Chapter Eight

Chapter Seven

Author note: Well death won out…

Disclaimer: I own not but the plot… no gods and no Hawkeye unfortunately.

Clint POV

I couldn’t hold back the grimace as I realised I was subconsciously rubbing my ear. I could still hear her screams, the sound of the loud echoing screech that made me partially deaf. My body ached as the sky flashed in the distance and the room around me faded.


The sun shone down upon the field, Isibel’s laughter echoing as Alex chased after her in horse form. It was still amazing that there were other mythical creatures, mutants, shifters, vampires. It was a mere six days after we had gotten married when Alex got in trouble.

Drunkards had come and went after Alex as he tried to save a woman being attacked. They had beat him badly, no matter how strong or fast he may be they managed to get a jump on him and blindside him. Lauren was with him and she had been attacked as well.

They were about to kill him when Isibel screamed, her eyes glowing and blown wide in the middle of dinner. Everyone was worried, her scream echoed and turned into a roar of rage, her armour shifting in and out shocking me and everyone there before a harsh light exploded around us.

We found ourselves in a field surrounding four men and a beaten Alex, three holding him down while one tied a noose. They were about to haul him up mere seconds before my love, my wife, let loose her fury.

It was the first time I had seen her fight, though the men she went up against was no match for her but she was stunning. She glided through them like a dance, and in the end stood in the middle of the bodies breathing harshly, her eyes still glowing furiously.

No one dared to say a word to her about that incident, no one asked and since that day everyone was more relaxed and Alex was consistently near her. I didn’t have to worry about the fact, he was mated to Lauren and he did explain it to me when he was better. He felt like he was in debt, she saved his life and until the favour is repaid he was now forever her guard.

“What did they get up to today?” Lauren asked as she sat by my side, I heard her coming of course, my wife’s teachings forever etched in my mind with studying everything around me.

Bluebell laughed as she launched herself at me, her legs wrapping around my waist before twisting so she was on my back. How she was able to do that and make me not lose balance was beyond me. He hands cupped my ears, blocking all sound but her voice; another mystery.

“I want you to focus on your sense of sight and smell. Smell the world around you, watch as the water drops on each leaf or the fluttering wings of the bugs. Tell me what you see.” She whispered softly and I did as she instructed.

I cast my eyes around, breathing in the strong scents of the field around me as well as the forest and yet I couldn’t see what she wanted me to. They didn’t slow or my eyes didn’t register them, it was frustrating.

“Can you not do what…” I trailed off as I felt her body stiffen and hands tighten on the side of my head.

“I will not do what my father did to me! It was painful; I could not adjust without the help of Heimdall. Everything was too loud, the sounds too crisp. No, you will learn try again.”

Six months it took me to finally get the hang of what she was trying to do even now I was still trying to adjust to everything but I was able to see everything and my aim reflected that.

“The usual pranks while they practiced, except this time Alex phased. For such a dark man I would have never guessed that his colourings would be golden.” I chuckled causing Lauren to laugh as well.

Pearl of Peace

“It has nothing to do with skin colour, though some mistake it as such. The colour reflects your soul, each markings of his brothers were different even a midnight black one with a white belly. It’s hard to understand but the colourings reflect the soul.” She explains softly, it made sense to me.

“Is Dolly alright Hawk? Everyone has noticed since she saved Alex that her guard has been up, her eyes casting to the skies and how she tenses when there is a storm.” Lauren asks softly, her nicknames for us rolling off her lips affectionately. I still have to get used to the fact I now had a moniker, Hawkeye.

It was a rough day, the ringmaster as I have come to call him instead of his name was getting impatient that I didn’t have any potential to his standards. Yes I could fight and am good with a sword and bow but there were just no shows for a sword fighter and Bluebell already dominated the bow field.

“HE WILL JOIN ME!” Isibel snapped, her body vibrating with fury as she slammed her hand down upon the wooden table cracking it.

Everyone inhaled sharply as they stopped what they were doing and stared at Isibel and Harry. He was staring down at her furiously and I knew they were fighting about my stay here.

“I can leave…?” I trail off, holding back the flinch as my lovely woman turned her glare onto me.

“Go get your bow.” She hissed and I just gestured to the very item at my side. “Good, now both of you come with me!”

We followed her till we reached a spot; it was a flat spot in the field by the lake with intricate patterns carved into a rock. I was moved to stand in the centre by my Bluebell and jerking my arms up and bow in hand.

