Chapter Two

Author note: This is for all my crossover ladies out there, you know wanting to read it and all lol!

Disclaimer: I own not but the plot… no gods and no Hawkeye unfortunately.


Isibel’s POV – 1953

A month had gone by in the circus, Lore and her husband Earnan had taken me under their wings and knowing that I was not from here, taught me all about Midgard and the roaring 50’s. The circus itself was a safe haven for those of us with the War going on, some of the men here were injured already from World War One or too young to join.


This place that once was beautiful was now corrupted by war and hate, so much hate that it saddened me. It was much like my home but instead of wars against other realms it was against their own species.


“Isa, it’s time to get ready lass.” Earnan states as he enters my tent, his red and white striped suspenders shining causing me to smile. Earnan was the strong man so to speak, Lore a fortune teller and a good one at that. I had suspected her to have a drop of magic in her blood from earlier in her years from those that stayed on the first journey to Midgard.


“I’ll get ready then,” I reply as I place the last pin in my hair. Oh how these styles were easy to grasp and yet difficult to do yourself.


“That’a’girl.” He chuckles before walking out, letting the tent flap close behind him. With a sigh I turn on the stool and stood, facing the direction of my costume.


Since we couldn’t afford to buy a new costume I was borrowing or well using Lore and Earnans daughters old show costume which was what they told me made of cloth and sequins. Red and gold sequins to which matched my golden bow.


After my demonstration the day I had landed here, Harry had made a show for me, the marvellous Isabella. The name stuck and I was glad, it was close to what my mother called me and yet nothing that sounded the way my father pronounced it. It was short, stopping at the top of my thighs and according to Lore that if I were to bend I would give all a show if it didn’t have the red sequins underwear.


The majority of the costume was red sequins bar the gold starburst from the collar of the neck down. I quickly changed and grabbed my bow, hesitating for a second before scowling at my hand and clenching it tightly around my bow.


With another deep sigh I plastered on a smile and walked outside and towards the big tent. I was excited though; I could feel the energy of all the people around me as they watched the show. It was a fabulous experience, well worth the short clothing, the exploitations for money. To see a child smile and laugh as they watched the clowns or even young adults as they watched my show and the high acts with Lauran and her husband Alexander.


“AND NOW LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! INTRODUCING THE MARVERLLOUS ISABELLA!” Harry announced as he saw me waiting near the ring entry.


I stepped out into the light with a bright smile, waving to the crowd as I moved to the centre of the ring. I heard those that had seen me and my act before chant my name, it took a few shows for my name to be recognised and one show for others of the circus to stand in the crowd with various sizes of wood to hold up and myself to shoot.


I never missed a board, I never miss a target ever, the bow and my magic made sure of that but the crowd never knew this and never will, so when I shoot an arrow towards them; scaring them they get a rush when they see it imbedded into wood.


“Tonight only we will get three volunteers to come down and hold a piece a fruit from this bowl for her to shoot through!” My eyes snapped to Harry in shock, holding back the scowl at the sudden change. My hand twitched towards my arrows as I turned my body to face him, my eyes catching Lore’s and Earnan’s concerned looks and angry scowls. I could see all of the others angry scowl as the crowd cheered, the set people who hold my wood standing and making their way towards me as I raise my bow and ready arrow and shooting.


Gasps could be heard as my arrow sliced through Harry’s beard, trimming the hair off the skin in one smooth straight line before bursting out in applause, whistled and screams filled the big tent as Harry twirled around to face me in shock, his hand pressing against the now bare spot on his face.


Before he could utter another word I fired another arrow, this one causing the bowl to tip up, throwing the fruit in the air before three of my arrows released from the bow and pierced through all of them. I smirk and bow towards the crowd as they continued to cheer before making my way out of the ring and towards my tent, the others following bar the clowns who were up after me.


I stormed into my tent and towards the changing area, quickly changing into the dress I had before and re-strapped the bow and arrows to my chest before facing the crowd, expecting for them to be angry at what I had done. I was a new member in this old family and the first thing I learnt was that Circus Folk always stick together and never harm another.


“Are you all going to tell me to leave?” I state as I gathered my hunting satchel.


“Ye insane? why wud we tell yer ter leave lass? ‘arry ‘ad naw roi ter chucker dat ter ye!” Earnan states loudly, his Irish accent thick with his anger.


