Chapter Two

Title: Sacrifices of Time

Pairing: Bella/Kol
Summary: She gave her life for the younger brother, to save the family she had come to love. But she didn’t know how harshly her death affected them all, that it still leads to what she saw.

Author Note: Ta-Da!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Twilight or The Originals/VD.

Chapter Two

Isibel couldn’t fall asleep unlike the others; she drifted off into a meditative state but could not find the peaceful slumber she needed. Maybe she should head to the village as the sun rose and start the chores for the others if she could not find rest before then.

Henrik’s eyes snapped open before he silently crawling to Niklaus. He wanted to see the wolves change back into men and the only way he could do that is if he took Nik with him or tried to convince his older brother to take him. But Henrik knew that he had a better chance with Niklaus than any other of his siblings.

“Nik… Nik wake up.” He whispers, shaking his brother’s form. Niklaus’s eyes shot open as he felt someone shake him; rubbing the sleep from his eyes he faced Henrik.

“What are you doing? Why did you wake me?” He asks in a whisper as he saw the others shift.

“I want you to take me to see the wolves turn back to men.” Henrik whispers softly, watching as his older brothers eyes widen in disbelief.

“No! It is forbidden and it is dangerous.” Niklaus states furiously to his little brother, his eyes casting a look to his father’s sleeping form.

“Please Nik, please just this once and I shall never ask again.” Henrik pleads, his eyes widening as he pouted.

Unable to resist that look he sighs, he would have to complain to Isibel later about teaching him that look but he would go with him. “Okay, just this once and it stays between us. Come, it is nearly dawn and they will begin soon.”

Henrik jumps to his feet happily and silently before making his way towards the mouth of the cave as he waited for Niklaus as he gathered his sword. They both cast one look at their family to make sure all were asleep before rushing out of the cave.

Isibel’s eyes snapped open instantly; fear clenching her heart as she saw what would happen if they reached their destination; death and anger. She could not risk Henrik’s death; it would forever haunt her best friend. She quickly placed a kiss upon her loves lips before picking herself up and rushing after them.

Klaus and Henrik stayed far back from the wolves that gathered in the clearing, hiding behind a set of boulders by the stream as the sun began to rise. Howls or pain turned into screams as they began to contort and shift back into their human flesh.

Henrik couldn’t believe his eyes and he was excited, a gasp escaping his lips as he saw them shift. The stories were not like what he saw now, the stories sounding much more vicious then they were.

A snarl filled the air, closer than the mixed wolf howl screams drawing Niklaus’s and Henrik’s eyes towards the wolf coming at them. Niklaus instantly jumping to his feet as the pack came for them in their confused rage ready to attack, he pushed Henrik behind him as one wolf pounced towards them.

“NO!” Isibel’s scream tore through the field with a burst of wind and power.

Klaus spins and screams as Isibel threw herself in front of Henrik and him, taking the brunt of the wolves attack. Henrik stumbled back clutching his arm as a paw sliced through it while taking the full brunt of Isibel’s body.

A scream of rage tore through Niklaus as he sliced at the beasts, watching them shift and run from him before turning and dropping to his knees.

“No, no, no… Isibel, why… why did you do this?” He cries, clutching the only person who understood his plight, whom he had come to love as a sister.

“Because… because he would have died… anger and rage… so much death… tell Kol… Kol… I love him.” Isibel gasps pained her whole body on fire from her wounds. She could feel her ancestors calling her from beyond, feel their power flow into her as she began to fade and welcome her.

“Rem-member all I told you Klaus, brother.” Isibel gasps out one last time before fading into the darkness.

Klaus screams in agony as he clutched her close, grief and guilt eating away at him as the tears fell. He could faintly hear Henrik crying, begging for Isibel to come back.

In the caves the Mikaelson’s woke, Esther felt a shift in the air but could not tell what it was but she knew that it was bad and it would create a rift between her children that could not be mended or healed. She had hoped that what this rift may be would be fixed in time.

“Isibel?” Kol’s voice echoes the cave as he woke to see his love gone, fear clenching his heart as he thought of all that could have happened.

“She must have gone back with Klaus and Henrik; they were gone when I woke this morning.” Elijah tries to reassure his brother as he gathers his and his brother’s things.

“We all know Isibel is an early riser, she mustn’t have slept well last night. Kol, it’ll all be okay. She is safe with Niklaus and we all know that where Isibel and Niklaus go, Henrik will follow.” Fin like his brother tried to reassure his younger one as he and Sage gather their own things.

“Well we shall make our way back then, we should be safe now.” Mikael states from the cave entrance, the morning light reflecting off his sword.

Kol agreed but he couldn’t help but feel something was terribly wrong, a slight hollow resting in his chest that he can’t remember ever having. He quickly rushed towards their village, hopefully seeing his Isibel would chase the feeling away.

They all reached the village faster than any other time; their speed picking up as each member began to feel the dread thicken in the air.

“Isibel!” Kol calls happily, hopefully as he rushed into their family home; frowning when he saw she or his brothers were not there.

“She is not here.” He states once his family make their way inside.

“She must be with Nik doing something, maybe gathering berries of herbs.” Rebekah replies softly, placing her hand on her brother’s shoulder. “I’ll go check in the village for her.”

“She’ll be fine my son, now you all must clean up and go do your chores.” Esther states before pausing as Niklaus scream filled the air.


His scream echoed again, louder and desperate than before causing those to look towards the door, only moving when they heard their sister scream.


Kol was the first one to move, slamming the door open and letting out a cry as he saw his love bloody and limp in his brother’s arms.

“WHAT HAPPENED!?” He roared while falling to his knees as Nicklaus places her carefully on the ground. He quickly pulled her to his body, his head thrown back as he cried to the gods.

“No, what… what happened?” Esther asks as she falls to Isibels side, her hands running over the fallen girls’ body to search for her soul.

“The wolves… I’m sorry… oh, so sorry.” Klaus cried, curling into himself but could not tear his eyes away from his best friend.

“It is my fault… I wanted to see the wolves turn to men… she sacrificed herself to save me.” Henrik cried into Fin’s arms, clutching onto his sisters dress as she tended to the wound.

Rage and grief began to build within Kol; he had never felt such rage before not even when he had found her father beating her. He would never forgive his brothers for this; never forgive himself for not noticing sooner she was gone.

“Please, bring her back… bring her back!” He cries out, eyes pleading with his mother who in return looked at Ayana.

The whole village watched mourning as they saw the Mikaelson family began to tear apart when they were told that Isibel could not be saved.

“Let me take her son,” Mikael whispers, taking the young girl away and towards his home to prepare her for her funeral. Kol slumped forward once she was gone, his blurry eyes not once leaving his bloody hands.

“I will never forgive you for this.” He whispers, casting a hate filled look up at his brothers. “I will never forgive you.”

With that he got to his feet and stumbled towards his home, shoving any help from his brothers away. No, he would never forgive Niklaus and Henrik for this; she was his soul and they ripped her from him.

Author Note: Well this is it, it can stand as a two shot for now… but it WILL be continued but for now it’ll stay as complete.


2 thoughts on “Chapter Two

  1. I love it!!!!
    The first chapter was great and this one had me in tears!!
    Poor Kol, what will happen to him without Isibel? And Henrik survived!
    I can’ t wait to know what happens next!!!!
    Love Lori

  2. Aww…poor Kol…This sounds to be another one of your great stories…I can’t wait to read more of it…thanks, huggs

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