Chapter Four

Title: Sacrifices of Time

Pairing: Bella/Kol
Summary: She gave her life for the younger brother, to save the family she had come to love. But she didn’t know how harshly her death affected them all, that it still leads to what she saw.

Author Note: Well fuck…


Chapter Four

The Mikaelson’s soon learned that with the incredible strength came many weaknesses. The sun that once guarded them burned them. Esther had solved that and soon all of them – near all of the Mikaelson children – walked amongst the daylight again. The neighbours who had welcomed them freely into their homes no longer trusted them, hid themselves in their homes.

The plants that grew at the base of the white oak that their mother used for her spell burned them.

In that time, on the night of a full moon Klaus found the truth of his heritage. Belle could only watch helpless as he tore through several villagers in his animalistic rage and it was then that she too discovered the truth of Niklaus. A wolf.

It had changed her friend, her brother. It had changed Elijah too as he helped Nik clean away the bodies and break down. But the satisfaction of Tatia’s death, even at the hands of Elijah made Belle feel joyous. The wretched being could burn in the afterlife for all she cared.


Kol watched once night fell as his siblings and father burned the tree down. He had not uttered a word since the transformation, he let the rage stew as he realised that with this curse his mother had placed, he had no power.

He could no longer practice his magic, could no longer find a way to see his Belle again.

“Kol.” Finn uttered, placing a calming hand upon his little brothers shoulder. He too did not like what they had become, an abomination others had said… against nature.

“No!” He hissed furious. “They act as if Isibel was nothing. Because of them, because of mother I have no power now. I cannot be with her.” He hissed before turning his back on the family and glaring at his eldest brother. Only Finn had cared enough to continue to mourn Isibel, only Finn understood his pain in some way. “You still have Sage, you will never understand.”

“She would not want you to be this way.” Finn whispered as he watched his brother leave, make his way back home.

“Then she should have not tampered with fate.” Kol whispered brokenly, his sob being carried with the wind.

Belle watched this with tears in her eyes as Kol’s harsh voice reached her ears. This is not what she wanted, never what she wanted.

“Rebekah!” Henrik’s voice echoed across the dark fire lit field, causing Bella to whip around and scream. There before her, the girl she had called sister had a villager in her arms, her mouth buried into the man’s neck. She could see the blood spill from between Bekah’s lips as she moaned at the taste before dropping him.

The body cold, no heartbeat left to be found.

It was then that Esther and Mikael knew what the consequences were. Esther had thought that it was Niklaus and Niklaus alone that had the thirst, the monster which craved blood as the bastard he was, but now she could see where she had gone wrong.

“We will fix this.” Mikael seethed, his hand clenched around his sword. “I will fix this.”

Esther shook her head. “No, we will together. But first, there is something we must do, Niklaus…”

“He too will suffer the fate like his father.” Mikael hissed to his wife furious, he always knew that the abomination wasn’t his son but to be a son of a wolf… the very creatures that had killed Isibel? No, he will have his revenge for the pain they caused to this family.


Bella screamed and screamed as Elijah pinned down Nik while his mother placed the curse upon him, causing pain as it did so under the full moon. She could never forgive such a monstrous act, why would Elijah cause such pain?

“RELEASE HIM!” She screamed something in her snapping, causing Esther to stumble back in shock.

“Run Elijah, you must leave now.” Mikael ordered as he stepped into the field and helped his wife to her feet. Elijah frowned and looked between his parents and then to Niklaus before running, he could feel the power in the field and knew that something bad was going to happen, he wanted no part in that.

Belle watched as Niklaus and Mikael fought her heart heavy and furious all at once. How could two loving people turn out to be this way? She knew Mikael could be cruel but not this cruel, not cruel to taunt the slaughter of the wolf village they neighboured with.

Nik screamed as he felt the anger shift, snapping Mikael’s neck quickly before plunging his hand into his mother’s chest, squeezing her heart demanding to know why she did this. Why she didn’t love him enough? Why did she hate him so? Belle threw up her hands and created a barricade around them, keeping out Esther’s ancestors.

She wanted to collect the witch herself.

Horror was the first thing Klaus felt as his mother’s body dropped, her heart stuttering in his hands. Nik dropped to his knees, the heart rolling to the ground and stopping at his father’s side in horror, in disbelief he stared at his hands.

“Look what you have done.” Belle hissed as she grasped her mother to be’s arm. “Is this what you wanted?”

Esther stared at Belle in shock. “Isibel? How?”

“I am dead Esther; I was a witch like you. I have watched as you broke my best friend… I have watched as my love turned his back upon the world and his family. This monster you created is because of your cold heart, you are not the woman who I thought you to be.” Belle choked out harshly; a sob lodging in her throat.

“I-I did this because of you…” Esther gasped out, stumbling back as the sweet girl she had come to love as another daughter shot her a glare. A glare she had never seen upon the girls face before and it made her weary.

“I DID NOT ASK FOR THIS! I DIED TO SAVE HENRIK SO THE DEATHS I SAW WERE TO NEVER HAPPEN!” Belle screamed. “His death would have led to hundreds, thousands of deaths and yet it happened anyway. But my Kol, my Kol will suffer more than he was supposed to, you took his magic away Esther.”

“I did not mean for this… Isibel… what is going to happen?” Esther asked as Isibel began to walk away only to pause and look back over her shoulder.

“You will suffer the torment of my ancestors and yours. Enjoy the afterlife Esther, this is the only peace you will ever get, I will make sure of it.” With that Isibel was gone, leaving Esther at the mercy of the spirits around her.


Author Note: Okay, well this… is much shorter but hell… everything has come to a screaming halt. 


10 thoughts on “Chapter Four

  1. you tell her Isibel! Esther deserves to suffer after what she did. because of things she caused in the first place. she’s the one who couldn’t keep her legs crossed. i can almost feel Isibel’s pain. 😦

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