Chapter Four

Title: Requiem for a Dream
Pairing: Klaus/Bella

Summary: It started with a ring and a dream, he dreamt of her when he needed her. Will he find her?

Author Note: Do enjoy 🙂

Warning/Disclaimer: I do not own this, lots of angst and fluff some death scenes.

Third Point of View

Chapter Four

Everything was going well, that is what Klaus thought as he took a look around the odd apartment that belonged to the body he was now residing in until it was safe for him to actually come. His brother – though unhappy – was satisfied with the photos of his siblings.

“Maddox, when this is over, I have another job for you.” Klaus explained to the young warlock in the lounge. “But for now, go and find me something I can use. I still need a vampire and a wolf to play decoy.”

“It’ll be done.” Maddox replied before grabbing his things and leaving the small apartment.

This of course left Klaus alone and he had hoped now—now he will finally feel the pull to the familiar sleep of Belle’s subconscious dreamscape. Two months had gone by since he had last spoken to her and something churned in his stomach at even the thought of her and with it came dread.

Each picture he sketched of her, no matter what the medium was it was always the same look… the same broken look of when she explained her old love. It stoked the fury deep within him and he gave up all together of drawing her, nearly content with the drawings he had already done.

“I will find you Belle.” He sighed, flopping down on the couch and fingered the ring that sat upon his finger. He still couldn’t understand why he kept wearing it or explain why it seemed to tug at his memory of the fact that it was his, but cannot remember ever owning it or commissioning it. Even now in the borrowed body he had worn it, swapping it from his hand to this one.

His eyes closed in thought before snapping open as a harsh cold nipped at his skin, a cold that even he could feel and it unsettled him.

“Belle?” He called as he took in the dead field with hints of frost on the surrounding trees. His heart sped up as panic began to settle in, there was no signs of Belle in the field. She was always here before him, always waiting for him and now that she was not here but he was

“BELLE!” He yelled desperately now.

“Nik, why are you yelling?” Belle asked with a yawn, causing Klaus to whip around to the middle of the field and sagging in relief.

“I thought something had happened to you.” He confessed causing Belle to sigh softly and shake her head in amusement, patting the spot next to her in the only patch of wildflowers left.

“I am well, just tired is all. Tell me, why do you look different?” She asked staring up into an unfamiliar face.

Klaus frowned and looked down, blinking in surprise at the fact he was still indeed in the borrowed body. “That is odd; I had thought it would be me. I am borrowing this body, Elijah has found the doppelgänger and to get close to her I needed to switch with someone she trusted.”

Belle seemed to brighten at the news, her smile eclipsing the dreary surroundings. “That is excellent news! I can forgive you for stealing some poor souls body but tell me! Tell me your plans!”

The laugh that left his lips was freeing and he took his usual spot by her side. “It is got a rocky start on the plans, but my brother has tricked the doppelgänger and her… vampires that he was on her side.” He could not hide the bitterness.

“Ah, you sound bitter, why?” Belle asked, laying back in the grass and pressed her head into his shoulder. It shocked him but he couldn’t help but relax under the heat of her flesh against his.

“She looks like Tatia, the woman I had thought to love long ago. Mother used her in the spell that created us, and then when we were close to breaking the curse for the first time… Elijah had fallen in love with Katerina, because she so looked like Tatia… It… did not end well. She had tricked another into changing her and has been on the run since, her line continued and the doppelgänger may look like Tatia and Katerina but…” He trailed off.

Belle frowned and prodded. “But?”

“But to Elijah and to me at first she was nothing like her ancestors before her… Then I saw her with the Salvatore’s, the ones that Katerina played and changed… She – though nice and sweet – was playing the brother against one another. Elijah cannot see her the way I do.” He finished with a deep sigh.

“You are worried for Elijah then?” Belle asked softly.

“I am. I want him to be happy so, but she is not his… She is not Tatia and I am worried that is all he sees.” Klaus confessed, pressing his face into Belles hair and frowning when there was no scent, well there was but no fresh scent.

“Have you told your brother this?” She asked and chuckled at the silence that followed it; with another huff of laughter she rolled onto her stomach and rested her hands and head upon Klaus’s chest. “Tell him then that it worries you, don’t yell, don’t try and force your views across. Just tell him that it worries you the way the doppelgänger is acting around him and his views on her.”

“I can’t just do that love, he…” He trailed off, swallowing thickly as her face appeared above his, her eyes locked onto his own. She is beautiful…

“Now that is a bunch of lies, you’re just scared and the man before me is not one I think to be afraid often.” She uttered to him, her breath fanning across his face and yet, there was still no scent but he shrugged it off by the fact that it was a dreamscape.

“Okay, I will do that. If that is what you advise me to do.” He chuckled teasingly, earning a nudge to the ribs and a roll of her eyes. “Will you tell me where you are now?”

The question caused Belle to tense and jerk away from him quickly, spinning so her back was to him when he sat up. He took a deep breath and moved towards her, hesitatingly placing his hand upon her shoulder. “Please Belle, I care… I have come to care deeply for you…”

A sob escaped Belle’s lips and in a blink of an eye she was standing a foot before him, her back still turned and shoulders shaking as she held in her cries. “I longed to hear that from you but I cannot…”

“Tell me, tell me and I promise to love you, to care for you and protect you from all those who try to harm you.” Klaus pleaded, pledged to her as he got to his feet and spun her around, near jerking back in surprise as he took in her pale features and sunken form. “Belle?”

“Not now, I promise— swear to tell you when the spell is broken. Only then and not a second before will I tell you Nik.” She whispered before standing upon the tips of her toes and pressed a kiss upon his cheek before shoving him back.

The fall caused his heart to stutter a rare moment of surprised fear and then, he found himself upon the floor of the borrowed bodies apartment once more, his chest aching, hand burning and the feel of her lips upon the borrowed bodies cheek.

But now he had something to look forward too.

Author Note: Seriously, this is odd isn’t it? I swear it is… Like me writing Klaus making flower crowns. 




8 thoughts on “Chapter Four

  1. I am really curious as well as to what happened to Bella….and why can she not answer Niklaus’s questions until he breaks his curse??? hmmmm Love the sweetness of Nik in this chapter, but I feel so bad for both of them.

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