Chapter Three

Chapter Three

Author note:  I’m changing it up a bit 😛

Disclaimer: I own not but the plot… no gods and no Hawkeye unfortunately.


Clint POV

I sat back watching as the others reacquainted themselves with each other. We, the avengers as Stark named us, had met all before on some degree. Unlike Tash and I, we, they had all helped one another. Tony and Bruce, Myself and Tash, Tash and Capt’n.

And now for some unknown reason Director Fury decided to throw us all together in one big massive party to get to know one another and discuss the Tesseract. While they enjoyed the party so to speak I sat back high above and stayed there.

I didn’t want to participate on this night, on this night I should be back in Iowa. Where my home and heart lies, lied… lied… I rubbed the small patch of skin on my ribs where my wife’s name sat, yes my wife. Isibel, Isabella.

“What’s up Legolas?” Stark asks as he stares up at me, drink in his hand.

I ignored him, I didn’t want to be here and I hoped if I could ignore them enough I could pretend to be back in Iowa long ago. I felt his rough hand grasp my wrist as he pulled me down slightly before yanking up my sleeve.

“An arrow? How original.” He chuckles, letting the sleeve fall back down. I scowled at him before jumping down from the staircase near the back wall and began to leave.

“And where do you think you’re going Agent Barton?” My eyes snapped to Fury as he and Phil entered.

“Iowa.” I state simply before stopping with a sigh as I heard Tash inhale sharply as she stepped by my side to stop me from leaving.

“It’s that time already?” She asks softly, I cast her a long look before nodding. All she knew was that I had a wife, had, not the major details. No one had the full details, not even shield. They had the information I always told people, I was born in 71’, I was a lone wolf raised by a circus since I was a teen.

But that was all a lie, I was born in the 40’s; I was raised on a farm and then a bad crowd but stayed in the circus for a year or two with my wife the Marvelous Isabella. Though it took a year for me to propose to her, the woman was intimidating so to speak. Who would marry a poor man like I, with nothing to his name?

But of course Isibel proved me wrong, she didn’t care for wealth, she cared for loyalty, respect, equality and love. She cared for the emotions behind the action and that is why I love her, why I will always love her.

“Care to share?” Steve asks slowly from his spot on the couch, from the corner of my eye I could see his stiff confused expression in the reflection of the glass.

With a sigh I turn around and pull up my sleeve to reveal the tattoo of my wife’s arrow. She had one of mine and I hers; it was black with gold swirling around it like fire.

“Today is my wedding anniversary.” I grit out reluctantly, holding back the smirk at their surprise. Stark shot Fury a look, one I knew all too well of him being pouty so to speak.

“How come I didn’t know this?” He asks causing Phil to look over at him blandly.

“They didn’t know, only Natasha knows.” I sigh out, running my fingers through my hair before sitting down on the free chair.

“What happened? Why are you two not together?” Bruce asks softly but I could see the gears grinding and clicking together as I cast him a long look.

“She’s dead, she died.” I sigh out leaning forward and placing my head in my hands. In for a penny, in for a pound. The voice taunts in my head as I realise they would want to know everything.

“She died in May 1956, Iowa.” I explain not even bothering to look up as I waited for the questions.

“But you were born in 1971!” I don’t care who stated it but I shook my head.

“No, I was born in 1927, I was twenty-six when she saved my life. I was on the run from-from everything. I fell one night in a cave and was stuck, I sliced my leg open severely and I was stuck there for two days. I was surely going to die, that’s what I thought when I heard someone.” I start smiling as I recalled the night I met her.

“I didn’t think that who I heard was a woman, here it was in the middle of the forest pouring down rain and the next second I see a woman peering down at me, the light haloing her like an angel. I honestly thought I died when she pulled me up from that hole until she snapped at me of course that I was being rude.” I chuckle causing Bruce and Steve to smile.

“She patched me up and took me back to the circus, the circus! She said she was taking me to her home and family, boy was a surprised.” I chuckle, remembering the big tent full of lights that was our beacon in the rain.

~ Flash Back/Story Telling ~

The rain was heavy, pushing us heavily towards the ground, or well myself. Isabella was walking strong, half carrying me towards a yellow haze in the distance. I didn’t know that someone had lived this far out, I was sure I was near the Rodgers Property outside of town but now I was unsure.

