Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen

Author note: *gasp*

Disclaimer: I own not but the plot… no gods and no Hawkeye unfortunately.


There was darkness and yet I knew what I was doing, though I couldn’t see. Everything in my mind’s eye was blurry, but I could feel my body move; the familiar pull of the bow. I knew I was killing people, killing innocents for Loki and in the times of my lucidness I knew I killed Shield agents too.

But in my lucid states I could feel her; I could feel my wife drawing near.

She was angry, very angry. At who I didn’t know, maybe I or her brother but I could feel my body react to that anger. After all I had seen what happened to those who had incurred her wrath and I did not pity those who came between her and the object or person she was after.

Gunpowder, leather and a hint of floral filled my senses, a familiar mix that was only Natasha and I knew then that she had come to stop me. I felt her fists connect with my body and mine with hers, I could hear her breathes and grunts as she fought back.

It was then that I could sense her; I could feel her eyes watching me, my wife. I could feel her warmth, could smell her perfume but I didn’t know if that was my imagination, my hope, or if it was Loki’s power. I felt the panic rise in me as I felt the familiar roughness of the bow string in my hands with the smoothness of the arrow. I knew Tasha was going to die by my hand; I had stunned her in the last kick.

I heard the grunt and the smell of blood before a barrage of hits and then warmth, familiar all-consuming warmth. The ice that rested in my veins melted, brining clarity into the world once more as my legs gave out.

I tried to blink away the haze, my eyes locking on the blurry image of my wife. Blood was dripping from her shoulder as she stared down at me with her haunting eyes. How could she be here, she was dead or was this another illusion?

“Isibel?” I whispered confused, frowning at the woman who looked like my wife. A movement caught my attention and I saw Natasha. “Tasha?”

I felt the hit before the movement registered in my mind.

Feverish, restraints… Sounds, scents and colours all blurred together as I tried to shake off the effects of Loki’s powers. I could see Tasha, her colouring all wrong as she uttered words of comfort to me. I could sense another in the room, someone familiar but I didn’t want to hope that it was my Isibel.

“I don’t understand. Have you ever had someone take your brain and play? Pull you out and send something else in? Do you know what it’s like to be unmade?” I groan out, my body aching and burning with fire. I was confused, how could I be free.

“You know that I do.” She whispers, looking down and away from me.

“Why am I back? How did you get him out?” I asked, I needed to know…

“She didn’t, I did.”

My head snapped up to the voice, my eyes widening as I took in my wife. I jerked my arm, wanting to reach out and touch her to see if she is real.

“You’re here… you’re alive? No, this must be my imagination, another trick of the mind fuck Loki gave me.” I breathe out in anger, my body freezing as I felt her hand on my arm.

“She is real, she brought you back.” Tasha informs, stepping to my wife’s side.

I look back up into my wife’s eyes, my hand going up to cup her face once it was released. They were haunted, darker than I remembered and yet, I could still see the cosmos in her eyes.

“How?” I ask, sitting when Tasha released my other hand; frowning when Isibel looked away.

“I was not dead when Heimdall took me, I was in a sleep to heal and gather power. I was always with you at times my love, but only recently was I ready to wake. Do you hate me?” She whispers brokenly, tears welling in her eyes but they did not spill.

“Bell, my Bluebell, I could never hate you. I have loved you the very moment you saved my life and I had never stopped. I was broken when you left me; I did terrible things with what you taught me… can you ever forgive me for that?” I ask, holding back the frown as I realised what I said.

Though, my worries and fears vanished as my wife, my Isibel smiled. “I never thought ill of you my love. I know of the things in which you did and I cannot seem to be mad.”

I pulled her in between my legs and cupped her face, pulling her lips to mine. The warmth of her lips sent a current running through my body; they were still soft as I remembered. She tasted like honey and fruits, just the way I remembered. Her arms wrapped around mine as she deepened the kiss, a moan escaping from the both of us before a clearing of a throat brought us back into the present.

clint and bella2

I pull back with a sigh, brushing a lose strand from my wife’s face before frowning at the mark on her shoulder, the little drops of blood she had failed to wipe away. My hands moved quickly as I gently yanked back the leather to see the wound; it was jagged and rough, yet nearly healed.

