Chapter Five

Title: Requiem for a Dream
Pairing: Klaus/Bella

Summary: It started with a ring and a dream, he dreamt of her when he needed her. Will he find her?

Author Note: Do enjoy 🙂

Warning/Disclaimer: I do not own this, lots of angst and fluff some death scenes.

Third Point of View

Chapter Five

“So tell me Niklaus, who is she?” Elijah asked softly, holding up the multitude of loose papers in his hand. Klaus wanted to rip them from his brothers hands and shove a dagger in his chest but Belle’s voice floated through his mind telling him not to, to tell the truth.

It was odd how she suddenly became his voice of reason since he confessed to her.

“I don’t know… I dream of her sometimes, her name is Belle.” He explained softly, taking the papers carefully from his brother’s hand and laying them flat, her broken eyes staring back at him. “She is the reason for why you are here, she reasoned with me to send you proof of our siblings safety and confess.”

Elijah seemed to relax under the words and made his way to Klaus’s side. “We can find her when all is done, with our siblings by our side.”

“She swore to tell me when my curse is broken.” He confessed, turning away from both the images and his brother.

“So this is why you have been insisting on this curse to be broken. I understood why the first time, but now it is almost a need to have it done.” Elijah points out, causing Klaus to sigh and nod. “I cannot wait to…”

Whatever Elijah was saying trailed off into white noise as Klaus felt his legs buckle from under him and found himself falling further and further even though he knew Elijah caught him. His home blurred into blinding white and then greys, his body colliding with the ground harshly.

The field was dead and the scent of blood and tears reached Klaus’s nose, his head snapping up and around to where he knew Belle was and nearly choked in horror as he finally saw her. She was in the middle, the patch of wildflowers gone and in its place was barren earth and her in a simple sundress she wore today stained red.

“Belle? What happened? Who did this to you?” He demanded as he rushed to her side, his eyes and hands roaming over her but to jerk back as she flinched away from him.

“It’s fine, the wounds are old.” She choked out and finally, finally looked up at him. Her face was gaunt and her eyes bloodshot, but the bruising upon her neck and cheek caused him to growl low in his chest.

“This is not fine! Who did this to you? Was it him?” He spat out furious, clenching his eyes shut as he felt his face shift in his rage and a whimper from Belle, the second sign that she was indeed afraid of him at the moment and if that didn’t tear at him he didn’t know what would.

“It was.” The words were barely above a whisper but Klaus heard them as if she screamed it. Something at the words lashed out and he felt as if something within his very soul and being was torn open like a ragged wound. He did not understand why it hurt so much, my his chest felt like his brother had gripped his heart while his sister stabbed him with the dagger in the back over and over again.

I will kill him.” He hissed furiously causing her to flinch once again. “I’m sorry Love, I don’t mean to frighten you, come here.” He whispered, pulling her gently into his arms.

“They don’t hurt anymore.” She told him; though it eased his worry on that… he was still furious. Maybe if he can give her his blood… “It won’t work, this is a dream remember.”

He chuckled, the sound forced and nearly hysterical. “Then tell me where you are! I will come get you or send Elijah, someone to help you.”

“No Nik, it’s not yet time. They do not hurt anymore and I’m dealing with it.” She explained. “Why do you break your curse?”

“Three days, the full moon is Saturday.” He explained pained, his hands and arms tightening around her. Three long days to go and then he can find her, three long days of her suffering until he could come and heal her. He didn’t know why she wouldn’t tell him but it hurt to think that she didn’t trust him like he her.

She shook her head. “I will tell you after.”

“Please Belle.” The sound was heartbreaking, even to his own ears.

Belle let out a low whine. “If I tell you now, will you promise not to look for it until your transformation is complete?” She asked softly and sighs when he nodded instantly. “1149 Calawah Way Forks, WA 98331 is my address but I am five miles off the end of Highway 110 in Forks Washington.”

Klaus felt his brows pull down. “Okay then Love, I’ll look when the curse is broken and then I will come for you.”

“Goodbye Niklaus.” Belle whispered before pushing him back once more and he shot up from his bed with a gasp.

“Easy brother.” Elijah soothed, pushing his brother back against the bed with a firm hand. “Try not to move, you’ve been asleep all day.”

Klaus shook his head clear of the disorientation and frowned up at Elijah as he held out a glass of water for him to drink. “A day, what happened?”

“We were talking and then you collapsed, do you remember?” Elijah asked with concern, taking the now empty glass.

“Well yes, I was with Belle… Belle! She was hurt Elijah, she gave me the location of where I can find her but I promised not to go there or look till the curse is broken… but she never said I couldn’t get you to look.” Klaus laughed, falling back on the bed with a relieved sigh.

Elijah raised his brows and hummed. “Then tell me and I will make sure she is well, I will have one of the witches to look after her.”

“1149 Calawah Way Forks, WA 98331.” Klaus blurted out before smiling, wide and freely for the first time in what felt like centuries. “There is much to do brother, I must prepare.”

When Klaus was finally out of the room Elijah placed the address in his phone and looked it up, his heart dropping as he saw the location and looked out the door towards where his brother went— this was going to break him.

Author Note: *whistles while building barricade* If you figure it out, kudos… I’m just gonna hide here. 




11 thoughts on “Chapter Five

  1. This is so good. Though think I’ve figured some things out. I presume her address states where she’s meant to be written in stone, but she hasn’t been found hence where she actually is being given as well

  2. I really can’t wait to have questions answered. And what did Elijah pick up on right a way when he typed in the address?? Was it burned down?? A story about multiple murders happening there?? What could Elijah gather from just the address and the internet, I wonder….. hmmmmm

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