“That’s true Dolly, Harry is getting greedy we can all see that. Since you joined our show became Fat City!” Lauren snaps angrily as she gestures back to the tent. “We all saw the surprise on your face when he announced that little surprise, he deserves a knuckle sandwich instead of that close shave you gave him. Impressive by the way.” She informs, her speech confused me. I of course was still learning the lingo of this realm.


“Still, I could have…” I trail off stopping when Lore raised her hand sharply, a move mother used consistently on my brothers.


“Nonsense, you are one off us and we know how good your aim is. You would have harmed him if you chose to harm him; we know your heart will not betray that of your goddess side and your raisings.” I raised my brows at Lore in shock causing the others to chuckle.


“We know you are not of earth, it was obvious when you fell from the sky all glowing. The bow itself shines when you hold it, you shine when you hold it. We won’t tell love, your secret is safe with us, not all of us are human on this planet I am sure you know this.” She points out causing me to nod in return.


“Yes, I know. I know you are a witch to some degree and Alex can shift?” I ask causing him to chuckle and nod.


“I am Native American as you know, my culture, my tribe before it was killed off by the cold ones; vampires we could shift. There are other tribes like I but I shift into a horse.” He explains with a smile as he faces Lauren.


Thunder cracks across the sky jolting me slightly, fear churned in my stomach at the prospect of it being Odin but I could not sense any form of Asgardian power. I let the relief come before facing the others. “I need to go before the storm comes to hunt. I will be back later tonight for food, I am sorry for leaving while the show is still going but I cannot face Harry right now.” I explain before making my way out of the tent barefoot and into the tree line.


We were somewhere in Iowa, on someone’s land at the far end of the town that backed into the forest. It was a request made by all when we travelled here for me to hunt, by all means I was happy to provide sustenance for them, and it was a way for me to earn my stay there besides the show; without me they would surely starve.


Lore told me that they barely made enough money for rent of the lands and food for them all before I came and they will be forever grateful for the food and the chance to keep living.


Shaking my head I draw my bow and focus, now it was raining, masking the scent of animals but I could still see their tracks and hear their beating hearts. Oh how I hate my father for making that healer improve my senses, it was ever painful to hear every little thing.




My head shot to the left as I heard a pained cry, my feet already pulling me towards where I heard the plea. It was like a force that pulled me to the crack in the earth where it had opened up into a cave at the bottom.


My eyes locked onto a boy no a man as I peered down, his eyes wide and blue that held an edge I knew all too well. The man like me had seen much at a young age, had learned to fight for survival; he had the eyes of a warrior.


“Wait there Warrior, I will find you something to grab to climb.” I instruct my old speech coming back before I cast a look around, thanking the stars for the vines that grew nearby.


I quickly made my way over and pulled out my blade from my hunting satchel and sliced through the tree vine with ease before unwrapping it and throwing it down the hole. When I felt the vine pull with the sound of a grunt I grasped and pulled him up, shocking him of course as he stumbled into my arms.


“Hello. My name is Isibel.” I smile as I help him move towards a fallen log, I tear some strips of cloth off from the bottom of my dress and begin to wrap it around the open wound on his leg. Looking up at him frowning as he still hadn’t spoken, he just stared down at me.


“You know Warrior it is kind to thank the one who saved you and who is tending to your wounds.” I snap as I stand, making my way back over to where I had dropped my bow and strapped it to my back once more.


“Why do you call me warrior?” He asks his voice soft and husky.


“Because your eyes tell me of hardships, you are a fighter, a warrior and I know not of your name when you know mine.” I state in a clipped tone causing him to stand, wincing slightly before sitting back down.


“I’m sorry for being rude. I thank you for saving me, I have been down there for two days nearly. Seeing a beautiful woman who pulled me to safety and tended my wounds I had thought I died.” He informs, I cast him a long look before nodding my acceptance.


“I must get you back to my home and family so they can tend to your wounds and make sure that cut isn’t infected more….” I trail off, still unknowing of his name.


A smile graced his face, “Barton… my name is Clint Barton.”



Author Note: *GASP!* Wait, whats this? Clint alive in the 1950’s, when he was born in 1971? Oh myyyy!






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