“LORE!” Isabella bellowed causing me to flinch and look through the rain once more for the things I was missing, surprised when I saw a large tent and lights. A circus? Her home is a circus.

“Isa? Oh goodness!” A woman’s voice reached my ears over the rain before I felt warm hands lift up my other side.

“He’s badly hurt and his wound is infected, I cannot heal him here I do not know your medicines.” Isabella’s voice rings through my mind, clearing the haze that was beginning to creep up on me.

I blink open my eyes to see myself in a tent, the blue and yellow stripes obvious of that and where I was before turning my head when a soft hand placed itself there.

“Don’t be worried Bluebell.” I croon softly, causing the woman, my angel to smile softly.

“I am not worried Clint, Eleanor here is a marvellous healer; for now rest my warrior. I’ll be here when you wake.” She whispers soothingly, my eyes dropping in exhaustion that rapidly flooded back to me.

I dreamt of the forest and of rainbow roads, golden light that wrapped around me as a soft voice sung a tune I couldn’t understand. It kept the darkness of my nightmares away, it was relaxing and beautiful and I knew it was the woman who saved me.

The woman who was beautiful beyond anything I have ever laid eyes upon before. Yet, there was something otherworldly about her, something that needed to be explained and only she could tell me.

“He’s waking up.” I heard someone whispers when I began to regain conscious once more. My leg ached but I couldn’t feel the burn that had begun to take effect as I moved.

“Wake up Clint.” The voice, the one I had grown used to for however long I was asleep for whispers.

My eyes snapped open before instantly closing as the light invaded my sight causing bluebell to giggle. “It’s not funny Bluebell, it’s bright.” I grunt.

“Why do you call me Bluebell?” She asks as I slowly begin to open my eyes, the tent flap now closed and a look of confusion on her face.

“I don’t know, your name is Isabelle, Isabella? I don’t know, your name reminded me of bluebells.” I explain causing her to smile.

“Ah, many call me Isabella but my name is Isibel, not many can say it and it is not… of this country so. Oh, I am rambling, I do apologise, would you like some water?” She asks standing, her hands clasping behind her back as she waited for my reply.

I looked her over, nothing perverted but surprised with how she stood. She stood in a military pose with her bow and arrows still strapped to her back in the same dress she saved me in. “Have you not left?” I ask causing her to turn her head slightly as a soft blush coloured her face.

A laugh caught my attention and I turned to see the woman who I faintly recalled helping me. “No, Isa here stayed by your side every second without a wink of sleep. Now that you are awake we hope she will rest. Three days Isabella, now it’s time for sleep.” The woman states firmly as she pointed to the cot on the other side of the tent.

It was then I realised I was in a small bed, shame filled my core when I realised it was because of I she was not able to rest and now not able to rest in her bed.

“If you even state or go to move I will bind you to my bed and leave you there.” Isa hums as she sashays her way to the cot. I raise my brows in shock causing the older woman who I now remember as Eleanor to burst out laughing.

I went to open my mouth to ask for help only to be silenced as she handed me a mug of water. “It’s best not to argue with her, she is as stubborn as a mule and holds good on her threats. Now I will fetch you some broth and then you need to sleep some more.” She hums before making her way out of the tent.

“Thank you, thank you for finding me Miss Isabella, I would surely be a goner if you didn’t find me.” I state, being a little more formal and gentleman like.

“I prefer Isa, or you can call me Bluebell if you wish and it was a pleasure Clint but unfortunately your own bow didn’t survive your fall. For this I am sorry.” She explains causing my hand to clench as I shut my eyes pained. My bow, how could I forget my bow, it was the only thing… no.

“Oh, thank you for getting it out of that hole. I had completely forgotten about it, it was all I had left.” I reply looking back over at Bluebell who now lay on the small cot, her eyes glistening as sadness washed over her features.

“It was nothing; I had Alex and Lauren to get it for me the day after. Hopefully tomorrow I will be well rested and you well enough to leave my tent and I shall escort you around my home.” She mumbles out as her eyes slip shut and I couldn’t help but smile.

“I can’t wait.” I whisper and let my own eyes slip shut as I waited for food to come.


Author note: Okay so the next chapters will be Hawkeye from the 1950’s he’s telling a story afterall.





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