Chapter Three

Chapter Three

Author Note: As promised, here is another chapter. 


New Orleans, the French Quarter to be exact was the heart of the Supernatural Community, it was always the place for freedom and it was balanced. Now as I walk down the main road I see devastation. Not in the literal everything is destroyed, but the balance was wrong.

I could sense no wolves; see no witches walking freely amongst the humans. I could sense no power flow in the streets. Yet, there was magic, dark magic that sat and clung on ever surface and this bothered me greatly.

Is this why Elijah called for my aid?

Fury began to form in me, had he not followed my rules? Had he not learnt from the mistakes of his brothers about witches? This magic was old and ancient, near my age, very powerful and angry. But oh… Oh, this makes it all the more complicated.

As I walk down the streets towards a bar I could hear what was going on, feel the treacherous vibes in the air.

You need to help me, help them… My eyes shot up at the voice, there before me stood a young girl.

She was a spirit, a witch and she was powerful. It was her power, hers and three others; the power of the Harvest.

“And what pray tell do you need my help for?” I ask, coming to a stop in an empty section of the Quarter.

She took our power, our life… they will kill them… Please… The little witch pleads her form soaked and dirty; her eyes pooled with tears.

I let out a harsh sigh before grasping the held out hand, my body jerking as I was thrown into her memories. I saw everything from when she was selected for the Harvest till the day she died and it infuriated me. There was a time when Witches were honourable, they would not kill the children without the truth and it was the children who wished to accept the honour of power.

But what I saw the most that enraged me was of the she-wolf that seemed to cling and betray my friend the most. Even if the girl could not see it, I could see the magic that clung to her skin and hid what she did not want the others to see.

I jerked my hand back with a snarl, my vision tinting as I felt my face morph into that of my real one; looking away when I heard the spirit girl gasp.

“If I help you, will you help me in return? I do not do favours without something in return and if you betray me like you did the others, I will rip your pretty little tongue out and use it for decoration.” I snarl out before grasping my chest in pain.

Yes… yes, you have my word… Marcel… Help me… She pleads, giving me her word.

I cast her a look before taking off towards where I could sense Elijah, he was in trouble and in pain. My feet carried me along an unfamiliar path to me, but a familiar path of my brother and soon streets turned to forest.

“AHH!” My pace picked up as the pain filled scream of Elijah filled the forest, bringing forth my rage. I may be angry at him but I did not like him being hurt, I did not like it when someone hurt my family.

“What a horrific ending… to your pathetic diseased family.” A woman spits out over the sound of breaking bones and Elijah’s cries.

I stopped just inside the tree line, my eyes locking onto the witches before me. Two were old; the one in the middle was the one with the most power and was the one that was hurting my brother.

“I suggest you let him go little witch, hurting him is just pissing me off and trust me; you don’t want to piss me off.” I growl out, pushing myself off the tree and into the full moons light.

I couldn’t help but smirk as she tried to push me, tried to hurt me and outright laughed as all three failed together. “You petty little witches, your powers have no hold over me. You see, this vampire is mine, he is my family and you hurt him. I take it, it was you whom was after his family and caused him to seek for my aid.” I laugh, coming to a stop at a crumpled Elijah.

I didn’t dare look down to his surprised eyes, choosing only to stare dead into theirs.

“Who are you?” The head witch asks, slight fear leaking into her voice.

“It matters not who I am right now, but trust me love, if you don’t return to him what he wants then you and I will be having a little… chat.” I inform, the words darkening as I made my threat clear.

“Do not tell us what to do little girl! You do not frighten us!” The redhead, the younger of them snarls and I couldn’t help but tisk. I felt my face contort, my fangs lengthening as the darkness swirled around my form. I lifted my wings high off the ground and flung them open, sending a gust of air around us.

I finally looked down when Elijah burst into pained laughter, his hand clutching my arm for support as he stood on shaky legs. “It is good to see you Isa; I had thought you were not coming.”

“You know me, always late for the party. I see you break all the rules as always, I told you not to piss off the witches and yet here we are, only this time it is you who did it personally.” I hum bored, my eyes flickering over their very beings and reading the worth of their souls.

Unfortunately for them, there was no saving them.

“Girl, who are you?” I directed my gaze to the old woman, the very woman the little spirit witch had shown me. She was the one who lied to them, had dishonoured her kind by the sickest of acts. I held back the chuckle as their eyes flickered over my outstretched wings.

“Ah, Bastianna Natale, I have a little deal with a Harvest Witch of yours. Did you know I knew your ancestors a long time ago when I had met Elijah here and I was very sad and angry to see how much they appreciated what I did for them through the likes of you. You channel their spirits and in return you dishonour your family name, what will they say when I send you to the other side for them to deal with hm? Did you know that it is a rule of the Harvest that all children must choose the fate for it to truly work to its full potential?” I ask her, watching as her face pales a little more than it was now.

“No… it was a tale, one that was passed down from generations! You cannot be real, I am sorry… I am sorry.” She all but screams out, thus pulling a smile to my lips.

“I am Isabella Moirai Mortis, Daughter of Hades himself.” I chuckle out; the darkness exploding around me as they finally saw my true form. I chuckled as they ran, watched as the fear oozed from their very beings.

They would not stop, I knew this, but it bought us some time for now to find Elijah’s siblings.

“You and I need to have a little chat ourselves Elijah. Do you trust me?” I ask finally for the first time looking completely at him. He looked broken and tired, beaten down and betrayed.

His eyes shone with that pain as he looked over my form himself. “Yes, I have always trusted you Isa.”

Nodding, I ran a nail across my wrist and forced it into his mouth. “That She-Wolf you are becoming to love is indeed a wolf dressed in lambs clothing. With my blood you will be safe until it is through your system; you will see all that I see when it involves her.”

“Wha-what?” He gasps out grasping his head as my blood began to take effect.

You see, my blood is special. If you had some in your system, no magic will affect you, nothing could harm you and depending on the race could walk in the sun without rings or not shift in the full moon. It would heal from any injury of any kind within a second of my blood touching they’re lips, but there was a downside. The downside being it was painful if you already had been bewitched or hurt and in Elijah’s case… it was both and more.

“Come; let’s get you home shall we.” I chuckle before grasping his arms and rushing towards the French Quarter once more.

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  1. Just like with my little brother…. I could always tease him and whoop up on him, but god help anybody else that tried to mess with him in any way. They would feel my wrath and then some. I can relate to Bella in this chapter. 🙂

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