Chapter Twelve

Chapter Twelve

Author note: And now let’s introduce some twilight characters shall we?

Disclaimer: I own not but the plot… no gods and no Hawkeye unfortunately.



I was running towards somewhere, travelling as fast as I could even when motorcars moved around me. The technology was unusual, much has changed since my last awakening yet… yet something told me I had been awake not long ago when I felt something, something big call for aid.

Shaking free of my thoughts I let out a harsh sigh, stopping in the middle of a field. The sky was grey and bleak, very few humans about. I grasp my wound as a phantom pain surfaced, memories of the battle coming forth. Alex… Lore, Earnan… What had happened to my friends, my family?

Did they die in the battle? Did my death affect the battle, did we lose or win… but if we won at what cost?

Foolish… foolish…” I hiss out furiously as I kicked an uprooted tree away in my anger, grief. I had been so concerned about my love, Loki that I did not inquire about the family who took me in; treated me as their own.

“Calm down Suga’, this ain’t the place to expose us.” I spun at the voice, raising my bow in defence. My eyes locked onto the man before me, his red eyes glittering in shock as he took me in. “You’re not one of us…”

“You speak as if you thought I am a vampire, I am not. I am Isibel of Asgard, speak now what you want Vampire before I end you with my bow.” I hiss out, shaking away the calm that pushed its way onto me.

My head snapped towards the left, locking onto the golden eyes of another. “Desist your manipulation!” I snarl, spinning my bow onto him all the while keeping an eye on the other and the people near us.


“We mean no harm… I am Peter, that there is my maker Jasper. I have a gift of knowing, it told me to come here…” The first man – Peter – explains slowly.

“Did you say your name was Isibel?” My eyes shot to a small woman who was approaching Peter.


I narrowed my eyes slightly, but still did not drop my bow. “Yes, you speak of it as if you know who I am.”

The woman nodded slowly, “yes, I do. My name is Charlotte, Lauren… Lauren’s my daughter.”

I lowered my bow immediately, my body whipping around to face her. “Did… did she and Alex… did they live after the battle?” I ask desperately.

Her smile relieved me of my fear. “Yes, she did. She and Alex live not far from here, as long as he phases they stay young.”

I let out a joyous laugh. “Yes I know, please will you take me to them? I must see them immediately.” I ask excitedly, hoping to see familiar faces and if they could help me.

In seconds I was within her arms and we were running. I let out a laugh as we rushed through houses and trees, I could see everything we passed all the changes of the world and yet, very little terrain and forestry.

We came to a sudden stop in front of a small home, I couldn’t help but smile as I saw the bluebells in the gardens.


“Oomph.” I caught the little girl in my arms, her brown eyes widening as she looked up at me. I could see all the features of Alex and Lauren together.

“Isabelle you come back here…” My eyes shot up as Lauren’s heavy yell echoed from around the corner. Her eyes widening as they land on me. “Alex… ALEX!”

I let out a laugh as Alex rushed out of the house, the door cracking as it flew open. His nose was flared and eyes wild, a dagger concealed in his waistband as he looked for any sign of danger.  He had yet to notice me and before he did, I waved my hand, my body turning into the illusion of the little girl I still held. She let out a gasp and a giggle as she took in my illusion, mumbling something along the lines of pretty.

“What! What is it! Charlotte, Peter, Jasper I told you to stop sneaking up on us when… oh god, why is there two Isabelle’s.” He choked out as his eyes finally landed on us.

“Daddy! Daddy, the pretty lady turned into me! Is she magic!” Isabelle asks excitedly, tearing out of my arms and rushing into that of her fathers.

“I see old age has made you lacking in several things old friend.” I giggle out, dropping my illusion.

“Isibel? I thought… we thought you were dead. Clint was devastated, we all were.” He rushes out in shock, placing his daughter on the ground once more. “Earnan, come gather your sisters. Take them out for ice cream. You too Clint.” I raised my brows at the names, watching as two large boys the same size as Alex step out, one carrying a little replica of Lauren.


Alex and Lauren


They all cast me some odd looks while giving their goodbyes to their grandparents and uncle behind me.

“Come in, we have much to discuss.” He gestured, near pulling me into the house. I cast a look around the room, my eyes ghosting over the images the hung on the wall. Times from the circus, times afterwards… The images varied, some had myself in it and Clint… Then I came to the photos on the mantle above the fire, aged images of Earnan and Lore, Clint never aging and withdrawn in one.

I brushed my fingers over the image, it was still in the circus; he was sitting in the very spot I first showed him how I could shoot.

“That was a week after your funeral. He broke down; he was an empty shell of the man he used to be. He left after that and we only see him once a year when we go to visit you.” Lauren explains softly, her arms catching me as my legs gave away to the pain.