“How… did I? I did this.” I whisper pained, jerking my hand back from the wound.

“Yes. It was me or her, and I chose for her. She would have died and I got the wound.” Isibel states firmly, “you are not to blame yourself, I am healing.”

I grimace but nod before looking back at Tash. “Tasha, how many agents?” I ask and instantly regretted it as I saw the fury in both women’s eyes.

“Don’t. Don’t do that to yourself, Clint.” She says angrily. “This is Loki. This is monsters and magic and nothing we were ever trained for.” She finishes and I cast a look to my wife.

Oh how wrong she was, I had been trained for this in a way. I was taught to fight by a shifter, trained by a sword master and my wife taught me all she knew.

“Loki, he got away?” I ask, giving up on the information on who I killed, I knew it would not be answered.

“Yes, but he won’t be that way for long.” Isibel states, stepping back from between my legs but still within reaching distance.

“I don’t suppose either of you know where?” Tasha asks the both of us, but I didn’t know. I didn’t need to know and I didn’t ask.

“No, but he’s going to make his play soon though. Today.” I reply, my eyes never leaving my wife’s face as it became stonier, the rage building beneath her mask.

“Bluebell? What are your thoughts on this, he is your brother.” I state causing her to stiffen and look away.

“Brother? I didn’t… I didn’t connect the dots, you’re that Isibel. Thor’s your brother as well yes?” Tasha asked causing Isibel’s eyes to snap to hers. I had to give Tash credit, as she didn’t flinch at the look.

“Thor?” She asks with a frown. “He is here on Midgard?”

I blinked, everything now suddenly clicking in my mind. I remember seeing a blonde man long ago who claimed he was not of earth, Thor… I had met Thor, not personally but I nearly placed an arrow through him.

“Yes, he came to stop Loki…” Our eyes snap up as the door opened to reveal Captain America himself, all suited up.

His eyes scanned the room on instinct, lingering on Isibel and myself the longest before addressing Tash.

“Time to go.” He states.

“Go where?”

“I’ll tell you on the way. Can you fly one of those jets?” He asked, still ignoring us. I could sense my wife’s agitation at the disrespect. Oh Captain, you have pissed off my wife, so much for your manners and charm.

“I can.” I state, standing up.

His eyes flickered to me in suspicion and worry before looking back at Tasha once more, I knew he didn’t trust me now but it pissed me off still.

“Got a suit?” He asks.

“I do.” My mind flickering to the quiver and bows in the locker rooms, along with my purple vest.

“Then suit up.” He orders before leaving the room.

“I will go with you; you will need all the help you can get. Did Loki mention his plans at all?” Bluebell asks us. I shook my head in the negative, that time blurry in my memory.

“No but Thor mentioned an army. He said that Loki has an army called the Chitauri.” Tasha informs, causing both I and my wife to frown.

“I know not of the word, but I shall deal with Loki when time comes. Not you or others and not even my brother, I will be the only one who can stop him.” Isibel states firmly before looking at Natasha once more. “I need a suit, something that is not this and that I can move easily in.”

“Then follow me.”

I watched as Isibel and Natasha left the room, I couldn’t believe she was alive and here with me. I quickly followed after them, keeping close but still enough away, all the while avoiding the gazes of the agents around me. Right now I needed to get ready, the war has just begun and I will once again fight by my wife’s side, hopefully this time I won’t lose her again.

Author Note: Basically, it’s now the movie with Isibel chucked in. So when the movie ends, then so does the story. I’ll chuck in a few outtakes and then maybe a sequel when Avengers 2 is released 😛




7 thoughts on “Chapter Fourteen

  1. Love the chapter! Can’t wait for the next update. I hate that the Story is ending soon! This is my favorite Hawkeye & Bella Story. Pts update again Soon, I’m happy that Clint & Bella have been reunited.

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  3. Ahhh it was awesome! I love their reunion, I get the feeling that Thor and Loki are both in for an ass kicking by big sister!
    I clicked the next button and was saddened when it did nothing. I can’t wait to see what you bring up next!

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