Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen

Author note: And now let’s introduce some twilight characters shall we?

Disclaimer: I own not but the plot… no gods and no Hawkeye unfortunately.


I felt my brows furrow in thought before I made my way towards the sounds of people still arguing and fighting. A roar off in the distance made me pause once more, grasping my head as memories of my awakening flashed in my mind.

I stared at the man before me, his eyes were pained.

“You don’t have to do that.” I whisper, his eyes snapping up and flashing green. I could see all his pain, all his troubles that he just wanted to end.

“There is no other way.” He whispered, putting the gun to his head and pulling.

I screamed out as I shot myself forward, my hands running over his face and head only to jerk back as the body shook and tinted green. I jerked back further as the man formed, growing and colouring. It truly was amazing.

I knew I should run, as the beast before me spat out the bullet fragments and roared.

“STOP!” I yell throwing my hands up and creating an illusion of my home, of Iowa and the circus, causing the beast to falter as he took a look around him.

“I can help you; I can help you and the man if that is what you want… I can tell you how to control yourself and your change.” I whisper softly to the beast, placing my hand on his arm.

I watched amazed as the beast nodded and soon before me stood a man, his eyes popped open wide and in shock.

“How… Tell me how?” He pleads, dropping to his knees.

“Always be angry, if you are always angry then nothing can trigger it.” I whisper with a smile, placing my hand on his head before blinking as warmth filled my side.

“I must go… You called me from my slumber and I do not know why… You have great things for you…” I trail off embarrassed as I did not know his name.

The man smiled up softly. “Bruce, Bruce Banner.”

I blink away the fragmented memories, I still did not know what caused me to wake up I just knew he needed my help. It seems I am running into a lot of friends today. I quickly grasped the wall as the ship began to tilt, the sounds around me echoing in the hall as people began to panic once more.

He took out our systems. He’s headed for the detention level. Does anybody copy?

My eyes locked onto the crumpled man besides me and to the device that sat snugly in his ear. Quickly I remove the device and place it into my own; I knew I would regret it as a voice boomed over the other side.

This is Agent Romanoff. I copy.

I cast another look around before taking off in the direction I could sense Clint in, my mind whirling with the possibilities of what could happen. I knew my husband, he was trained to kill and I had taught him that. With his skills he could harm the woman who I knew was going after him and I also knew that he would never forgive himself.

Though my chest ached as I sensed the affection in her voice, maybe my hopes to reacquaint with my husband would fail, maybe he had moved on to this woman who obviously cared deeply for him. I pushed myself into a run, disabling the people who attacked me in my wake. I could tell some were not under Loki’s spell and the others thought I was with the people attacking as they saw my bow.

I rushed into the room in time to see an arrow being let go, my body twisting from its path as I ducked over what was in my way to see the two fight. My husband was neutral, his face set in the mask he always wore when he was in thought and the woman was very much holding her own against him.


How long have they been together for her to hold her own against him? Or, was he holding back even under the spell.

I watched in the shadows as they fought, each getting a kick in and I moved when I saw the patience snap. He kicked the woman away from him, his bow raising and in that instant I knew she could not avoid it so I took the arrow as I twirled around to keep the girl safe.

My eyes popped open wide as it lodged into my back, the head sticking out from my shoulder. The woman’s eyes were wide as she stared at me, before flickering to the arrow in horror.

“Snap it.” I grit out, letting her go and spun, kicking my husband away a few feet as the woman snapped the back off. With a snarl of pain, I ripped the arrow out and moved towards him, stopping when the woman stopped me.

“Don’t kill him! He’s under a spell!” She warned her eyes wide and calculating causing me to smirk and my heart to clench.

“I won’t, I’m here to help. I cannot kill him.” I whisper softly before blocking the barrage of hits, a laugh escaping my lips as I did so. He was holding back and I knew Alex would be proud of the fighting skill.

With one last block I grip his head in my hands forcing him to look into my eyes. “Loki! Release my husband!” I snarl pushing my magic into him to clear away that of the stones. I forced myself into his head pushing away the blue haze that cling like spider webs and with a gasp I jerked out once it was all gone.

I watched as he fell to his knees breathing deeply, his eyes clearing of the blue mist and revealing the ones I loved the most. “Isibel?” He whispered confused before looking at the woman beside me. “Tasha?”


I didn’t move or stop the woman as she knocked him out, her eyes blazing as she spun towards me. “You need to help him, I did the best I could but it will fight back and he will need to be tied down.” I tell her before picking up my husband and chucking him on my shoulder with a pained whimper.

“Who are you?” The woman – Tasha – demands as she comes to a stop in front of me, halting my movements. I cast her a sour look as she did so, did she not hear my words? Did she not see my wound?

“I’m his wife; now show me where to go!” I hiss furious my patience wearing thin. I was tired and in pain, I couldn’t sleep and I could not heal properly without some care.

“That cannot be! She’s dead!”

“I DO NOT HAVE PATIENCE WITH YOUR MORTAL GAMES!” I boom furiously, shaking my head as the red began to tint over. I was tired, exhausted both body and mind and if she did not take me to where I needed to go before my husband wakes then she will suffer my wrath.

It had been too long since I had felt this, felt the boiling rage of the curse that the Enchantress placed on me long ago. I was disenchanted, but the rage of the berserker still lingered in the back of my mind and when my walls crumble, it would resurface.

Shaking my head clear I pushed past the foolish midguardian. I had thought she cared for my husband, but now I see that it was not the care of a lover but the care of someone who she owed a debt too; much like Alex and I.

People moved out of my way as I walked by them, their eyes widening as they did so; each pointing in a direction I needed to go as the blood began to drip from my fingers to the floor.

“This one.” Tasha whispered as she slipped past me and opened the door for me. I gave her a nod before laying my love down on the bed gently and snapped the restraints in place.

“He’ll be still feverish when he wakes, the sensation will not last long and he will be very much okay.” I sigh out while removing my weapons with a wince and placing them by the door before making my way into the wash basin. Everything was different, but my time in the mind of my love, everything was familiar as well.

“I’m sorry, he means a lot to me and I am not one to trust others.” Tasha states from the door, her eyes still locked onto my wound as I peal the jacket and shirt off.

“Then I guess it is good he has a friend like you. Not many can hold their own against Clint, even if he was holding back.” I state before staring at the wound. It was jagged and ripped; I knew it would scar and that Clint would never forgive himself.

I look at the woman in the mirror. “Can you not tell Clint he shot me with an arrow?”

She gave me a quick jerk of her head before turning back into the room. I moved towards a section where I could see them and he could not see me, my chest aching as he looked wildly around as he struggled to free his arms.tumblr_m8zkk51Nj21qbwq9uo1_r1_500

“Clint, you’re gonna be alright.” tumblr_m8zkk51Nj21qbwq9uo2_500

I watched as they spoke, watched the affection between them both and almost sagged in relief as it was not one of the romantic nature, I didn’t know if I could survive losing him once more.

“I don’t understand. Have you ever had someone take your brain and play? Pull you out and send something else in? Do you know what it’s like to be unmade?” He whispered pained, bringing me back into the conversation, I saw Tasha wince before nodding.

“You know that I do.”

I watched as he shook his head in confusion. “Why am I back? How did you get him out?”

I took this moment to step into the room, “she didn’t, I did.”

Author Note: Mwahahahahah




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