“If he can shoot as well as I, then you will let him stay and be in my show. I am tired of you Harry being… being… this way! I do not want to leave but I will if you keep threatening to make my soul leave!” She seethes and though I felt for her words, I was nervous. I wasn’t good as Bluebell, nowhere near it and yet I knew with her belief I would be okay.

“Fine, that is agreeable. Show us what you got Barton!” He taunted gruffly before picking up a handful of rocks the size of a half dollar.

“You can do it Clint, I believe in you.” She whispered once my eyes landed on Bluebell and I nodded, firming my stance and told him to throw.

I watched as the rocks flew in the air, slowing and sharpening as they tumbled. My hand drew, the arrow pulled and in seconds the rocks split as the three arrows I let loose sliced through them.

“Sweet laird! That wis some mighty braw shootin’ laddie!” Earnan praised as he stepped out of the shade of the tent and picked up the split rocks.

Bluebell smiled wide, smug and proud. “He’s got hawk eyes.” She chuckles before looking up at me with a soft smile. “My Hawkeye.”

I shook my head of the memory and turned to look at Lauren I needed to answer. “I am not sure to be honest, she won’t tell me anything she’s afraid of something and it has gotten to the point she sleeps with a knife under the pillow.” I sigh out, running a hand through my hair in frustration.

In fact I knew something was deeply wrong, troubling almost. Most nights when she slept I did not, she sleeps less and less now and when she does it’s always a nightmare. She thrashes, her magic seeping out of her like fire breaking things and even I got in the crossfire once; though I would never tell her that. I rubbed my chest at the memory of the harsh glow exploding from her and into me, but since then I’ve noticed everything is more crisp and clear.

“We’re all worried, even Lore and Earnan, they have tried speaking to her but cannot get her to utter a word and…” She trails off at Alex’s worried neigh, her eyes and mine flickering to Isibel who now stood stock still her eyes trained to the darkening sky.

“You need to leave! You are not welcomed!” She seethed furiously as her head snapped to the tree line. “Hawkeye, Lauren, go and gather the others quickly.” I was up instantly my eyes scanning the tree line for what she had seen only to see some ravens. I quickly rushed and went to find Lore and Earnan while Lauren went for the others.


“You need to come quick, someone unwelcomed is here. Isibel sent me.” I state quickly, grabbing my bow as I did so; watching as Lore gathered a few things with Earnan rushing to my side.

“What is it Lass?” Earnan rushes out as we reach her side, the others following.

My body screamed danger as I looked into the darkening forest. Once again my eyes landing on a raven and watching, it seemed unusually large and its eyes sparked with mischief and power.stock-footage-creepy-raven-in-the-misty-forest-loop-able-animation

Leave now! I do not know how you found me but you need to leave!” She bellowed her words heavy with accent.

A deep chuckle filled the air as the raven burst into smoke and formed into a man I had seen before in town. Though now he looked much like a hunter than the casual bloke near the trade store. His hair was pulled back revealing the ink on the side of his shaved head.


“I’ve been looking for you much since you left. I travelled to many realms Vanaheim, Muspelheim, Alfheim and yet I never would have s you would be here m’lady.” The man uttered with a small bow his eyes snapping to mind as I placed my hand upon my wife’s shoulder.

“My wife said leave. You are not welcome stranger.” I grit out causing his eyes to narrow before flickering back to Isibel.

“Married? My, my, my meyla does he know of where you hail from or the words he speaks?” The man asked causing rage to boil. Rain began to pour as thunder clapped across the sky.

“You are dishonourable Ragnar; I take this petty vengeance then?” She spat, her body glowing to her armour. “Many blood you have slain and you lost court to Huginn and Muninn, much high follower you were, blessed with the gift of change and yet you spit in their faces when you attacked the women. It is not I who told but Thor, I am not to blame níðingr.” She sneered the last word before spitting down at the feet, the word I have no meaning of but I knew they were an insult as the man’s eyes lit with fire of his rage.

“I have come for your head either way.” He spat causing I and the others to stiffen.

“You be alone níðingr.” Isibel states before frowning as the ground began to shake.

A wide taunting smirk etched across the intruders face. “I am not.”

I watched as the trees buckled as two rock like beings stepped out, a rumble escaping their mouths as they cast a taunting rock like smile. What followed them sent chills down my spine; they looked like demons of hell with horns and fire. Then they were followed by what I would consider average men.

“You dare bring Kronan’s and fire demons to my realm?” Isibel roared thunder cracking down around us in in its wake warriors flew out.

“Heimdall sent us m’lady! Tell thy midgardians to run!” One warrior urged as he bowed towards my wife, her eyes widened as she cast a look into the sky before facing us in a worry.

