Chapter Five

Chapter Five

Author note: Well, how are you all enjoying it so far?

Disclaimer: I own not but the plot… no gods and no Hawkeye unfortunately.

Clint POV – still flashback

The sudden thwack of metal against wood echoed the silent ring and I couldn’t help but blink in shock as my eyes cast down at the small wood in my hand. There right in the middle of the wood rested a golden arrow. Then in a blink of an eye it was gone and I found myself staring in disbelief towards the woman who saved me.

“How the… how?” I ask amazed, my head reeling with questions.

How did she do that? How could she have done that so quickly and not even miss a board? How could she even get it dead centre. How did the arrow suddenly disappear?

A smile pulled up on her lips. “How what, Clint?” She asks softly as she sashayed her way over to me. Earnan was still chuckling beside me as he clapped me on the back.

“She’s amazing Lad, it is a skill she has never explained fully but she is special. Magical.” He chuckles, winking before gesturing the others to leave the ring and big top, leaving she and I alone.

“How are you that good? Who taught you?” I blurt out causing her eyes to tighten, pain filling them.

She sighed harshly, tiredly before taking up a seat beside me. Her voice distant as she began to explain.

“I am the first born, now as you can believe a girl being a first born is almost… I was treated as nothing; to my father I was nothing. So my mother taught me many things and when she wasn’t I was with the people, or with Heimdall. He taught me to shoot, he taught me to see beyond what I could see and then when I had mastered it I was awarded with this, with my bow.” She trails off, her eyes locking onto the golden bow in her hands.

It was then that I got a good look, it was beautiful and it seemed to shine softly in the light. It was a long bow, one for hunting and I for one wanted to know how someone so small like Isabella could pull the string.

“Its name is Ichaival, and I am the only one so far that lets it command it.” She hums softly and I felt my brows pull together but brushed it off. “The bow deserves respect, you respect the bow and it will respect you.” This I understood.

Jacques aka ‘Swordsman’ taught me that if you didn’t respect your weapon, no matter blade or bow it would not respect you, in times you greatly needed it. I had thought that at the time he was bullshitting but I could sense something in the bow unlike the weapons I had harnessed before. But that was before, before he began to live a life of crime.

“How did you end up here?” I ask gesturing to the circus causing Isabella to scowl and then smile softly.

“I told my father that if he wished not to have a daughter then I would make it official. I had chucked the crown from my head and left, he had loved my brothers more than I and my youngest brother Loki was not born of blood, he was adopted.” She explained a hint of bitterness in her voice but utter compassion at the mention of her brother.

“So you love him? Your brother?” I ask causing her to cast me an appalled look.

“Of course I love my brother, both of them to be exact but Loki, he and I are more alike than my brother of blood. Both in the shadows of Thor, both cast aside and demanded more to do things. Yet I love them both, it isn’t there fault for the things they instructed to do because they were born to do it. But I was treated as if I was less because of my gender; I was treated as those out of my blood.” She hisses furiously. “But I am glad, then I could not have left and now I am hiding. This was where I arrived and this is where my family now is.” She explains before standing, her eyes locking onto something over the other side of the ring.

“I know you are there Harry, you best step into the light than anger me more.” She hisses loudly causing the man to step into the light. I was surprised, where he was, was in a perfectly hidden spot away from prying eyes but could still hear and see us.

It was then that I realised how good her eyes truly were, I was good but not that good.

“I see you have done your performance for the new show. You know the rules now Isabella, for him to stay, you need to up your game. Another mouth to feed until he can prove his worth.” The man grunted out agitated and I felt my brows rise in shock, I was wondering why I hadn’t been forced to leave yet, I knew circus folk didn’t trust outsiders and that’s what I was; an outsider.

It seems I owe Bluebell more than my life.

“I am god with swords, my old mentor taught me and I am also good with a bow. Not as good as Isabella but good.” I speak up, cutting off whatever Isabella was going to say.

“Then when you are healed you will need to prove it. Till then, Isabella’s word is enough.” He drawls before leaving, making my eyes shoot to the woman standing tense beside me.

“You vouched for me to stay? You don’t know me and yet you give your word for me to stay.” I breathe out causing her to turn, her eyes softening as she looked down at me.

“Of course Clint, I pledged my honour for you to stay, I cannot fathom you leaving me and I do not understand why. But I sense great things in you Clint of Barton, great things that are yet to come. So my word is all I have for now to offer so you can stay.” She explains softly, placing her hand on my shoulder.

I look up at her in awe, tenderness and something swirled deep within my core and I knew that I too couldn’t leave the woman before me. “I thank you then Bluebell. I will make sure that your honour will never be second guessed.” I explain the words unusual on my tongue but I knew they were honest.

For the first time in a long time, as I stared into her eyes I felt as if I belonged.

Author note: What’s this another chapter?




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