Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Sixteen

Author note: *gasp*

Disclaimer: I own not but the plot… no gods and no Hawkeye unfortunately.


I didn’t know what to think as the large creature flew above us, releasing more of the army in its wake.

“Ma’am, I think you should help some of the civilians get off the streets.” I turn towards the soldier with disbelieving eyes while my husband held back his laughing remark.

“Excuse me? You dare try to order me? Is it because I am a woman that you think I do not deserve to fight? If that was the case then you would be telling Tasha the same thing.” I hiss darkly, my eyes flicking to the unamused red head next to him.

“I ah… I am sorry for assuming, you seem delicate.” He stammers out causing both Clint and I to snort.

“Rogers, who do you, think taught me everything I know?” Clint asks moving to my side, his hand resting on my lower back.

Rogers, snaps his eyes back to me before a blush graces his face. “I am sorry, I thought… I…” He stammers.

“You thought I was dead, but that still does not excuse you for your words. I do believe it is called sexism, now be a good boy and hold your tongue for now when it comes to me. I am a warrior of Asgard.” I state sharply, pulling from my husband and spinning, releasing four arrows from Ichaival and killing four targets.

“Holy shit.” I heard Tasha mutter.

“Star, are you seeing this?” Rogers finally stutters out.

I’m seeing, still working on believing. Where’s Banner? Has he shown up yet?

The voice replies, Stark. With it a flash of a man and a beast flicker across my memories eye once more. Banner? Where have I heard that name before?

“DUCK!” I hiss, shoving my husband out of the way from an attack behind a chunk of rock before dodging another attack.

“Wear your armour!” Clint hisses as he takes down the creature coming for me.

I let out a laugh as I spin, pulling a blade from Tasha’s back and driving it into her creatures head. “Want to see a magic trick Tasha?” I laugh before running towards the three creatures, my armour shining through.

I rip the helmet from my head, using the wings as blades while I make my way back towards Clint and Tasha, my eyes scanning for people who need help.

“There are people down there that need assistance…” Rogers trails off as his eyes take me in. “You really are a warrior then.”

Blue shots of magic soar past us, drawing my eyes to another herd of creatures.

“We got this. It’s good. Go!”

I watch stoic as the Soldier casts his eyes to my husband and I. “You think you can hold them off?”

I give him a firm nod, crouching behind the scrap metal and turn my eyes up to my smiling husband, his bow clutched tightly in his hands. I wonder where the bow I had made him was, did he still have it or was it buried somewhere or was it gone?

“Captain, it would be my genuine pleasure.” He chuckles, drawing an arrow before standing, smirking as the blue shots miss him and fires.

I join my husband and Tasha in eliminating the targets, moving away from the pair to cull half of the group before me, smirking as I listened to them taunt each other. I could see their sibling bond now, they taunted much like Loki and I when we fought side by side.

My eyes glance over a bus if I could recall and see the trapped people and children inside. Finding an empty window, I smash my vambraces into the glass and shattering it before yanking the doors open.

“Quickly, hurry now.” I urge, helping out a little boy while the others rushed past us to a building.

“Just like Budapest all over again!” I heard Tasha yell over the pops of her guns and my husbands’ surprised laugh.tumblr_me0npdfNDh1ribszso1_500

“You and I remember Budapest very differently.” He chuckles, while continuously shooting his arrows.


“This is much like my time in Vanaheim with the Warriors Three, though it was not that much in numbers but this is the same in tactical attack.” I state chuckling, shooting down another three creatures.

“Anyone else in the mood for a little hand to hand?” I ask happily before dashing towards the oncoming group of creatures, using Ichaival to knock them down.

I could see Tasha and Clint behind me, each using their own weapons and the weapons of the creatures to attack, they too were laughing slightly with a mask of seriousness. Though soon we were cornered at the end of the street before Rogers joined us once again, smacking away the creatures between me and my husband.

“You have a cut.” I inform, brushing my hand across Clint’s arm.

“And you have none, which is unfair.” He chuckles before my whole body freezes as the crack of lightning filled the air behind me. I spun, my armour disappearing as I stepped behind my husband, my eyes flickering to Thor as he dropped down from the sky.

He had changed from the child I saw him last as, grown more into a man. Longer hair and wider shoulders, gone was the baby fat. A deep ache settled into my heart once more as I watched he and Rogers talk.

Thor is right. We gotta deal with these guys.

“How do we do this exactly?” Tasha states, moving their attention away from me and Clint, I cast her a thankful glance. Right now I needed to sort out my thoughts and block the pain.

“As a team.” Rogers states, it was all a blur to me as I focused on Thor.

“I have unfinished business with Loki.” Thor ground out causing me to hiss.

“No, it will be I who deals with our brother.” I hiss again, louder this time for Thor to hear.

I watch as his eyes widen, head snapping to Clint and I in disbelief.

“Sister? I had thought you were gone, how can this be?” He states, marching towards us and goes to move my husband out of the way.

“You move my husband Thor and I will surly break your hands.” I snap, stepping out from behind Clint.

“Husband? When did you wed? Why didn’t you tell us?” He yells angrily.

I go to yell at him, but before I could I was interrupted. “Save it. Loki’s gonna keep this fight focused on us and that’s what we need. Without him these things could run wild. We got Stark up top, he’s gonna need us…”

My eyes flicker to the sound of the motorcycle and the familiar face that came with it, it was aged some more but I could see him now. Banner, Bruce… I had helped him upon the top of the mountain side as he went to kill himself.

“It’s good to see you again Bruce Banner.” I whisper as I move closer to him, ignoring the voice from my ear and the others around me.

His eyes tinted green as he smiled. “I thought I wouldn’t see you again either, what brings you here besides the army?”

“Banner? How do you know my wife?” Clint asks as he moves to my side, his eyes flickering to me and to the sky where a man and one of the lager creatures was making their way to us.


“I’ll explain later.” I whisper, drawing my bow and waited.

“Dr. Banner. Now might be a really good time for you to get angry.”

I held back a snort as I watched Banner walk away, casting a smirk over his shoulder. “That’s my secret, Captain. I’m always angry.”


I watched like the first time as he changed, his body tinting green and growing before smashing his hand into the beasts head. I watched amused as it crumbled under the force of the hit, its body flying up from the sudden stop and the armour crumbling.

I quickly dodged the flying pieces before shielding my face as it exploded, the heat scorching my skin ever so slightly.

“That was fun, but the party has just begun.” I mutter, my eyes flickering to the roars of the beasts from the portal.

Author Note: well not many chapters left to go now…





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  1. Holy cheese! a double update!! love this story! I also love how Isa told Thor she would break his hand. lol & how she told off the Captain for being Sexist. update again soon pls

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