Chapter Twelve

Chapter TwelveAuthor Note: Sorry for the long delay guys.

Isabella POV

“Now, what to do with all of you?” I chuckle darkly as I look at every single vampire in the room. They needed a harsher punishment than the wolves or the witches, especially the bastard who took my mates place as King and fucked up the balance to begin with but I made a deal with the little witch stuck on the other side.

“This city is one big clusterfuck because of you! Since my time on this earth and since this town was created it had been the balance between all forms of supernatural, yet you assholes decided that you were the superior race and tipped the scales, drawing my attention.” I utter blandly, near a hiss as I glanced at every single vampire before me. “And those that do know me know never to draw my attention.”

“We are superiors! If it wasn’t because of Marcel our town would be havoc! We would be dead!” A youngling spat out, causing my eyes to snap to his and then to his Makers.

“Really? Is that so? Because I know that if the situation got dire I would have come here anyways… except instead of the witches I would be dealing with painfully it is all of you.” I explain, slowly making my way through the very still crowd of vampires. “You see Niklaus is my mate and Marcel who is the majority of you all’s sire, is the son of my mate. Now, I cannot kill my mate to end this rebellion of sorts but I can fucking kill every single one of you all in spite.”

A scream tore through the crowd as my hand shot through two vampire’s chests, their hands grasping my arms weakly before falling limps as I drop their heart upon the ground. I am tired of these children, they have no respect for their elders and I very much dislike people who thought they were better than one kind.

“Who here was alive during the wars? I know Marcel was, I got all his little back story when the Witch showed me her life the second I stepped foot in this town.” I explain, watching as only a couple raised their hands. “Did you fight for freedom?” I ask.

“Yes of course!” One replied causing me to give him a toothy grin in reply.

“Then what makes you think that you are superior to one race…?” I trail off, watching as his eyes widened before looking down ashamed.

“What makes you the bloody queen?” A voice called out, causing my mate and brother to sigh and me to laugh as I turned to face the blonde Mikaelson Daughter and her lackey.

“Ah Rebekah, took you a while to come to my summons.” I chuckle before suddenly appearing before the couple, smirking as they flinch back. “Come with me Marcel.” I coo, holding my hand out for him to take.

He took my hand confused, a glaze in his eyes as I lead him to the centre of the court, smirking as Nik and Lijah held back their sister, telling her to be quiet. When he was situated in the middle of the court and my shield around him and I to give us room and to make sure the others didn’t get through I smacked him hard in the face. Taking the satisfaction of his body slamming and breaking into my shield, all the while ignoring the screams of the witch in the background.

“You do know Rebekah isn’t really your mate Marcel.” I chuckle darkly in his ear, taking in his disbelieving eyes.

“You’re lying.” He spat out in a gasp.

“No, I am not. See, there is really no satisfaction in lying when the truth hurts more. She isn’t your mate. No, your mate was a little harvest witch.” I explain simply, watching as his face crumpled before me.

“Why did she lie to me?” He asked devastated.

“Because my mate is a sadistic rueful vampire who loves his family to the point he would drive them insane.” I explain nonchalantly. “He didn’t let her have the freedom she so desired but she also wouldn’t be the mature adult she truly should have been and listened.”

“That… that still doesn’t…” He gasped out, curling in on himself as the pain washed through him.

“Because you gave her what she wanted the most, freedom to be who she was and gave her whatever she wanted.” I cut him off before jerking him up and turning his face towards Rebekah who stood neutrally between her brothers. Well no, she was pissed and her eyes were locked onto me, they never strayed to Marcel. “Because of her, you never saw your real mate.”

“Why…? Why are you telling me this?” He asked causing me to sigh.

“Are you really that moronic? Because physical pain is nothing compared to the fact you watched your mate die because of her. That you had missed out on feeling that bond because of your so called romance with her, she knows you are not her mate and she does not care. This is your punishment for the fuckery you have caused; this is what you will have to live with.” I explain, letting him drop to the floor.

“Can you not bring her back?” He whispered, his voice muffled by the stone.

I turn my eyes back to him and raise my brows. “I do not feel inclined to bring her back; her ancestors will keep her for however I deem it fit… You’ll get the little witch back when I know you have gotten your humility back and have learnt your lesson.”

With that I drop the shield and sigh while sidestepping the blonde bitch of a Mikaelson. I flung out my wing once more and smacked her as she spun around and charged me once more before slamming my shield into her. “Why are you attacking me? Shouldn’t you be more worried about your love than hurting me?”

“Rebekah!” Elijah snapped furious, stepping forward to stop her but stopping when I shook my head.

“It isn’t worth it Elijah, she and Marcel have to have a little chat and I need to feast but first… I need to take out some garbage.” I hum before turning my eyes upon the frozen crowd of vampires and grinned.

I moved swiftly, my wings out, claws scratching deep within their chests and torsos as I spun around them and killed all of those who were beyond saving nor worth saving. Screams of terror filled the air along with the taste of blood in the air as I shredded all who came in my way. By the time I was finished, I was soaked head to toe in blood and guts.

“Well that was easy, I’m a little disappointed.” I hum while picking out some flesh from under my nails. I let those who survived my attack flee while stepping over the debris of the others and completely ignoring the moans of Rebekah, I kind of pushed her into one of the old lantern spikes in spite.

“Well this is more of a mess than I have ever made.” Klaus hummed amazed, “I think she even out beats Kol.”

Elijah chuckled as he handed me his handkerchief from his pocket to wipe my hands and face. “No, I have heard of Kol and I do believe we would be on even terms. Now, I’m starving!”

Klaus chuckled softly as he put an arm over my shoulders. “Then let’s get you fed love, plenty to eat in New Orleans.”

Author Note: well there you go an update!


8 thoughts on “Chapter Twelve

  1. Yay! This is my favorite story of yours. 🙂 I’m glad that Bella isn’t rushing to bring the little witch back. Marcel does deserve to suffer first. Actually Rebekah does too. I know Bella can’t kill her, because of her father’s orders, but she does deserve some pain and suffering. I think Becah might be evil in this instead of just a spoiled brat. hmmm…. I can’t wait for more. I want to see how Bella deals with Elijah’s guilt about his passed actions concerning her, and I want some Niklaus/Bella time. I wonder if she’ll bring Kol back…. hmmmm Loved it 🙂

  2. Great update! I really enjoyed the little joking bits at the end. I really hope you continue this story! I’m really interested to see how Bella and Klaus’ relationship transforms.

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