“My friends you need to leave, I will not risk you in this battle you cannot fight. Go and run, be on with you!” She yelled urging us to go; some did those who were close to her stayed. Lore, myself, Earnan and Alex who sent Lauren away.

“I am not leaving you!” I shout over the loud rumble determined. I had just found her, married the woman who completed me and I was not going to leave her now. My wife cast me a long look but nodded her acceptance; this is what I also loved about her. I was her equal no matter what realm I came from or my strength and she would not deny me this battle.

She gave me a soft kiss and a smile before drawing Ichaival and rushed into battle. The others that joined laughed and joked as they battled alongside myself and my wife, teasing the others – the midgardians – as they call us.


I had killed some with my bow, more of the man than the demons and the rock creatures. Those were left up to my wife and the others. I was still confused somewhat, she had told me that no one knew where she was; that she had masked herself and her magic from all eyes.

How did they find her?

“You boy! You’re Isibel’s husband.” The man who had come for my wife spat out furiously wiping the blood from his brow.

“Why did you come for her? How did you find her?” I demanded causing the man to smirk. We began our own dance, his sword to my bow.

“I sense the magic in you mortal. I sense the magic in her too, she slipped and my followers here told me. I came for her. Because of her I lost what was mine and now she will lose what is hers.” He taunts as he flew towards me in a mass of smoke. I dogged, my eyes taking in the form mixed in; catching the spots where I would need to shoot.

I spun, drawing my bow before waiting, following him with my arrow tip as he turned; his eyes were a coal black with a glint I knew. It was one I had seen plenty of times with my brother… father… his heart was black as coal.

The second I saw his chest I let loose the arrow, watching as it sliced through the air and… and missed. It soared right through him as if he wasn’t there at all.

“CLINT NO!” I heard my wife scream before a loud screech and boom so terrifying I recoiled in pain as I tumbled back from the force that hit me, my hand flying to my ear as my eyes popped open to see my wife and the man standing together.

Debris and wind floated down upon them, the world silent and full of the Magic. They were locked in an embrace; my wife’s near flushed against his, his arms around hers and her hand on his chest. I felt fury and hurt swirl in me till the dust settled and I saw the arrow sticking out from between her hands and through the fool’s chest.

“Níðingr… traitor… coward…” I heard her breath as he stumbled back from her in shock and crumbled before my very eyes; his body lifeless at her feet.

I rushed forward, fear and relief in my chest until I saw her stumble, my hands clasping around her frame as she fell.

“Oh god no.” My eyes shot up to Lore seeing her look down upon my wife in horror, it was then I noticed the scent of blood, the feel of warmth that pooled under my hand and seeping into my knees. The blade resting at her side, grasped weakly in her hand.

“No… no… no!” I cry, pressing my hands against the wound in desperation to staunch the blood flow.

“Clint… My love… I’m sorry… I love you…” She breathed, tears pooling in hers and my eyes.

“No please, Bluebell, I cannot lose you… Please…” I beg, my hand brushing across hers leaving scarlet in its place.

I held her close, tightly praying to the gods above to let her live. Her name falling from my lips and harsh sobs as I rocked us both, my hand pressing her face into the crook of my neck.

“ISIBEL!” I cry, letting the pain release into the silent world.

“I will take her.” My eyes shot up at the deep voice, locking onto the gold eyes filled with the cosmos that belonged to the now kneeling man before me. He was tall and wearing gold armour that contrasted against his dark skin.


“Please, don’t take her…” I beg, holding onto my wife in desperation.

The man sighs softly before holding his arms out. “I must, she needs to be sent to Valhalla in the traditional way of her people. Her soul will not rest till then.” He explains softly, while pulling my wife from my reluctant arms.

I couldn’t look away from her softly glowing form.

“She would want you to have this. I know Ichaival respects you much like it did Isibel, use it wisely Clint of Barton.” He informs, gesturing to the lone warrior by his side to hand me the bow. I couldn’t touch the golden frame; I couldn’t bear to take what was not mine to take.

“How do you know?” I whisper as he turned to leave.

“My name is Heimdall the Watcher of Worlds, I was… her mentor. Her friend.” He whispered before disappearing into a bright light, taking my wife with him.


Author Note: The longest chapter yet! And here you go, any guesses what exactly is happening to Isibel, cause I can tell you she is not dead.

Níðingr – A níðingr was the object of hate and scorn. He was an outcast. Typical causes for such disgrace included: cowardice; treachery; shameful acts (such as killing kinsmen or defenseless people); breaking one’s oath. When a man betrayed the trust of another man, that man would become known as a níðingr.




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