Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen

Author note: *gasp*

Disclaimer: I own not but the plot… no gods and no Hawkeye unfortunately.


My eyes scanned the hundreds of creatures around us, looking for the sign of my brother but still I could not see him fully, only a flash of green and gold.

Call it, Cap.


“Alright, listen up.” I turn my attention back to the Soldier, taking in stock of his face and body language before scanning over the newcomer, the man in iron must be this Stark.

“Until we can close that portal up there, we’re gonna use containment. Barton, I want you on that roof, eyes on everything. Call out patterns and strays. Stark, you got the perimeter. Anything gets more than three blocks out, you turn it back or you turn it to ash.” He orders, pointing to each person he spoke to.


“Wanna give me a lift?” I snapped my eyes to my husband and scowled before turning onto the Man of Iron, my hand locking around his throat.

“If you drop my husband, I will gladly place an arrow through your heart.” I threaten before turning onto my husband as I let the Man of Iron go. “And if you die…” I trail off.

“Isa, there is no way I will. I just got you back; I’ll fight to keep it that way.” He whispers softly brushing his hand down my cheek.

“Right. Better clench up, Legolas.”


I let out another angry hiss before spinning and yanking my brother down so his face was closer to mine. “You better not die either Thor, you and I have much to talk about and I’d rather do that soon then have to wait for my turn to travel to Valhalla. If you see him in trouble, if he needs aid you do that and maybe I may forgive you.” I snap before turning my back onto him and to the Soldier, waiting.

“Uh, Thor you’ve gotta try and bottleneck that portal. Slow them down. You’ve got the lightning. Light the bastards up.” The familiar vibration of the Mjolnir whirling before the gust of wind and crack of lightening surrounds me.

“Both of you and me will stay here on the ground and keep the fighting here. We’ll have to help the civilians and as much as I want you up on the roof as well Ma’am; you need to be down here with your bow.” He informs me, wincing as I narrowed my eyes. I still did not like him and his rudeness, both Tasha and I can fight and I knew that deep down he couldn’t see us as anything but women. Which was odd because something told me that we being women didn’t matter at all.

But when he will be distracted I’ll split myself off, make my way to the tower where I saw Loki last, maybe he might return. I flinched at the loud roar that was unexpected from Banner or Hulk as some of them call him. I wasn’t expecting it nor for it to be as loud as it was before watching him jump and smash into the creatures on the side of the building.

“You and I can finally battle together, it will most fun.” I state to Tasha, smirking as I grasp her hand and flung her around, pulling a slight sound of surprise from her lips before she kicked a few of the creatures away.

“And you’re stronger than you look, but then again you are basically a goddess.” She chuckles before dodging the blasts that came her way.

“We’ve got this here, go help them.” I order the Soldier, jerking my chin down to the civilians at the café.

“Go.” Tasha grunts out as she rolls away from an attack, prompting me to fire off some arrows. “What?” I ask confused, earning a smirk in return.

“You want to find Loki, so go. Make sure you get in a few good punches in for me and Clint.” She shouts over her shoulder before dashing off down the street. I gave her a fleeting look before racing towards the building I saw Loki on, using the crashed transportation as a guide on what direction I needed to go if I lost track of the blue beam holding the gate open.

I could see Thor fighting his own, the Hulk by his side as they worked in a team, I could even see the Man of Iron helping the others between his own battles. Screeches caught my attention, a dozen or so of the creatures crashing towards me. I had never seen these creatures before in any of the realms I have travelled. They were vile, a puckish blue that bled black and smelt like death.

I quickly began to cull through them, grunting with every hit that caught me or every with every cut they gave me. Did they never end? I could hear them all talking in my ear, the Soldier to Tasha, Stark to my husband… It all distracted me and soon enough, I had faltered step and cried out as a felt the burning pain slash down my arm.


“Well now, can’t have that happening Katniss.” Man of Iron chuckles as he crashes down next to me, shooting what was left and yanking me up into the sky.

“Thanks, I need to get to the tower! I need to stop Loki.” I yell over the roar of the wind, hearing back the slight affirmative from Man of Iron.


My eyes snap to the west as I heard my nickname that I gave Clint to see Loki attacking Tasha.

“Here you go, by the looks of it he will be here soon.” Man of Iron states as he drops me onto the platform and dashing back off into the fray.

Nat? What are you doing?

Uh, a little help!

I watched it all as I rushed inside, my eyes scanning over my husband and to my brother who was trying to kill Tash, I could see that he was and it made my heart clench. I knew something was wrong with him, something akin to madness.

“Don’t kill him, bring him here.” I shout as I jumped over the debris and crash landed into the open room. Oh wow, the place though destroyed to some degree was outstanding.

I’ve got him. Hide for now, Hulk is on his way too.

I did as my husband asked and moved out of view behind the steps, I could still see the room but they – with the help of an illusion – wouldn’t be able to see me. Soon Loki was through the window followed by an angry Hulk.

“ENOUGH! ALL OF YOU ARE BENEATH ME! I AM A GOD, YOU DULL CREATURE, AND I WILL NOT BE BULLIED…” He roared before the Hulk yanked him by the foot and smashed him in the ground several times.

“Puny god.”the-avengers-angry-hulk-smash-loki (1)

“Ouch.” I mutter before stepping out and dropping the illusion. “Thank you Hulk, go help the others.” I whisper, patting the beasts arm before making my way to Loki’s side.

I stared down at Loki as he moaned in pain. “What have you done brother?” I ask softly, watching as his too blue eyes snap open in shock and lock onto mine.

“Isibel? How?”

Author note: Well *smirks* here ya go; now it’s Loki’s time to shine. OH, so since we are here there will be only a few chapters to go and then maybe, hopefully some Outtakes. So what would you like to see in an Outtake?





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