Chapter Two

Chapter Two

Author Note: I was excited here is chapter two. 


I sat in the cafeteria contemplating if I could just snap the human’s neck for the hell of it. It had gotten to the point that I no longer heard words but the all too familiar Wah Wah-Wah Wah noise.

“You can’t.” Angela mutters softly by my side, drawing out a sigh.

Witches and their death visions; another thing that annoyed me to no end and yet necessary in places like this. It seems my little witch friend had indeed seen the chatter mouths death by my hand in this shitty cafeteria.

“Don’t tell me you wouldn’t enjoy the silence it would create.” I whisper back, casting her a smirk.

She rolled her eyes before returning the smile, “true but then you would have to leave and I’ll be stuck in this hell alone.”

Though I did want to leave, there was no home for me here anymore. My heart lay shattered in the forest behind the house of my current residence. Isabella Swan had died that day and in her wake Isabella Moirai Morits was reborn. Fitting name really, Fates of Death.

“Tell me, how did the bar scene go? Any hopes for those inside?” Angela asks louder this time, indicating she had placed an illusion around us. Curious little thing she was, I had told her yesterday or well she told me of my job before even I found out about it.

A deep weary sigh escaped my lips as I sunk lower into the chair. “I ran into an old friend seeking for help. An Original.” I explain, trying to keep the bitterness out of my mouth, holding back the smirk as she gaped.

“An Original? I didn’t know you were familiar with them… did everything go okay?” I snorted at the concern in her voice. Every supernatural who knew what I was always underestimated me, but then again I do have that girl next door look… then again every supernatural creature knew of The Original’s tempers. They all had their own reputation, mainly the brothers in their ruthlessness.

“Yes, no… He was my brother. I saved him from a coven of witches long ago and we had spent a lot of time together. He then left me, promising to return but he never did. He knows where I am at all times, just like I know where he is. A bonding connection some would call it but then again, he is the only one I have ever fed my blood too.” I spit out bitterly as the pain flared open once more.

He was the first to leave me, placing that seed of doubt in my mind and betrayal. The Cullen’s were the family that just copied the action, this time being much worse than the first. I had loved them all unconditionally, gave them my trust and they broke it. They brought back the pain of Elijah leaving and just added salt to the freshly open wound.

They of course didn’t know what I was, I didn’t trust them that much, and the only reason Angela knew was because I had saved her great grandmother and my image was passed down the generations. They owed me and well, I did like the little witch; she wasn’t like the others of her kind or the other human girls around her. She wasn’t greedy or a bitch nor was she shallow.

“What did he ask for?” She asks, her eyes widening slightly at my admission.

I snorted and took a sip of my coke. “Help, his family is missing and needs my aid. But as far as I know only three are alive and one can’t die like the others. So it must be his sister and younger brother.” I knew all their names of course but rather not utter them out loud.

“Then help him.” I spat my drink across the table as she uttered those three words.

“What? Help him? He left me remember, he knew I had no one and treated me like family only to abandon me and you suggest I help him?” I ask her outraged, my hand slamming down on the table and making everyone around me jump.

Though Angela had placed an illusion on us the noise would still ring through the spell quite easily. Odd how that works.

“You need to do this Bella. I hear whisperings that you need to help him, it is your fate this time.” She whispers while standing just as the bell rang, this annoyed me.

“Are you shitting me?” I ask, causing nearly everyone near me to whip their heads my way with bugged eyes. Oops, seems she dropped the illusion and they all heard my little curse, oh well.

Turning back, I flung my arm out and blocked Angela in her path. “Explain yourself witch. Today is not a good day to be all cryptic.” I growl out.

I watched as her eyes rolled back, turning completely white as she was sucked into a vision. Believe it or not there were many kinds of Witches in the world; Angela was a Seer, one who can see future and death.

“To New Orleans you must go… Save the Orignals… Save the souls… To New Orleans you must go for your fate lies in The Quarter.” She breathes out before gasping as she was thrown back into reality.

I cast the little witch a smile. “Well, it seems I need to leave. It was a pleasure knowing you Angela; I’ll call if I need any aid.” I breathe out while placing my hands on the sides of her face.

“If anyone asks I had to leave, I am in Florida with Renee. Do not tell those who seek me, what I am.” I breathe out, watching in satisfaction as her eyes dilated at my compulsion. It was a nifty little trick to have and I was glad to have it, I had most of what vampires had after all, my father couldn’t let me have a disadvantage?

And technically I am a demigod.

Once she repeated back my compulsion, I used my speed to leave. It seems that no matter how much I wished to ignore Elijah, it just wasn’t possible. So time to put my big girl panties on and make my way to New Orleans.

Author Note: This is after the Harvest, but there is a little time delay. Also, really the Idea of her being Hades’s daughter goes to WWL and her Bella in The Beginning, I just liked it and went with it.

So far i have written six chapters for this story… So, maybe more interest the Quicker I will post the completed Ch’s.





6 thoughts on “Chapter Two

  1. So Angela is a witch and really ‘knows’ who Bella is. I wonder if you are going to re-introduce the Cullens in this story, so Bella can get some much needed revenge on them??? hmmmm great chapter… great story….

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