Chapter Three

Title: Sacrifices of Time

Pairing: Bella/Kol
Summary: She gave her life for the younger brother, to save the family she had come to love. But she didn’t know how harshly her death affected them all, that it still leads to what she saw.

Author Note: Well fuck…

Chapter Three

When Belle’s vision came back it was to horror. It was to her brother, her best friend crying over her as her blood smeared his skin and clothes. It was to Henrik, little Henrik sobbing into his sisters arms as he spewed out his unnoticed apologies, but worst of all….

She came to the look of utter grief and broken rage in her love as he begged for the spirits, for his mother and her mentor to bring her back. If she tried hard enough she could feel his hands, his warmth caress her as he held her corpse close to him as he cried.

“Shhh my sweet girl, this is not your fault.” The familiar voice of her mother crooned but even then Isibel could not tear her eyes away from her love. Her mother was wrong; this was her entire fault, her vision still stuck… Instead of Henrik’s death splitting the family, it was hers.

She watched as Mikael tenderly lifted her from her love’s arms with a grief stricken face, she watched as her Love shattered before her, crumbling like a fragile flower in a strong wind. She wished dearly to reach out and comfort him, to heal him from this wound she so carelessly caused.

“I will never forgive you.” The sound that escaped from Kol’s lips had her stumbling back into her mother’s awaiting arms with a sob catching in her throat. There was no warmth left in her love, only broken ice as he spat out the words to his brothers before stumbling away.

“It was meant to be dearheart.” Her mother whispered softly, causing Belle to finally turn around to face her. Hazel eyes and copper hair was the first thing she had seen through her tears, soft lips and a button nose she had received from her mother. “This was fate’s path; you just saved Henrik and took his place. In time my daughter; you shall be reunited with him again.”

“It is what I fear will happen in that time mama.” She sniffled casting her eyes down upon Nik who dared no move from his spot in his mother’s arms. “It is not just Kol I fear for but Nik.”

Renee held her daughter close, her eyes looking over the boy who her little girl watched over, had tended to after his father had beat him. She and all of her kin had believed that Niklaus and Isibel would be the ones to fall in love and marry; it was a surprise when Kol had asked for her hand in courtship and her little Bel accepted with rose tinted cheeks.

“He will have a hard life; there are many trials for him yet.” She revealed to her daughter, pulling her away from the village and into the forest.

“What do I do now mama?” Isibel asked softly once her tears had stopped.

“For now, we will train you and have you ready for the time you are to crossover once more, in between simply watch them my dear.” Renee explained and soon more kin came to help their youngest, the last of their line.


Belle did what her mother had suggested, after her training she had watched over her love and her family. She watched with a heavy heart as her love sat stone faced the days after her death till the time of her funeral where he broke again once more.

She had watched as Nik tortured himself daily, accepting the beatings Mikael gave to him and the lies his mother spewed out as Ayanna twisted her Mikaelson parents with her forked tongue.

Her grandmother showed her the truth of Esther’s mentor. How she had lied to the community and conversed with the dark side.

The worst was Henrik, it pained her to see that she in turn had caused him to mature and become distant with the world. No longer did he smile freely or even played pranks on his brothers but just sat alone in silence and weaved flower crowns all day till his fingers bled from the constant rubbing and thorns.

She had broken the Mikaelson’s.

“I am sorry Henri.” She whispered taking a seat by his side, frowning as his fingers paused.

Isi?” He breathed before shaking his head and returning back to his task. Crown after crown he had made and in each one he made, he threw in the fire upon completion. She gave the youngest one last look before making her way towards Nik.

He had tried to return to the way he was, flirting with Tatia and taunting Elijah but there was no heart behind it all now. No joy or mirth only hollowness that caused her own heart to clench and determination to strengthen her powers once more.

She watched them for a bit longer, smiling as Rebekah threw a pail of water on the bickering brothers. Smiling as they both laughed, only to frown and look down as Mikael snapped at them from Esther’s side.

Have you no shame? Fighting like children while your brother mourns. It has been not even a moon cycle since Isibel’s death and yet you act this way?” Mikael hissed furious towards his children.

“Let them be this way Mikael.” She whispered softly, brushing her hand upon the elder man’s bare arm but still it made no difference. Ayanna’s hold was still strong and she could not interfere with the living. She watched with a saddened heart as he stormed off while leaving his children to stand shattered before their home.

The scene faded and she found herself in Esther’s magic hut staring at her love.

“I love you Kol.” She whispered as she turned to her love, he did nothing more than to work on his magic. She knew that he was trying to find a way to bring her back but she was in a realm they had no clue existed. Until it was time for her to return, she would not be able to be found.


Belle gasped as she felt her spirit be tugged from the field she was training in to the Mikaelson home, a scream tearing from her lips as she watched Mikael spear his children through the chest with his sword.

“NO!” A furious whirl of wind blew through the Mikaelson home causing all the candles to blow out shocking both Esther and Mikael.

She continued to scream as she threw her body over her loves bloody body and cried. She could feel her kin and the ancestors surround her and the fallen Mikaelson. She could hear their chanting, their words of anger but she did not care.

“Isibel you must come.” Renee whispered, pulling her child from her love’s fallen frame only be flung back as Isibel threw out her hand in anger and grief.

“Bekah?” It was only when she heard Klaus’s name did Isibel look up to see Klaus scurry to Rebekah. Her eyes flickered to Elijah and Finn who were rousing before looking back down to Kol who had yet to even move.

Dread pooled and the vision of death washed over her eyes once more as she cast a horrified look up into her mother’s eyes before snapping her head around as the door opened to reveal Mikael and Ava. She looked to be in a daze, her eyes glassy.

What are you doing?” Klaus asked, grasping his sister’s arm tightly as Mikael grasped Ava’s neck tightly.

“We must finish what we started; you have to drink if you want to live.” Mikael explained, shoving the girl to her knees before the two and sliced into her arm with his dagger.

“NO! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?” She roared as he forced Rebekah to drink from the girl after shoving Nik harshly to the floor.

One by one Mikael forced his children to drink from the girl, the last being Kol. She watched with horror as her love drained the girl of the last drop of blood with no compassion or recognition in his eyes.

“It has been done; there is nothing we can do.” Maeve sighed before pulling Isibel onto her feet. “He has turned off his emotions my sweet; he will not feel his humanity. Esther has committed them to be against nature, monsters. In time they will be killed.”

No one expected the rage to flash across Isibel’s face as she whirled around and smacked Maeve across her face, slamming her power into all of them. “My love may be a monster but I will not allow you to speak to me of their death. I died saving them you wretched woman and I will spend my afterlife trying to save them once again. You or your wretched coven dares to destroy my family and I will show you the meaning of pain.”

In a wave of the hand, the coven that was Esther’s kin had all but vanished in a flash of white and screams, leaving her mother and grandmother in the room with the rest of her own coven. “Will you aide me or will you stand with them.”

Renee and Raine smirked. “With you of course dear, we know the fate of the Mikaelson’s and it will be down to them to keep the balance. We shall leave you to watch your love, find us when you are ready.”

Isibel sobbed as they vanished, her hand hovering over her loves cheek as he gazed through her. “I will be with you again my love; just do not give up on me and our love.”

Author Note: Okay, well this… blame or thank Cuinawen for this because I got stuck into reading her fics again today and well this story just begged to be added too. So for now, here is an update.


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