Chapter Six

Title: Requiem for a Dream
Pairing: Klaus/Bella

Summary: It started with a ring and a dream, he dreamt of her when he needed her. Will he find her?

Author Note: Do enjoy 🙂

Warning/Disclaimer: I do not own this, lots of angst and fluff some death scenes.

Third Point of View

Chapter Six

A deep rumbling laugh escaped Klaus’s lips as he felt the curse lift, for the first time in his life he was free— complete. All he had to do now was shift and embrace his wolf side; he needed this to be done so he can finally find his Belle.

Belle… If it was not for her, he would have killed many in his wake and his brother would not be by his side but against it. Because of her, things are finally looking up. Now he just needed to find her and bring her back to Mystic, kill the bastard that hurt her and everything will be fully whole.

Elijah stood by and cleaned up after the slaughter his brother had done, his heart heavy and light at the same time. He had never seen his brother so free, so forgiving and open to him. This was why now, now he had to step up and be the brother that he should have been all along and noticed beyond the cruelty that Nik put up was agony and loneliness.

“Niklaus,” Elijah called as his brother ran back towards their home.

“Not now ‘Lijah, I have to get ready and look for Belle.” Nik brushes off over his shoulder but Elijah beat him to it, stopping him from making his way to his room.

“You won’t find her.” Elijah explained softly, watching as his brothers face shifted from joy to betrayal and finally anger.

Nik shook off his brother hand and grasped him by his neck. “What have you done?”

The Original did nothing but pull out his phone, holding it out for Nik to take and finally when he could breathe, he waited for what was to come. He watched as his brothers eyes widened, his face pale and when he began to shake; when the phone fell… Elijah shot out and caught him.

The field was barren of life, the grass yellow and sickly, it had him spinning and his heart lodging in his throat. Klaus stood before Belle with a blank stare as he took in the dress, flashes of colour and foggy memories burst behind his eyes sending him to his knees.

“My name is Isabella Swan.” She whispered, not moving from the spot in the middle of the dead field. “I was born to Charles Swan and Renee Higginbotham in the sixties… I was in New York when you first saw me and I you.”

“What are you saying? That I— that I am the one that did this?” Klaus choked out in disbelief as he gestured to the blood covered dress and the torn throat, broken bones.

Belle stared a head with a sad look. “You had followed me and saved me from being attacked, you didn’t know why you did but it didn’t matter… In mere moments, months but a blink of your eye we were in love. You loved me, but you did not trust me fully and you did not tell me who you were beyond your name and that you were a Vampire.” She informed and with each sentence Klaus doubled over in agony.

Laughter echoed the field above the bustling streets of New York. Sunshine in central park as she danced with him to one of the bands that played; her smile bright and hair unbound. Every stolen kiss and whispers of I love you’s.

Then a memory burst forward that made his head bound and eyes burn.

The field was full of flowers and he had led her to the middle of the field, tucking a curl behind her ear. She looked radiant under the sun, the dress complimenting her form.

“Why are we here Nika?” She asked in a small laugh, her eyes rolling at the grandness of it all.

He just smiled down at her. “Because my love, it is a special occasion. It was here where you first confessed you love me and stole my breath away. So it is here that I bring you to do this…”

Her hands flew to her mouth as he dropped to one knee and held out the box, a silver ring that reflected tree roots and a simple lapis lazuli stone. “I cannot picture my life without you my sweet Isabella, will you…” He couldn’t get the words out fast enough before he found himself with his arms full of his mate who was crying yes into the crook of his neck.

Klaus gasped and violently shuddered as the memory faded, his eyes snapping to hers as he swayed and fell forward, catching himself with shaking hands.

“I loved— love you with all my heart and it was our wedding day that you… we had flown to Washington to be wed as I wanted to be near my father and…” Bella trailed off with a slight hitch in her breath, hands covering her mouth as she held back the sob. “I was in the room waiting for the witness to gather me and Edward came, he came and forced me into the wall and kissed me, he ripped my dress. That is when you came in; you did not let me explain… in your eyes you just saw me kissing Edward– only heard his taunting words and snapped.”


“YOU LIAR, HARLOT! I SHOULD NEVER HAVE LISTENED TO YOU, LOVE YOU!” He roared before grasping her throat tightly. “You betrayed me, broke me more than anyone has ever done, you win that round.”

“Please Nika…”

“YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO CALL ME THAT!” He roared before throwing her across the room, ignoring the cry of agony that followed. “You have lost it the second…”

“NO!” He screamed, shaking the image of him breaking his love’s arm as he twisted her in his arms and buried his teeth viciously in her neck. “It cannot be true…”

“It… is true.” She explained sadly, her eyes downcast, hands folded demurely in front of her bloody wedding dress. It made his chest ache, heart burn and for everything to come rushing back at once; for in that moment she looked like the very woman who he saw long ago in the art gallery in New York.

“How… how can I fix this? How can I get you back?” He pleaded, falling forward as he felt something knock the wind from his lungs.

“You cannot Nika. There is no hope for me returning, I am only here by the strong spell that lies on the ring you gave me. I was a human Nika, neither a witch nor a vampire. I just want to be at peace, please my love, just let me be at peace.” Bella whispered pained.

“And if I want to be selfish?” He whispered back into the ground.

“Nik, I have been stuck in this field for a very long time, I do not know how long but… I am weary Nika. I just want peace, please, please let me go.” She choked out, falling to her knees before him too.

The Hybrid managed to pull himself up and shuffle towards his Bella, the woman who had captured his heart so fully and he had destroyed her in a rage. He had killed her the very moment because of an attack that was not her own doing. Bella watched as a tear fell from his eyes and then another as he leant forward and cupped her face, pressing his lips to her brow.

His eyes slipped shut as the scent of honey, fresh hay and lavender invaded his senses. He wanted to commit it to memory one last time. “Goodbye, my sweet Belle, be free.”

Author Note: *yells while running away* THE END!



21 thoughts on “Chapter Six

  1. Aaaakkkkk!!!! The feels.. I think I’m going to die now. I had Googled the address, but I was hoping he was not the one who did it. How could he not remember? ?

    • His mind made him forget since it such a horrifying, heartbreaking and tragic moment to him that his mind nor his heart wanted to remember any of it. He was in a way protecting himself, but subconsciously.

  2. I knew it! Well, not all of it – wonderful twist that he had known her before and was actually the one to kill her – but I KNEW it! So sad 😦 My heart hurts. Great story…I totally got sucked in!

  3. I had already figured that she was dead, I just didn’t think she would stay that way! I wonder why he didn’t remember her? Loved it!

  4. Omg!!!! This was a twist I had hoped not be. But you did a beautiful job.

    Now can we have a good Klaus story???? Pretty please? Or I might just hint strongly in that Magnum PI story I talked about in my group!!!

  5. Oh shit, I am ugly crying right now. I also thought she might be dead, but hoped that she was a vampire or that she could be brought back. I could sense Bella was becoming Nik’s sense of reason. Now he is going to rage against the world and kill everyone. 😦 Not a happy ending by far. Party foul Darkest Falling Star, party foul! (I love your writing though. hehehe )

  6. That is so evil of u. I am trying hard not to cry for them…poor Klaus and Bella. I thought this is a hea story.. turns out it wasn’t. So freaking sad now. Imma go watch a cartoon to cheer up.

  7. Wow what an ending 😀 in the words of Stine in the movie, ‘Goosebumps’ in a story theres the beginning, the middle, and the twist, this story hit it right on the head! I love it!

  8. the font is not big enough for this; MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PLEASEx 1,000,000,00 (there aren’t enough zeros) do another one with a HAPPY ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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