This was my entire fault; I had brought them here when I had left. I had, have, too many enemies and I had lost control over my power and my camouflage. I don’t know which time, or maybe it was my fame but I knew it was my magic that I had lost control over and it left a beacon for those to find me.

“I was not dead, I was asleep. I and my father share that trait. It heals us; it is what you would call hibernation. My father recharges the Odinforce while he rests and I do it when I am near death and wounded. This is the longest I have slept for, I wished Heimdall told Clint but I guess it would have been better if he thought I were to be dead. I am very much vulnerable while sleeping, frail as a human… I am mortal. I need help, Clint has been put under an enchantment and I need to release him. I need to reach this flying boat, a base but I cannot get there.” I explain, looking up from my spot on the floor to the others around us.

“Oh Suga’ we can help you. Jasper, it best be time to call in Randall. Our friend Randall has the ability to teleport if he has a visual or sense of where he is going.” Charlotte explains while the emotion vampire left the room.

“Did… Did Earnan and Lore go peacefully? Did anyone get hurt from our side… the circus?” I ask causing Alex and Lauren to share a look.

“Isibel, that night the circus was destroyed. Everyone lived but we all went our own ways. Alex and I travelled with Lore and Earnan to the north where their daughter was and they passed away at an old age, only a day apart.” Lauren explains softly, placing her hand on mine.

“I am sorry that I could not protect you all, that I caused such destruction.” I state sincerely, raising my brows as Alex snorted.

“My old friend, that circus being destroyed was the best thing that happened that night. You gave us a life Isibel, because of you and your talent we had enough money to leave. You didn’t spend a dime, we found it all and we knew that you’d want us to have it in the letter you left. Clint took only what was needed and gave the rest to us before leaving. It was because of you that we could leave, that Lauren and I could raise our child in a normal environment.” Alex states firmly, leaving no room for me to argue more.

“We had found out I was with child that morning, because of you I lived. Alex lived.” Lauren states softly before a loud pop filled the room, my body spun, raising my bow as I protected Lauren from the ongoing attack.


“Randall stop! She will shoot if you move. Dammit, I told ye not to pop into the house!” Peter hissed as he barrelled in through the door furious. The vampire before me misted slightly and I was not having him about to ‘pop’ out or near my friends. I haven’t deemed him friend or foe. Just as I let the arrow go Alex stepped in the way, my eyes going wide and I moved. My hand flying up, the blade I had taken from near the fireplace flying up and splitting it in half, the two pieces flying either side of them with a little push in power.

“Alex! Why would you risk that, what if I wasn’t up to par? What if I had hurt you?” I seethe, horror filling me instantly.

He cast me a smirk before looking over at the stunned vampire. “To prove a point, the first time I told Randall of you he didn’t believe me, plus just because he’s an idiot to startle you doesn’t mean he deserves and arrow to the chest. Do you believe me now?” Alex asks smug, the big guy just nodded before yanking his finger back in shock as the arrow tip sliced through his skin.

“I need you to get me to a place; can you do that if I show you where I need to go?” I ask him seriously, strapping the bow to my back once again and handing the blade to Alex. I would give him a lecture later; right now I needed to get to my family.

“Yes, that I can, whether it be sketch or image I can take you.” He explained and I shook my head, I needed not to have a drawing or picture. I knew where my husband was, I could see the sky and the fire with planes and road. With a wave of my hand, the illusion was brought up, flickering slightly as it was a memory not of my own.

The vampire Randall raised his brows in surprise before nodding and clasping my shoulder. “Hold your breath it’s a little rough.”

I cast a long look at my friends before nodding, letting out a grunt as I felt my body being jerked and pulled before popping out into the air. I landed hard on my feet, as the wind whipped around me, I could hear the screams of panic below me as the ship began to slowly drift down from the damage.


“Thank you Randall, go now.” I rushed out before making my way towards the door. Time to get my husband back.


Author Note: The next one will beeeee THEIR REUINION! Remember all images are on my WP and sometimes I post a sneak peak to the next chapter with the update notification.




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  1. I nearly had a heart attack when I came back into the country and I saw how many updates you had! I kept getting more and more excited each time I saw that the next button would take me somewhere!
    Amazing chapter please keep updating, ignore all of the idiot flamers and bashers, this story is amazing no matter what they say.

  2. pls ph pls tell me u are gonna update soon. i keep clicking next and it won’t go forward. i can’t wait to see the reunion and i cannot wait to see thors and loki’s reaction. pls tell me ur gonna update soon cause this story just rocks. i have never really read a clint and bella fic before but this one takes the cake 😀

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