Chapter Four

Chapter Four

Author note: I’m changing it up a bit 😛

Disclaimer: I own not but the plot… no gods and no Hawkeye unfortunately.

Clint POV – still flashback

I woke to the sunlight, my body aching and my leg dully throbbing. It was better now than it was last night, I sit up groaning my chest aching like I was rammed into something before glancing over to where I saw Bluebell last before I fell asleep; frowning when I didn’t see her.

“Tis’ near midday laddie, she is up ‘nd aboyt by sunrise. De lassie never sleeps for long, come oi shall take yer ter git sum grub an’ yer can watch us train if ye wish.” I jerked my head to the left at the new voice, my hand twitching for my bow only stopping when I realised it was broken.

The man smiled warmly as he made his way to my side. “Don’t threat laddie, I mean yer no harm. I am Earnan, you met my wife Eleanor, I am but one of two who looks after Isibel.” He continues and I relax even further, if he was friends of the angel who saved me then he could be trusted.

“I am sorry; it takes a lot for me to trust people. I am Clint.” I explain causing the man to nod as he grasped my arm and helped me up.

“You ‘ill not have fear here, I know your plight yer not alone and no one ‘ill ‘urt ye.” He whispers and it is then that I see the scars across his bare arms, scars I am all too familiar with from where I am from. They vary in size, angle and shape.

“Oh good, you’re up and I see my husband has seen to you getting out of that bed and into the sun. Come sit, Isabella brought back some rabbit for us to eat along with some deer before she returned to her hunts.” Lore explains as we made our way towards an open tent where people were cooking, eating and laughing.

Though that stoped when they saw me, they eyes and faces welcoming. “Thank you for healing me.” I wheeze out as Earnan helped me get seated.

“It was nothing dear…” She hums stopping when I grasp her wrist after she placed the bowl down. I saw the others tense and ready to move if I made a move to hurt her but I wasn’t.

“No, it was. I know what circus life is like, I am not one of you there was no reason to help me.” I explain in a whisper for hers and Earnan’s ears only before letting go. “It means a lot.” I add louder.

She cast me an unusual look, one that I knew said I needed to explain later in private. I gave her a small nod before beginning to eat the broth before me, trying to ignore the desire to keep looking out at the forest where I knew Bluebell was. She had saved my life and I owed her many thanks and explanations. Many of wish I had hoped to tell her this morning but I slept for too long and even if I woke at my usual time she would have been gone then as well.

“She will be back before nightfall; it is show night so she will be back soon. Try not to worry too much about her, she is a tough woman.” I cast a look at the tall native across from me.

I opened and closed my mouth a few times trying to deny that I was worried before sighing, “I cannot help it; I owe her everything.”

He casts me a warm smile. “You are smitten with her, which is good. She had barely left your side at all when you were sick. It had us all worried but she is a warrior that woman, her body more resilient than our mere mortals.” He chuckles before getting up, his words confused me but I couldn’t focus on that now. My eyes were cast on the tree line where her slender frame emerged from; two large animals on her back.

I stood quickly and immediately collapsing back into the seat as my leg gave away. My movement catching the others eyes instantly before the tall native stood and made his way to her. I felt my heart clench as I saw her smile towards him, her hand brushing his softly as she handed over the two deer laughing. Why was I jealous? I had no claim on her… but oh did I want to…

“Don’t worry about him laddie, that’s his missus there.” Earnan chuckles as he jerks his head to the woman off to the left walking a tightrope barely a meter off the ground. A tightrope walker? Interesting. But knowing this I scowled down at myself for becoming jealous over something I shouldn’t be jealous for.

“It is good to see you up and well Clint of Barton.” Bluebell states loudly, before continuing after a few throat clearings. “It is good to see you up and awake Clint.” She corrects.

“You speak oddly.” I state causing a slight blush to colour her cheeks, making me smile.

“Uh, yes, I am not from here.” She explains slowly, the words seeming odd on her tongue. “I see you have already eaten, would you… would you like to accompany me as I train?” She asks and it was then that I realised I had eaten all my broth.

“I would enjoy that.” I reply, almost sighing as she cast me a dazzling smile.

“Ah laddie, you will surely enjoy the show!” Earnan states happily as he drinks what was left of his broth before getting to his feet, three others doing the same as they followed Bluebell to the big tent.

I wheezed painfully, a grimace pulling at my lips as my teen years flashed before my very eyes. Swords clashing upon one another, laughter, bitter anger as my brother… my brother…

“Shh Clint, all is well. Feel me, here.” A voice whispers before I felt my hand touch something smooth, warm and soft. It grounded me, the object under my hand pulling me from memory to reality and when the world refocused once more I was staring into the deep blue eyes that they were almost unsettling and yet breathtaking, it seemed as if her very eyes held the galaxy in it.

bella eyes orig KS Bella eyes 2

“I… You… thank you… I was shoved into a flashback and it was… Just thank you for grounding me.” I whisper softly, watching as a flicker of something flashed in her eyes before she smiled.

“All is well, now come you can sit here and hold this for me if you wish.” She explains, shoving a small bit of board in my hands and directing me to the stands.

It was then that I noticed the other who had joined us were now seated about the ring, Earnan by my side with a large grin as he held a smaller piece of wood in his own hand. I was confused, my eyes looking to the other men to see they too were holding wood, various shapes and sizes as Bluebell took up the middle of the ring with her bow.

“Just watch lad, once you see you can never stop watching.” Earnan chuckles as he raises his hand and held still, the others did the same at different lengths; so with minimal hesitance I held the wood close to my person and prayed that she wouldn’t miss.

I watched as she did a quick scan, her eyes lighting up once they land on me before- oh god, she is going blind fold? I felt panic rise and my arm waiver only stopping when Earnan stopped me.

“Hold it there, don’t move. I am serious Laddie; do not move the board or the consequences will be dire.” He explains and I nodded, with shaky hands I held still and resisted to close my eyes shut tight when her arms raised, bow drawn.





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