Chapter One


Title: A Heart of a Fallen Goddess
Pairing: Hawkeye/Bella
Summary: Bella is Thor’s eldest sister, the one who taught Clint to shoot at the circus and who had thought to have died. What happens when the woman he had thought lost long ago was still alive?

Author note: This is for all my crossover ladies out there, you know wanting to read it and all lol!

Disclaimer: I own not but the plot… no gods and no Hawkeye unfortunately.


Isibel’s POV

“I cannot stand this anymore, I am your firstborn, your daughter and yet you treat me like a commoner among the streets that hold no value to you!” I yell towards my father, fury pouring from every core.

“Isibel, you know…” I cast my mother a long look before turning back to my father.

“You do not even deny this! You love Loki more than I and he is not flesh and blood! What have I done to forsaken you? What have I ever done to prove that I am worthless in your eyes?” I ask, my voice weathering off into a sob.

“There is nothing I can say to you Isibel that will explain.” Odin, my father utters his voice booming in the hall. I felt my heart harden and ice over before I tore the crown upon my head free and chucked it at his feet.

“Then you have no daughter… You see me as not, let me make it official.” I hiss before striding out of the room and too my chambers. All my life I had been ignored and shunned off into my younger brothers shadows even Loki’s though it didn’t make me hate them, I hated Odin more for giving them love and not I. Am I truly not worthy of my father’s love?

A scream tore from my lips as I released my rage upon my chambers, throwing everything that I could while burning it with my flames. Magic… Magic was all he cared for when I was younger and pushed me to learn all that I could under my mother’s watchful eye. Hissing I grasp my daggers and my bow and arrows, placing them on my body before striding from my chambers.

“Sister, where are you going?” Loki’s voice stops me for a mere second before continuing my path towards the rainbow bridge.

“Leaving, I am no longer your sister.” I state sharply. I heard his laugh as one of his illusions popped up in front of me, only I ignored it and waved my hand causing it to disappear.

“What, Is, tell me what has caused you to say such upsetting things?” This time it was Loki himself in front of me, his hands on my shoulders as he stops me.

“Odin sees me not as his daughter but a disgrace; I am shunned from ruling because of my gender and order of birth. It will be Thor who gains this kingdom, it may seem selfish Loki but he has shown no care or love towards me. Even you who stands in Thor’s shadow receive more love than I from our king, so I am leaving; he wishes naught to have a daughter so I shall give him that wish.” I spit out, shoving Loki from me and continue on my way.

“Loki, my brother, I love you so but do not trust a thing that man ever utters to you. Be true to yourself frjáls bróðir.” I warn, placing a kiss on his forehead before leaving.

No one else bothered me as I passed by others of my home, they gave me no thought at all as I passed them, why would they? To them I was just like they and not a daughter of Odin. Ever since I was old enough to understand, I was treated as a commoner like they, I was raised a princess and yet treated like a ghost in public. I had nothing against my people, in fact I loved them, and I had learnt many things floating in and out of places in my years and had heard many rumours of my brothers that I used as blackmail.

“Isibel, my princess.” Heimdall greets as I made my way towards the Bifröst.

“Heimdall, take me to somewhere I can hide. I do not wish for him to ever find me until I decide so.” I state. He cast me a nod and walked before me and placed his staff at the ready.

“I shall keep my eyes from you then Princess.” He states, a smile pulling at his lips causing me to snort.

“I shall surely miss your company my old friend.” I tell him with all honestly, it was he who taught me most things, to see beyond what my eyes could take in. With him, I had become the best archer there was in Asgard.

“And so shall I, I will surely keep both eyes on your brothers and if I must seek you then…” I hold my hand up, I already knew.

“There will be a time my brothers will make a mistake and when they do… send them to me.” I state before stepping in the right spot for him to cast me from Asgard and the Bifrost.

“Then I wish you and Ichaival the very best.” He states smiling as he gestured to the bow in my hand. The very bow I had taken for myself from Odin, why not? Loki had taken the spear and Thor had received the Mjölnir.


With a deep breath I kneeled, placing the bow right up one tip against the golden floor and bowed my head, eyes closed. I heard the click of his staff sliding into place before the tug and swoosh of the Bifrost.

I didn’t bother to look where I was headed or enjoy the stars flying pass as I flew between the realms, I focused on my magic, focused on the spell in my mind to hide me from all of those who tried to see me. Even when my knee connected harshly with solid ground I didn’t look up.

“Well, fuck me!” my head shot up, bow up and ready as I pointed an arrow right down the face of a being. A wide eye’d woman who was frozen mid pause, as did many others around her. I took in the tent and lights before me and cursed silently at Heimdall as I realised I was placed on Midgard.

“What are you lass?” The voice asked causing me to look at a man, tall and very close to the original woman who spoke.

The woman nudged the man and scowled. “It matters not where she came from Earnan. Please excuse my husband and the rest of us; we were a bit surprised to see a girl fall from the sky. My name is Eleanor, but people call me Lore.” She finishes softly, moving hesitantly towards me.

“My name is Isibel, I mean no harm.” I state while lowering my bow. “You startled me.” I informed slightly embarrassed.

“Nonsense girl, to be fair you startled all of us. I am Harry; this is my family so to speak. We are a circus, travel around and what not. Do you have a place to stay?” Another man asks, drawing my eyes to him. I could tell all these people were generally good, their souls pure.

“I do not, would it be too much to ask to join you on your travels?” I ask causing the bunch of them to smile.

“Not at all dear, you can stay with us. We had a daughter around your age and left the majority of her show stuff behind so you wear them till you get more clothes.” Lore states with a kind smile.

I bow my head in thanks before making my way to them. “I can work to help and pay for my lodgings.” I speak causing many to frown at my odd talk. “I’d rather work for food and a place to sleep than have to travel a nomad.” I explain.

“You could help with the cooking and cleaning if you want, if you want to join the show then how good are you at that bow?” Harry asks causing a smirk to tug at my lips.

“What would you like me to shoot, any distance and size.” I state causing him to look around and back at the tent.

“See that flag on top of the tent, if you can get the very top of the pole with an arrow, I’ll find a place in the show for you.” He tells me, my smirk growing as I looked at the wooden pole. I had shot that distance before and got much less of a target than anything.

With a nod I raise my bow; my eyes locked on his before firing, the others turning quickly to watch and gasping as my arrow got its target with ease. I cock my head to the side before spinning, firing an arrow in two different directions smirking as they got the animals. I didn’t know what they were called perse, but they were small and had some meat.

“Oh look, rabbit! She caught us some rabbit! Looks like its stew tonight boys!” A woman yells happily as she gathers up my kills, the arrows disappearing and reappearing in my holster; shocking everyone.

“Come darling, we’ll get you all set up.” Lore urges softly, her hands grasping my arm softly while radiating warmth as she lead me to where I would be staying and I couldn’t help but smile once again as the emotions poured around me.

I will be okay here.


Author Note: Well? Like?



9 thoughts on “Chapter One

  1. I was skeptical at first, because of the change of character of Bella, but it was a really good chapter. Very creative and it caught my eye. I hope that you continue. ^^

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