Chapter Two

Title: Requiem for a Dream
Pairing: Klaus/Bella

Summary: It started with a ring and a dream, he dreamt of her when he needed her. Will he find her?

Author Note: Do enjoy 🙂

Warning/Disclaimer: I do not own this, lots of angst and fluff some death scenes.

Third Point of View

Chapter Two

Klaus’s eyes shot upon to bright blinding light before snapping them shut once more. He could feel the sun on his face, the smell of rain on the wind with a hint of honey and vanilla mixed with cherries.

“Are you okay?” A soft voice asked, causing his head to snap to where he heard it. He opened his eyes and snarled at the woman before him in warning.

“Who are you? How did I get here?” He demanded while sitting up, his body felt heavy and lethargic. A flash of something in the woman’s eyes at his question caused him to frown.

“I don’t know, you tell me this is your dream. I was just pulled here along for the ride.” The woman shrugged and this time Klaus took the time to look at her.

She was dressed in a pair of jeans and a yellow long sleeved shirt that he hadn’t seen in style for a while. Her hair shone with strands of gold and blood red that was stark against the chestnut brown. It was her eyes that caught Klaus’s breathe, they we’re light brown, nearly gold in colour with flecks of green.

He’d seen those eyes before but could not recall.

“I’m Belle and you are?” The woman asked him.

“I am Klaus.” He replied unsure as to why he was speaking to the woman before taking a glance at the field. It was surrounded by thick trees and the land below his feet was filled with wild flowers. It was something that tugged at his memory but could not recall. “Where are we?”

The woman – Belle – laughed. “A field Klaus.”

He turned to frown at the girl. “I understand this, but where exactly are we?”

Her eyes turned sad for a second before she hummed and plucked a delicate purple flower from the field. “It looks to be the field near my home, but it has been many of years since I have been here.”

“It seems familiar.” Klaus explained, tearing his eyes from Belle and to the field itself once more. There was something strangely familiar about this place but he is sure that he has never been here, let alone seen it before.

“Maybe you were pulled into my subconscious, who knows.” Belle shrugged, never moving from her spot.

“If this is a trick, if I find you are working with my brother… I will find you and kill you.” He snarled while whirling back around to the girl before frowning as all she did was fiddle with the growing pile of flowers upon her lap.

“I have no clue as to who your brother is and how would you find me Klaus? All you have is this field to go by and I do not live near it anymore.” There was something within that tone that made Klaus pause.

She had a point.

“If this is not a trick, then what is it?” He demanded causing Belle to look up with raised brows.

“I just told you, this is a figment of my subconscious but you were the one that pulled me here.” She explained blandly, pointing a brightly coloured wildflower as she did.

“Then what do we do?” He asked, for the first time in a long time feeling unsure and confused.

“Well I don’t know about you but I’m making flower crowns.” Belle chuckled, gesturing to her half made grown made of violets. Klaus couldn’t help but laugh, surprising himself at the action and yet Belle continued to twist and weave the flower stems together.

“May I join you?” He asked, causing her hands to still and eyes to shoot up to him in surprise.

“Well, if you want to, I can’t really say no. Do you know how to make them?” She asked causing Klaus to roll his eyes.

“Yes, though I thought that these went out of fashion… kids these days preferring technology or boys instead of enjoying the simple things and the beauty of this earth.” He stated amused while beginning to pluck the colours he wanted, choosing to go with reds.

Belle couldn’t help but smile at the question. “My mother is a hippie, a wild child. I grew up with that. It was nice, simple and relaxing, the fashion was much to be desired but the people, the colours…” She trailed off with a sad sigh. “I miss her.”

“What happened?” Klaus asked softly, pausing and looking over to the girl.

“She died when I was sixteen. She went out one night on a date and didn’t come home.” She explains with a frown. “They found her a week later half buried in the desert.”

Something in Klaus’s chest twisted, his mind grasping at something but couldn’t recall or tell what. “I am sorry to hear that.”

“What about you? You have a brother.” Belle asked simply, turning her eyes back to the crown in her lap.

“I have three brothers and a sister.” He explains. “Elijah is the one who is after me; he wants to kill me for killing our siblings.” Klaus confesses, he didn’t know why exactly that he was explaining this to the girl but he felt comfortable around her. He felt he could trust her and he didn’t know why, this made him worry and panic slightly.

Belle placed the violet crown gently to the side and smirked at Klaus. “Did you?”

“Did I what?” He asked.

“Did you kill them or tell him you killed them?” She asks. “Because your tone tells me that it was a lie.”

With a deep sigh Klaus finished off his own crown, unable to answer her question but knowing he had to. He felt better telling this to someone. “All I ever wanted was to protect my family. Elijah is the only one who would not draw Mikael to us. Until our father is dealt with, I cannot reunite with my siblings.”

Belle placed her hand on Klaus’s arm for comfort. “Maybe if you told Elijah the truth he can help you with your father, did you think of that?”

“He won’t believe me, he never believes me.” Klaus replies dejected, blinking at the sudden sense of hurt that welled up with those words. “But I have never given him proof to believe me either.”

“Have more faith in yourself Klaus, maybe if you showed him this side of you, showed him the man that’s before me… he may just help you.” Belle replied softly before beginning to pick more flowers, yellow ones this time.

A sharp tug caused Klaus to jerk, a frown pulling at his brows once again while his hand pushes against his rapid heart. “What’s that?”

“You’re waking up.” Belle laughed.

“Will I see you again?” Klaus blurts out before frowning once again.

“If fate allows it, goodnight Klaus.” She replied, giving him a soft smile that had his own lips twitching and had him hoping that he would see the girl again. She was strange but different, she was unlike any other he had met and yet completely normal.

He blinked once and found himself staring at the ceiling of his hotel room with a frown. All sense of the dream fading away and if it were not for the scent of fresh rain and wildflowers clinging to him, Klaus would believe that it didn’t happen at all.

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10 thoughts on “Chapter Two

  1. I can’t wait to see if Bella/Bella is a ghost, a witch or a vampire or even something else. I wonder if Niklaus will take her advice and tell Elijah the truth…… I like the softer side of Nik.
    I wonder who murdered her mother and why Niklaus feels something familiar about her and her situation.

  2. I’m super intrigued! So glad you didn’t wait until Monday. I love their interaction and really appreciate the softer side of Klaus that comes through. I am interested to see if he takes the advice or brushes it off. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  3. Really enjoyed this chapter. Super intrigued why everything seems familiar to Klaus. Wonder if he will take her advice.
    Curious to know what happened to Bella.
    Looking forward to more!

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