Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen

Author note: *gasp*

Disclaimer: I own not but the plot… no gods and no Hawkeye unfortunately.


I let out a slight grunt as my shoulder and body impacted with the buildings floor, the burn of the explosion passing quickly, oh how I hated fire.

Something within my very core screamed at me and my foolishness, telling me this was not what I wanted. While another part screamed louder and angrier that this indeed was my birthright, I shall have it even if it were to crumble before me.

I jerk myself up, my eyes scanning for the red headed woman who I was after or the archer whom I had corrupted only to cringe as the large beast threw me further into the building.

I push myself up furiously, the haze of blue tinting my vision as I faced the dull creature that followed me in. “ENOUGH! ALL OF YOU ARE BENEATH ME! I AM A GOD, YOU DULL CREATURE, AND I WILL NOT BE BULLIED…”

hulk_smash_loki-87969 (1)Hulk-Smash-Loki

I didn’t have time to react before I felt my body being yanked and slammed over and over again, pain wracking my body with the force of each pull and hit. When it finally stopped I lay still, moaning in pain as I tried to reduce it.

I could sense her, my sister near and I knew I was to surly die. She must have come to take me to Hel, for I knew I deserved not to go to Valhalla.

“What have you done brother?” My eyes snapped open when her voice filled the room and locked onto hers.

There was no halo of death, no golden light to indicate she was passed on and I could see the swell of blood that pooled on her arm from the battle I had created.

“Isibel? How?” I rasp out, grasping her offered hand. Her warmth radiated throughout my body, chasing the cold that always seemed to be lingering beneath my skin; now I knew but now it was gone.

“How what Loki?” She asks her voice hard and unrelenting as she picks me up and shoves me into a chair.

“How… How are you alive? I felt you die long ago.” I rasp out, wincing as I yank a chunk of rock from my side.

“I didn’t die; I merely used a large burst of magic before falling into a sleep. I have been asleep since then and only waking when you corrupted my husband.” She informs, acid seeping into her tone at the end of her speech, causing my eyes to widen.

“Husband?” I blurt, my eyes widening in horror as I thought back to all those I corrupted but only one stood out, the archer. He had been the only one to fight the magic of the sceptre, the only one I could feel with magic locked deep inside.

I had brushed it off as a mere coincidence but now I can recall the familiar warmth of my Sister’s magic.

“I see you now realise… Tell me Loki, my brother, what has caused you to become like this? Why this madness? Why do you hurt our brother so?” She whispers softly placing her hand on mine, her eyes sad. It caused guilt to bubble up only to be replaced by burn. I shove her away from me furiously, watching as she crashes into the floor.

“Because it is my birthright! I was born and raised to be a king but Odin lied! He would not allow a monster, a frost giant on the throne of Asgard! He created this hate; he lied to me all these years of my heritage! They are no family of mine!” I snap before flinching back as my sister’s hand connected with my face.

“Then am I not your sister? I have known from the start of you being what you are and have not loved you any less! I watched you corrupt and kill those around you and I do not deem you a monster!” She snaps, her voice hitching in her throat as tears pool in her eyes.

The blue haze faded as I realised what I had said, what I had done. “Oh sister, forgive me!”

She waved me off as she pulled herself up from the debris, plucking the shard of glass from her leg. “I do not blame you Loki, my brother. You have been corrupted yourself.” She whispers sadly.

“You knew what I was?” I ask once her words replayed in my calm mind, watching as she cast me a sideways glance before nodding.

“I was there when father brought you home, your skin tinting blue under my hand. I have never thought of you as a monster, I have loved you from that very moment on. You were my brother, you needed me more than Thor; you needed my guidance. I am to blame for this madness.” She chokes out, collapsing onto the ground.

I rushed to her side immediately, memories of her always being by myside as I grew, always supporting me, standing up for me against all other, even against her brother of blood.

“You are not to blame!” I inform her, helping her up from the floor and to the chair I had shoved her from.

“I should have taken you with me; I shouldn’t have left you there where I knew you would always be cast in Thor’s shadow. I should have been there to comfort you when you found out the truth of your birth.” She chokes out, pushing the palms of her hands into her eyes, covering her face from view.

