Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine

Author note: Time to get the party started.

Disclaimer: I own not but the plot… no gods and no Hawkeye unfortunately.

Clint POV

Months had gone pass since the night of my story, two since I had relieved the painful memory and the dull ache had yet to go away. I couldn’t hold back her memory from my mind; lock her away in the very depths so I could focus. I saw her everywhere and it hurt.

Even now as I look over the scene before me, of the scientists scattering around as they try to stable the tesseract. Something that I vowed to never near it after this mission again, I could feel the magic pour off it in waves and it was uncomfortable. It clashed with that of my wife’s, the magic she shoved into me when she had saved me and in her night terrors. I didn’t like it.

What they were trying to do, trying to control it didn’t bode well for any of us.

Even now from my nest I could see the tesseract flickering shifting in slow motion like a spark. How no one could tell besides me that the sparks were getting more frequent was beyond me.

This is wrong my love… The voice I had longed to hear once again was a whisper in my mind, it came about now and then when something serious was about to happen, it made me on edge. The tesseract… it is a door…

My eyes shifted around the room, passing over the director and the doctor for the sign of the woman I knew would not be there. It was a habit when I heard the voice, it didn’t happen often and once I saw her form.


“Agent Barton Report.”

I shook the thoughts from my head before moving away, I grasped the rope on the edge of my nest and slid down, my eyes never stopped scanning the room as I made contact with the floor in front of the Director.

“I gave you this detail so you could keep a close eye on things.” I could tell he was displeased, but this isn’t the first mission I have been on where he has come to find me high in the rafters or from a distance.

Even now as we walk the room’s edge I still take in the little things, I now understood as I saw the flickers of each light in the screens and machines around us what my wife meant. Everything was too loud, the sounds too crisp… it is almost maddening. Except I could not hear as well as I used to, even with the hearing aid in my ear that worked as a com as well I could not hear all I used to.

“Well, I see better from a distance.” I reply blandly, a line I am forever repeating.

“Are you seeing anything that might set this thing off?” He asks, gesturing to the tesseract that was arcing once more before us.


I held back a sigh and a wince as I stepped foot onto the machine behind the director. “No one’s come or gone. It’s oven is clean. No contacts, no I.M.’s. If there was any tampering, sir, it wasn’t at this end.” I explain as my wife’s words echoed in my mind once more.

“At this end?” Confusion laced his tone as he caught onto what I had said.

“Yeah, the cube is a doorway to the other end of space, right? The doors open from both sides.” I explain, gesturing to the rabidly flickering tesseract before me. In fact I was a little worried, there could be many things on the other side that are preparing to come through, who has such power to wield what we can’t?

A loud whine filled the room, my hand shooting to my ears to block the ear shattering sound as the ground rumbled beneath my feet. My eyes shot up to the tesseract as I took a step away, the arcs grew, building up power, till it began to form the doorway I had knew was coming. I could see it, the stars the cosmos in the blackness that was the other side and a man in the middle.  tumblr_mic3xiNazV1rqsl32o1_500 tumblr_mic3xiNazV1rqsl32o3_500

“Ah.” I grunt, my hand shooting to my chest as the doorway exploded, throwing off magic and an icy chill that near burned me on the inside. It felt wrong, wrong and unstable.

I cast a frown at the man, something screaming familiarity and yet I didn’t know why, I could not understand. Was it the clothes that he wore? Or the way the spear in his hand was designed. It was troubling, this uncertain familiarity.

“Sir, please put down the spear!” I heard the muffled words as everything around me began to shift in slow motion. The man before us smirking as he looked down at the spear in his hands before pointing it towards us.

NO! RUN! The voice of my wife screams, alerting me to the attack mere seconds before it happened; giving me enough time to shove the director and myself out of the way from the bolt of light.

I could hear the familiar pop of a gun firing, the buzzing of the power that shot out from the spear and the destruction it caused. I quickly pushed myself up, cursing as I pulled the gun from its holster that I didn’t have my bow. I didn’t bother aiming, just shot towards the man and watching as the bullets reflected off him before ducking out of the way of the attack and smacking into the railing.

Get up! Get up!

I rose to my feet, swinging out my arm as I did so when I saw him advance towards me, grunting as he grasps it tightly and twisted it. I held back the flinch as I saw his eyes, cerulean blue that sparked with power and madness.


“You have heart.” He breathes, pressing the tip of the spear into my chest. I saw the glow before I felt the magic force its way to my mind, it was painful, fighting the magic it already rested there in my heart.

Fight it! Do not let it win!

I tried, I tried to fight the ice that seemed to seep into my very skin before exploding in my mind, the world tinting black and blue before clearing once more. Everything was madness, I could see all; understand it all and yet I knew it was wrong what it was trying to do.


I forced up barriers to keep my mind safer, to hide my most important of memories and sanity as I felt the power leech its way into my nerves and latch onto the back of my neck like a vice. I registered my body relaxing, my hand placing the gun into my holster and the fact that the confused look on the man’s face turned into one of smugness.

I kept my eyes scanning the room, taking in what was still happening and willing for my control back. I could feel it pressing against the walls trying to capture all of me. The darkness began to spread in my sight once more, the control I have slipping.

“I’ve come too far for anything else.” He states, cocking his head to the side.  “I am Loki of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose.”

I felt my eyes widen as the name, the name registers in my mind.

“I told my father that if he wished not to have a daughter then I would make it official. I had chucked the crown from my head and left, he had loved my brothers more than I and my youngest brother Loki was not born of blood, he was adopted.” She explained a hint of bitterness in her voice but utter compassion at the mention of her brother.

“So you love him? Your brother?”

“Of course I love my brother, both of them to be exact but Loki, he and I are more alike than my brother of blood. Both in the shadows of Thor; both cast aside and demanded more to do things. Yet I love them both, it isn’t there fault for the things they instructed to do because they were born to do it….”

No… the man… the man… I whimper before the darkness faded and I lost all control.

Author Note: Well here you go 😛 Next will be Isibel!





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