Chapter One

Title: Sacrifices of Time

Pairing: Bella/Kol
Summary: She gave her life for the younger brother, to save the family she had come to love. But she didn’t know how harshly her death affected them all, that it still leads to what she saw.

Author Note: Well fuck, after all the stories of Kol I just needed to write this… It may be continued later on though.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Twilight or The Originals/VD.

Third POV

The sun was past its apex in the sky and the Mikaelson’s were preparing to leave for the caves before the sun had set. Isibel had sat back with a smile as she watched her best friend and love taunt each other.

“Kol, my love, you know not to taunt your brother and Klaus you know better than to bet him.” She scolds as she stood from her seat and made her way to help them.

She had grown up with Niklaus only a few years younger than he and yet older than her love, but she had always been friends with Niklaus, tending to his wounds when his father beat him and being the only person to understand it. After all, she was but a mere woman and the reason her brother and mother had died according to her father.

“We are sorry Isibel, we’ll be sure to remember next time.” Kol chuckles as he pulls his beloved in his arms, he saw the haunted look in her eyes a mere second before and knew instantly that it was because she was lost in her painful past.

The day she agreed to be his intended, his bride in the next coming weeks had freed her from her father’s wrath. His family had loved her, even their father even if it was very hard to see.

“Have you got all you need for the stay in the caves, my love?” Kol asks, frowning when he saw her frown.

“Isibel, what is it?” It was Niklaus who asked as he made his way back from inside.

“I have a bad feeling, tonight will change everything but I do not know what.” She whispers, her eyes going distant as the cave surrounded her, the sound of screams and howls filling the noise.

Niklaus seeing his friends distant look, quickly cast one of his own to his younger brother before grasping his friends hands. They waited, they knew that she was a Häxa like their mother and knew that she sometimes had visions.

“What do you see?” Niklaus asks softly, tightening his hands around hers to anchor her like their mother suggested.

“I see… I see the cave. I hear wolves amongst the screams… This is all I see, this is all I know and there is no hope in the dark.” Isibel breathes out before shaking her head free of the images. She knew something was wrong and that she had to be there.

“Brothers! Isibel! Are you ready? Are you excited Isibel to see the caves once more?” Little Henrik cheered happily as he ran from the Mikaelson home.

Isibel chuckles softly as she pulled the youngest Mikaelson into her arms, forcing her body to relax as she felt the looming feeling of dread strengthen at his touch. As she pulled back she cast the young boy a smile as she let the brothers begin to answer his questions.

“I cannot wait to go, the caves are mystical and one night of less worry would be wonderful. I am happy that this time I was invited to attend.” Isibel answers the younger brother, smoothing back his hair. She couldn’t wait until Kol and she could start a family of their own.

“Of course you would be invited Isibel, you will be a Mikaelson soon; you have every right to join our ceremonies in the caves away from the wolves.” Fin chuckles as he and Sage made their way towards the others.

He was glad that Isibel had joined their family; they all knew she and Kol loved one another and now it was official. Though it was Fin who initially asked for Isibel to join them tonight, he owed her many thanks for speaking to Mikael and his mother about Sage. He knew she was he one to change their mind and it was a debt he would forever owe.

“Come children! Night is falling and we must get there before dark comes.” Esther yells to her children from the tree line, Rebekah by her side. Soon it would be dark and it was a long walk from their village to the caves, she was also hoping with the power that rested there would help her and Isibel to energise their powers.

The boys minus Henrik all drew their swords as they forms a protective circle around Sage, Isibel, Rebekah and their mother. They knew it was their task to keep out for any form of attack, be it man or beast while their father went ahead and hunted for their food tonight.

As they grew closer Isibel grew silent, her eyes distant as she withdrew into her mind, trying to ease away how wrong it felt. Though the caves were safe, it was between the village of the werewolves and their own.

“Are you alright my love?” Kol asks softly to his Isibel, he was growing more concerned as they grew near. He could see that Isibel was withdrawing within herself and he was worried, worried that she might have a bad night like other nights of the past memories of her father’s harsh hands.

Blinking, Isibel cast a soft smile up to her love and nodded. “Yes, I am just tired, all should be well now, and look we are here.” She informs, pointing to the cave entrance.

“I will lay out the skins for you to rest then, they will understand if you cannot join the festivities.” Kol whispers as he pulls his wife to be in his arms, resting his forehead on hers.

“Nonsense, it is just a long walk. I shall be fine once I sit for a little while. Go help your brothers and father. I will help Sage and Rebekah set the bedding for tonight.” Isibel replies, pushing her loves towards her brothers with a smile.

“Alright my love, I shall comply.” Kol chuckles before placing a kiss upon her brow and moving to help his brothers and father.

Esther watched Isibel with a frown, something was wrong with the girl and she could not find out what. Even the spirits were silent to her questions and a knot of dread began to sit in her chest. Something was coming and the young woman knew and it troubled her. Esther had comes to care a great deal about her son’s wife to be, her whole family has which displeased her mentor Ayana.

“What troubles you my love?” Mikael asks once he made sure his sons did as he asked.

“I do not know, but we must prepare for the worst.” She states before patting his hand and began to set up her ritual.

Soon they had all feasted and helped Esther with her ritual before the howls began to echo in the cave. Each member moving to their chosen spots together, each couple had a sword by their side as Rebekah and Henrik slept between their parents and Klaus.

“Time for sleep my love, tomorrow will be another day closer till we are wed.” Kol chuckles happily as he pulls his Isibel closer to his form.

Are you sure you don’t wish to change your mind and marry another brother Isibel?” Finn asks playfully. “Maybe Elijah or Klaus perhaps?”

Isibel chuckles and throws a pebble at Finn, “no, I am happy with Kol and I’d rather not face Tatia Petrov’s vicious jealousy if she thought I would take one of her men. Plus, it would be odd to date a brother.” She states with a small laugh, burrowing into her lives side as he possessively pulls her closer.

“Do not push me brother.” Kol mutters annoyed, causing his brothers to laugh. They had always teased Kol about his love for Isibel, Elijah and Klaus even pretending to flirt with her to make him see the light and act faster. If they hadn’t intervened then he would still be stammering for her courtship.

“Afraid brother?” Rebekah asks softly, smirking over Henrik and Klaus at her older brother.

“Leave your poor brother alone, you know he does not take kind to these jokes.” Esther scolds her children, holding back a smile as they all began to apologise. “Now rest, we will leave for the village once the sun rises.”

Author Note: Well this originally was going to be just a One Shot, but it’ll be two chapters or maybe three until I decide i’m going to continue it again. I will once HotFG and maybe another story is complete. Also, I’ve changed Isabella to Isibel, using the viking name that I use in Heart of a Fallen Goddess. But she’s still Bella from Twilight. ALSO she is really close to Klaus.



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