“No… no… you are not to blame!” I stammer out, my chest clenching with guilt. What had I done? Of all the people I had never wished to hurt, I had done it. I had hurt the only person whom I loved unconditionally and her in return, my sister.

I felt the tears pool as I pulled her closer to me, to hug away the pain. “Please forgive me.” I plead.

Rage built once more, harsher than before as the blue haze took over my vision once again. A roar of fury escaping my lips as I shove the woman in my arms away, sneering down at her, she was weak and petty.

“Stop your snivelling, you foolish woman!” I hiss causing her eyes to snap to mine, darkening with an all too familiar rage that sparked fear deep down within me.

“Release my brother!” She snarled back, her eyes tinting red as she stormed towards me.

I let out a chuckle as she swung, missing my frame by a hair as I dodged it before connecting my fist into her side. My body lagged as it screamed wrong at the action but my mind surged on, fueling the haze.

“DON’T TOUCH HER!” The booming voice of Thor echoed, drawing a laugh from my lips as I turn to face him and the archer.


“Oh and why not?” I ask tauntingly before grunting as I felt something collide with my body, a roar so familiar echoed the room before I was flipped and came face to face with the Berserker.

“Don’t move, our sister has reached her anger.” I heard Thor state before my body was wracked with hits. I fought back the best I could, but I knew it was no use against Isibel.

Her hands smacked to the side of my face as she tossed me up and caught me, her body heaving with pants as she forced me to look into her eyes. “This is going to hurt…. Now release my brother.”

I felt the warmth spread fast throughout my body, ripping screams from my lungs as it burned every inch of me, chasing away the haze and the ice.

Fight it! Fight him my brother!

I struggled and bucked but the weight of who held me down would not budge as the power burned away the corrupting force. Eons of pain have passed and yet it still won’t break… it still won’t break… Too much power and it will not break, I can feel it fighting back the power, and I can feel the ice burn.

Fight it, yes Loki! Fight the darkness, fight the madness! This is not who you are!

The voice screams, shoving in memories of myself as a child, laughing and playing. Learning tricks of magic in a time before I turned bitter, with each image, each emotion that came with it… the power lost and the madness receded.

Soon the pain vanished and my eyes snapped open, connecting with the dull crystal blue of my sisters. “Isibel!” I gasp, rolling her off me and catching her as she waivered.

“I’m fine, I’m fine… I am tired is all, a little sleep and I will be okay brother.” She groans before she pulled herself from my arms and stumbled into that of the archers, her husbands.

“Don’t.” She replied sternly as Thor and the others moved to advance on me. “He was being compelled. I cannot excuse him from the things he did in Asgard, but when he fell into the other realms not of ours, he was manipulated; poisoned with power I have not ever felt. He didn’t mean all he did here, the poison in his mind forcing him, causing his rage and bitterness to double to an uncontrollable level. He was Enchanted much like the others.”

“He still needs to be taken home to Asgard; he cannot go without punishment Sister. I will tell our father of what you spoke and hopefully it shall dampen his time.” Thor replied, his voice full of regret and relief.

For the first time in a very long time I agreed with him, I knew I was not without fault and for that I needed to be sentenced like all others. “Maybe in time I can return here to make amends.” I reply softly, casting a look towards Isibel and her husband.

“Maybe, I can learn more about your time here; meet your family under better circumstances.” I finish as I cast a look around the others around the room. “I could really go for that drink now.”

Author Note: Hmmm… Epilogue left! *evil cackle* Remember 15 reviews…





6 thoughts on “Chapter Eighteen

  1. awesome simply awesome! i cannot wait until the next chapter it will be super awesome!!! and hey maybe a sequel? cause u know. thor and the dark world be a great one to make a sequel oh or or the avengers two 😀

  2. Love it. I love Loki and isibel’s relationship. I loved how he was being compelled and she helped break it. I hope in the epilogue Loki gets some form of a happy ending

  3. I have a feeling that I will still hate Odin the Asshole. Hopefully Isibel will be able to make his punishment to be banishment to earth. I loved the relationship between them!

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