Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen

Author note: *gasp*

Disclaimer: I own not but the plot… no gods and no Hawkeye unfortunately.


I didn’t trust the man in blue and white, he had an air of arrogance. I especially didn’t like that he ignored myself and gave Clint an untrustworthy look. Did they not understand he couldn’t control his body, that he was being controlled?

“I am sorry.” My eyes flicker to Tasha, the tone of her voice was hesitant and I knew it was something she didn’t say very often.

“And what is it you are sorry for?” I ask, my eyes scanning the people who passed once more.

“I am not sure.” She replies honestly, her eyes flickering back as she cast a look at Clint. “There is nothing between us, he had saved my life and I am in his debt.”

It relieved me to hear this, but I figured out that not long ago when I watched them. They loved each other, not as lovers but that of friends or family.

“Here, this might fit you.” She states, pulling a one piece outfit from the locker before her. It was one like hers but it had hints of purple in it.

“When I first asked for a costume they made me this, though I think it was because it matched Clint’s, it wasn’t right so I asked for this one. I kept this; I had a feeling I needed to.” She informs handing it over to me.

I raised my brows before taking the leather suit in my hands, my thumbs trailing over the purple stitching. With a soft smile, I gave my thanks before stripping, wincing as my wound pulled. The shirt was easily enough removed, just ripped it from my body so I was only in my pants and underwear.

“Oh.” I look back to see Tasha’s eyes locked onto my bare torso, I knew she was seeing my scars.

“Do they surprise you? I am sure you have some like mine. These are from swords and claws of all sorts; they make me who I am. I am a Valkyrie, a warrior after all.” I explain before stripping the rest of my cloths and pulling the suit on.

It was snug, but comfortable. I cast a look at my bow and quiver with a frown; I didn’t want to use the bow at all as I knew I would run out of arrows long before the war was over.

“What’s that?” I turn my eyes up at Tasha’s voice before flickering to my husband’s frame.

“Is that?” I ask as I caught sight of the golden bow in his hands.

His smile was the answer I needed before rushing over and taking it from his hands, sighing as I felt the power of my friend flow through me, ignoring the surprised gasps that followed when my body glowed. I place a quick kiss of thanks upon my husband’s lips before securing Ichaival over my body.

“I need to tie my hair properly before we can go.” I state softly, shifting in my spot at the thought. It was up now but it was not enough for the upcoming battle.

“I can do it for you, I have not forgotten; I am sure Tasha can help.” He explains softly, brushing back the free strands before looking back at the woman over my shoulder. “I need help to do her hair, she can’t have it free like this and it takes two sets of hands to do it.” He explains before pushing me to sit down.

I shimmied Ichaival so it was resting in my lap before reaching up and undoing my hair, smirking at their wide eyes. It was much longer than what Clint remembered it as, down to my thighs now and not my back.

“How is it so long? Do you not cut it?” Tasha asks causing me to chuckle.

“No, long hair in my culture symbolises age and importance. The longer the hair, the more of importance you are. We cut the hair of those who are high ranked when they have wronged as a punishment. It is why my brother’s hair is so long too if that is what you ask.” I tell her before going back to watching Clint from the mirror that hung in Tasha’s open locker.

It took them ten minutes to re do my hair into an up-do plat.

“Are you ready?” The voice of the soldier, calls from the doorway. I said nothing as I followed my husband and Tasha, my eyes scanning over every inch of the place as we moved towards the transportation.

“He you guys aren’t authorised to be in here!” The young man yells causing the soldier to sigh.

“Son, just don’t.” He uttered before shoving the three people out of the transportation as Clint closed the door.

“You might want to buckle up.” He said causing me to snort, this felt like much of the transports at home and it was something I was accustomed too.

I let out a grunt as a wave of power hit me, one that was cold and all familiar to me now. “It has begun.” I grunt, my eyes flickering to the blue line of power in the sky and the army pouring in from the other side.

I could hear the screams grow as we grew close, the army of my brothers wreaking havoc on the midguardians below, killing them in their wake.

“Stark, we’re on your three heading north east.” The name was familiar to me, one I had heard on the radio long ago.

What, did you stop for drive-thru? Swing up PARK, I’m gonna lay ’em out for you.

I stumbled slightly as the transport jerked, the soldiers arms catching me. I heard the low hiss from my husband as he glanced back and I all but wrenched myself away from him. He unsettled me, I knew he was human but he seemed off, not in a power way but he just didn’t seem natural to me.

“Sorry Ma’am.” He replied before I jerked forward as my brothers came into view.

“Get me close to them, I will deal with them.” I state furiously as my eyes tracked each hit and punch they did to one another.

“Move back!” I hiss as Loki turned his staff onto us and fired, Clint jerking back just in time but not fast enough as the power hit one of the wings. We went down in a circle and I felt the soldiers’ hands on me once more as I clutched the seat before me and my husband’s shoulders, grunting as we hit the ground hard.

“Everyone okay?” The soldier asks, receiving a nod in return.

“We must hurry; I need to reach them both.” I state, moving towards the door that was slowly opening.

My eyes scanned the sky, taking in each enemy as they moved or entered this realm before gasping as large monsters I had not seen before entered. I could see the carriers on the armour and I knew that they delivered more Chitauri in their wake.

“Ready for another battle?” Clint asks as he draws his own bow. Smirking I nod and get Ichaival ready. “Don’t die on me this time.” He whispers.

“I won’t, I promise.”

Author note: I was going to make this chapter longer but I thought you would like to have more chapters in general.





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