked and within a few seconds I was in my room pulling out a pair of my sleep pants and another of my shirt.

I didn’t know how much it would please me to see her in my clothing, smelling my scent mingling with hers and a near uncontrollable urge to claim her was always on the forefront of my mind, but for once I wanted to wait… I didn’t want to push her away no matter how much my wolf screamed at me.

A growl escaped my lips as I found myself being pressed into the wall before freezing as my mind caught up with what was happening, my hands wrapping around my mates waist, my growl turning into a purr as her lips claimed mine.

She tasted sweet, like violence even under the blood that’s what she tasted like.

Her fingers tangled themselves into my hair while mine grasped her hips tightly, a moan escaping her lips as I flip the both of us around and press her into the wall, nipping at her lips.

“Now as much as I wish to continue love, we do have other things to do before day break.” I whisper after reluctantly pulling back and breaking the kiss. Her eyes were dark and filled with promises, the look sending a jolt down my spine and pulling a possessive growl to my lips.

A cough from the door had both myself and my mate snarling at the very amused looking Elijah.

“You have a death wish ‘Lijah.” Isa growled out.

“I know Isa but Niklaus is correct, you need to clean up and we need to do damage control. I have taken it upon me to order you food, it should arrive here soon and I was coming to tell you when I saw… well.” He explained, gesturing between myself and Isa with a smirk on his lips.

With another growl I pull back from my mate and straighten my clothes giving my minx a look, one that would tell her we would continue this later. I didn’t bother to say a word and gestured for Elijah to move while Isa chuckled and stepped into the bathroom.

“Asshole.” I hiss towards him, shoving him when he only chuckled in reply.

I’ll get my revenge sooner or later; after all he still had his own mate to find.

Author Note: Holy crap it’s been ages! But here you go!


8 thoughts on “Chapter Thirteen

  1. I love that Bella is going to make Marcel suffer (hopefully) a long time before she brings Davina back. . Maybe she will do some sort of maiming to Rebeccah as well. She deserves some sort of punishment. Elijah is being annoying and needs to bitch slapped. He shouldn’t think he is getting away scot-free for hurting Bella and automatically siding against Niklaus.
    I loved this update!! It is my FAVORITE story of yours and I’m happily re-reading away. 🙂

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