Chapter Three

Title: Requiem for a Dream
Pairing: Klaus/Bella

Summary: It started with a ring and a dream, he dreamt of her when he needed her. Will he find her?

Author Note: Do enjoy 🙂

Warning/Disclaimer: I do not own this, lots of angst and fluff some death scenes.

Third Point of View

Chapter Three

It was a month later when Klaus finds himself back in the field once more, he was angry and anxious but that vanished into worry when the once vibrant field full of wildflowers and sunlight was now half dead and the sky dreary.

His head whipped to the centre of the field to see Belle, her shoulders hunched and withered flower crowns in her hands.

“Belle?” His voice seemed to break whatever silence there was over the field, causing her red rimmed eyes to snap up.

“Oh, hey Klaus.” She muttered before crumbling the crowns in her hands. “What’s new?”

A frown pulled at his brows once more as he slowly made his way towards her, a sense of unease in his chest. Something wasn’t right, not at all and he needed to know what it was to ease him. He took his seat at her side, the same spot he had occupied the first time he was here.

“What’s the matter Belle?” He asked softly, a frown still on his face.

Belle shook her head and looked up at him once again, brushing her hands as she did so. “Nothing, just thinking is all. Tell me, it’s been a month, what’s new?”

Klaus hummed but didn’t answer. “Where are you? I can come to you if you need help.”

“No, all is well Klaus; it can’t be fixed and has long been since my problems had happened.” Belle explained with a laugh and a smile, chasing away the worry and fear in his chest.

He narrowed his eyes and scanned her face for any hint of a lie. He had tried to look for her, even drew this field over a hundred times and asked all the witches he knew to look for it but they all came up with nothing, there was no hint of Belle or the field that he or his witches could find. It was mysterious and he even went back to the shop in Seattle to ask the lady but could not find the store, only finding a plain brick wall where it was.

“I took your advice.” He admits finally causing her brows to go up. “Don’t seem so surprised love.”

“Oh I will, you don’t seem like the person to listen to others.” She chuckles while lying back in the half dead grass.

“That is true but something told me I could trust your word. I spoke to Elijah, not face to face but I have spoken to him. He wants to see our siblings in person before he will help me.” He sighed, lying down next to her.

“Help you? Not help you find Mikael.” She asked causing him to chuckle.

“You’re very perceptive love. Do you know what I am?” He asked, turning his head to face her.

“A vampire– a traditional one.” Belle replied. “I can tell by the ring on your finger, it’s a daylight ring.”

The chuckle was dry. “I’m a werewolf too; when my mother changed me she had cursed me so my werewolf side could never be free. It’s painful, hollowing and I have been trying since the day it happened to break the curse.”

“So you’ve become a bit of a monster to get what you want, to hide the true you so it cannot be hurt anymore?” Belle asked softly, turning her head to look at Klaus. “What do you need to break the curse?”

“A moonstone, a doppelgänger and two other sacrifices: a wolf and vampire.” Klaus explained, ignoring the first question. “I have a witch willing to do the spell but they are what I need.”

Belle hummed softly in thought. “What worries you about Elijah?”

“I’m worried he will stab me in the back or undagger my siblings before its time.” Klaus replied after a few seconds.

“Why not send him – photos of your siblings to him? Proof that they are well and then ask for his aid in finding the doppelgänger,” She advised, causing Klaus to whip his head towards her in surprise and shock.

“Now that’s not a bad idea love. I could do that, but what do I do after that? He will demand me to hand over our siblings.” He asked in return causing her to sigh.

Belle was not amused, she was patient but he could tell she was not amused. “Tell him that you will release him once the spell is broken, that is if you haven’t broken your word enough.”

The bitterness in the tone was not lost on Klaus. “Who hurt you?” He whispered softly, rolling to his side and propping up his head with his palm.

“I had loved a man once, he treasured me above anything and then he hurt me. He broke his word and well… it just stings.” She explained, causing Klaus to frown.

“Is this what you were thinking about?” He asked softly, gesturing to the area around him.

She nodded. “Some days you remind me of how he used to be, that is all.”

“And what may that be love? A monster, a fool?” He asked this time roughly, a little insulted.

“No, kind. He used to ask me for my input, he was a sweet man who had been hurt a lot in his life and turned himself cold to the world. But then he hurt me, leaving me broken and— forgot me.” She finished in a hoarse whisper.

Something in Klaus caused him to jerk back and gripped his head in confusion, something nagged at him but he could not recall.

“You need to go back now, time to wake up, you’ll see me again soon Nik.” Belle whispered as she came to a stand and helped the cursed hybrid to his feet. “Send a photo to Elijah; ask him to help you find what you need.”

“Let me find you love, tell me where you are!” Klaus asked as he staggered back, trying to hold off the familiar call to consciousness.

Belle took a step forward and for the first time brushed her hand across his face, automatically causing his eyes to close and lean towards it. “Till next time.” She whispered softly.

“Till next time.” He repeated with a sigh and opened his eyes to the view of his hotel rooms ceiling. A sense of loss and hope at war within each other, loss of the sensation of Belle but hopeful with the insight she gave him.

“I will break this curse and then… I will find you belle.” He promised to the early morning light, but first he had other plans to see too first and some pictures to take.

Author note: Well it’s monday, here is another chapter! and thanks for all the reviews guys, seriously for a short ficlet it really is getting 20+ for two chapters.





11 thoughts on “Chapter Three

  1. Another great chapter!
    Well Bella isn’t describing Eddie boy. I think she’s telling Klaus about him and that is why everything is familiar in some way to him. Just haven’t figured out how he’s forgotten her other than dreams.

  2. I’m with geenakmom. I also thinks she’s talking about memories with Niklaus. I wonder if they are vampire or human ones….hmmmm It was probably some more shady shit that Ester pulled. LOL

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