Author note: *gasp* This is the last chapter!

Disclaimer: I own not but the plot… no gods and no Hawkeye unfortunately.



I cast a long sigh towards my husband, smacking his hand as he went to fidget with something as we made our way towards Alex and Lauren’s. It had been a long few months since everything happened, between fixing the streets of Manhattan and sending my brothers home.

I had also grown close to the Avengers, as what Tony had called us. All but Captain America, the self-righteous man even when all was done he still held his morals, good in some ways another not so much. I had found out from Tony and the others he was alive or gone when I had first come to earth and was trained by a woman. But that still didn’t help the case as to why he treated me as a lesser being.

I guess that was my upbringing too.

“Stop it, they all miss you. Wait till you meet their children; you will be in much of a surprise as I was.” I chuckle as we come to a stop at the drive way of their home. Another thing was for me to adjust to the times of change, technology and words all different than I remember. But with the help of the others, I was able to get most words and understandings down.

What I loved the most was pop tarts and waffles, sugary little things that you could bake in a thing called a toaster. It was all so new and refreshing, no more having to hunt for animals or berries to make a feast.

“What if they are still mad? I left them; I didn’t even return to say goodbye to Earnan and Lore.” He sighs as he gets out of the car. With a roll of my eyes I step out and make my way to his side, pinching him slightly.

“They will forgive you, trust me.” I state, dragging him up the pathway, ignoring the gasp as he saw the bluebells everywhere in the setting sun.

“Isa!” Alex’s voice calls from the door excitedly before his eyes flickering to Clint.  “Clint my brother, it is good to see you besides on the T.V.” He chuckles before smacking him on the back of the head before dashing out of reach.

“What was that for?” Clint asks smiling, causing me to smirk as they began their playful banter.

“It’s been too long since I have seen this; usually it was him and you.” Lauren chuckles softly as she steps to my side; little Isabelle asleep in her arms while the other stood close by.

“And who might you be little one?” I implore, kneeling down to the girls level; chuckling as she hid shyly behind her mother.

“That would be Elanora. Elanora, this is your Aunt Isibel.” I cast a quick look up at Lauren before turning back to the small girl.

“Would you like to see a magic trick?” I ask softly, smiling as her eyes lit up as she nodded excitedly. With a smile I held out my hand, watching happily as she let out delighted laughs as butterflies began to flutter around her.

They were real as anything, conjuring them is easy as was making them vanish but still it was something I had first learnt, only trading the creatures of my home to the ones here. I stood back up as the little girl ran around after them laughing, drawing out Clint and Earnan from the house to investigate.

“Wow, these are beautiful.” Earnan whispers as he holds out his hand for the butterfly to land. I cast him a soft smile before making my way to my husband, waiting for a proper introduction.

“It has been a long time since you saw us Clint, these are my children… My sons Earnan Alexander and Clint Kwahu. My sons, these are your godparents Isibel and Clint Barton.” I squeezed my husband’s hand as he swayed slightly in shock, his eyes flickering over them both before landing on his namesake.

“Pleasure to meet you both, I wish it had been sooner. Now, Alex, who may these two beautiful girls be?” He asks, crouching down and smiling at the two little girls, Isabelle having being woken by the sound of her sister’s laughter.

“These are my daughters Elanora Kachina and Isabelle Chosposi.” Alex finishes proudly, pulling his adorable girls to his side.

“Where are the vampires? I had expected them here; I owe them thanks for what they did.” I state, my eyes flickering around the yard for any sign of them while rubbing my husband’s now tense form.

Lauren giggles before looking over her shoulder in the house. “They are in side, it’s still sunny and they sparkle.”

I let out a laugh at the mere thought of something so dangerous to be so glittery.

“Vampires?” Clint mutters, his hand twitching for the bow that he wished was there, but I had thankfully talked him out of it for the visit for I had a feeling he would react this way.

“They are safe Clint, Charlotte is Laura’s mother and it is her mate and brother that are here. Come, dinner is almost ready and I’m starving.” Alex states, just as his stomach growled.

I chuckle softly, tugging on Clint’s hand to follow. “They helped me find you, to reach you; they are nice and if there is a problem I can set them on fire and there are weapons hidden in the house.” I whisper, smiling in victory as he complied.

“I love you Clint.” I giggle as he twirled me back into his arms.

“And I love you, now I might as well go meet these vampires they are family after all.” He chuckles softly, placing a kiss upon my lips.

With a smirk I cast him a sly smile, “yes, just think soon you would have to meet Thor properly. Maybe my father and mother when we go to visit Loki.” I tease, watching as he winced slightly and rubbed his arm.

Thor had punched him as he always did in greeting with friends before threatening him, it didn’t really work all that well since his words were too Asgardian but according to Tony he gave my husband the shovel talk. It was even more amusing since Clint and I are already wed and Thor is my little brother.

“Isibel! Clint! Hurry up, the food is done and Alex won’t wait for you!” Lauren shouted from inside and I cast my husband an exasperated look before trudging inside.

All was well for now, but I could feel something looming coming for us very soon and when it did, we’ll be ready.


Author note: And that my fans, is it… The story is complete.  And you guy’s still haven’t told me what you would like to see as an outtake, I have one so far of Thor and Swearing but hey.

Kwahu – Hopi for Eagle

Kachina – Hopi for sacred dancer; spirit

Chosposi – Hopi for bluebird eye


To be continued…








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  1. Yeah, sometimes it pays to behind, I got to read right on through!! Lol and she doesn’t like The capt? Well I guess we can tell which side she will be on in the civil war!!!

  2. That was a fantastic story. I enjoyed it very much…well done hon, and I can’t wait for the sequel…until next time bigg huggs. Peggy

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