Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten

Author note: Isibel!

Disclaimer: I own not but the plot… no gods and no Hawkeye unfortunately.



Pain was what I felt since the blade pierced my flesh and fire before numbness. I knew I was in sleep, knew it for I could still feel. I could feel the armour pressed into my side, hands holding me tightly as they walked and I could still hear and feel my loves anguish cries.

I wished to stay, to end his torture but I could not wake… I could not.

“You are safe Isibel. I will hide you, rest.” I could trust Heimdall to keep me safe, to keep me hidden.

I knew not how long I slept for but I knew that with each glimpse of my love, the world had changed very much. I found it odd at first that I could see my love in bouts till I sensed my magic in him. I had changed him, I didn’t know I could do such a thing and yet I did. He had my immortal mortality and senses; oh I had placed such a burden on him.

I felt the pull again, this time stronger than the others before it. I could see from his eyes, see the tesseract. Fear churned in my own stomach as I stared at the very thing that should be locked away still on Asgard.

This is wrong my love… The tesseract… it is a door… I scream fearfully at my love, wishing I could push out my image to gesture wildly to the unstable power source.

I was jerked back into my own mind as lethargy took me once again before shortly after being shoved back out. My eyes locking onto the form of my brother, relief and awe filled me before horror as I saw Loki raise the staff in his hands towards my husband.

NO! RUN! I scream, tumbling around as I faded in and out of the view range before finally steadying the link.

My eyes locked onto my brothers, what once was a loving sweet child was now replaced with a madness filled man. I cried for my brother before I felt the power seep into my love, no! I knew this power, it was the power of an infinity stone… the mind gem. He was going to push his will and thoughts onto others… onto my husband!

Fight it! Do not let it win! I scream to my husband while cursing out my young brother.

He will get what is coming to him; he knows what my wrath is like. He should know the man he first tried to trap is mine; my power is resting in his heart! If he did not than he will soon.

My eyes snapped open and I found myself in the resting bed of what was like my fathers. I shot up, the gold shield disappearing instantly and threw my legs over the edge, collapsing as they gave out.


“Steady Isibel, you have been resting for a long time, you need to regain your strength.” Heimdall’s rich voice sooths as he catches me.

“It is good to see your face again old friend.”  I state happily as I look up, he has aged slightly; not much.

He cast me a smile before bowing his head. “And it is good to see you up and well M’lady.”

“I have seen my brother. Tell me what has happened Heimdall, why has my brother turned out this way?” I begged, I needed to know.

“When you left things were much different with Loki, he is a silver-tongued; a trickster and followed Thor into many of battles. Not but a year ago did Loki find about his heritage, this caused much of war. Thor was banished, here to Midgard by my king after he went to battle the Frost Giants. Isibel, Loki aided Laufey to Asgard and tried to steal the throne and kill Thor.” Heimdall explains softly, I knew he shortened it for me as I grasped my chest in pain.

It ached for my brothers, what had my father done? Thor banished to here for battling the frost giants? But oh Loki, my frjáls bróðir, he finally found out the truth of his birth and I was not there to comfort him; to tell him no matter his heritage I would love him always.

“Is Thor well?” I ask softly, looking down at the arrow etched into my arm.

“He has become humbled. He fell in love with a mortal woman in his banishment, she helped him understand Midgard and in the end he regained his powers. The Bifrost was destroyed in the battle between Thor and Loki, it is still being fixed, I found a way through one of the passageways Loki had found but I must return soon; my king is seeking me.” He explained easing me of my ill thoughts of Thor. I was also glad that he didn’t call Odin my father but his king.

I needed to fix this, I needed to fix it all and return to my love… if he is still my love… A vow of eternity he swore me but I could not blame my love if he had moved on, found another. It has been too long and in his mind I was dead, I knew this.

But first I needed to find him and bring him out from his enchantment.

“I need a bow.” I explain softly, determined. I knew Heimdall left Ichaival with my love, my Hawkeye.

“I have brought you mine and I have brought you clothing of this worlds time.” He explains, gesturing to the end of the bed I rested in. “I must return but you are not far from where you need to be. I cannot see where your husband may be but I do know that Loki is in the hands of those who are friends of his. They are in the sky.” With that, he disappeared.

With a sigh and a grunt I heave myself off my bed and steady myself as I try to get my legs to cooperate. I was still in the clothes I was in when I began my sleep, tattered and dirty; caked with blood and dirt.

I grimaced slightly before pulling the shirt from my body, pleased I had strength in my arms and grimaced as I took in the scraps. Oh what had my husband seen me in, I could see his hand prints on my shoulders. I gently brushed a finger across the raised wound, another to add to the many that was there. I had plenty of wounds from battles protecting the nine realms this one though would be one I would gladly wear with honour, I had protected Clint and that was all that mattered.

I pushed myself forward, willing my legs to work as I made my way to the bow and clothes. The clothes were odd, more form fitting than that of the time I landed in and yet I loved them. As fast as I could, I ripped the remaining clothes away leaving on my undergarments and got dressed into the new clothes. I could feel my strength returning rapidly, along with my magic.

After a short few minutes I was able to stand on my own two feet without my knees buckling, in less then an hour I was able to move as if I hadn’t been asleep for many years. With a deep sigh I moved towards the door, the room I was in was old and decayed and I wondered why I was not disturbed until I realised that I was in a graveyard.


The one place Heimdall knew to hide me safely from the prying eyes of a human and my father. I was still on Midgard after all. With a deep breath I strapped the bow and quiver of arrows to my back before pushing out my senses and grasping the soft faint bloom of Loki’s magic and took off in a run.

Soon. I will find him soon.


Author Note: Yeah this just happened.





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